Manager Convinces Chief Goldstein To Reconsider Resignation

Town Manager, Richard J. White announced today that Chief David Goldstein has reconsidered his intent to resign his position as Police Chief.  White remarked, “I was terribly disappointed to have received David’s resignation. I have great respect for him as a professional and as a person. He is a real asset for the Town.  However, although disappointed for Winthrop, I was happy for David.  He had an opportunity to teach.  This is something that excites him and that he loves dearly.”  White further went on to explain that as he was developing a plan for recruiting an Acting Police Chief and a permanent replacement for Goldstein, he quickly realized that he needed to restructure the command staff to provide for a deputy chief’s position to help carry some of the extraordinary administrative load of the department for the next chief to be successful.  This was an action on White’s to do list and one contemplated by several Boards of Selectmen in the past but never implemented.

As White worked on his plans for recruiting a new Police Chief, he began bouncing ideas off of Chief Goldstein. “It became clear to me as we talked about the future and my plans for the Department that David was still very much invested in Winthrop and its Police Department.  His level of enthusiasm and the support he provided me as I thought through the steps convinced me that David still wanted to be Winthrop’s Police Chief” said White.  It was during this process that White began testing the Chief’s commitment to teach full time figuring that if he was going to provide a different level of support to the new Chief, why not offer it to the old one before he leaves.  “Once I started probing, I knew David’s mind and heart was still committed to Winthrop” said White “and I knew he would never teach at BU in September”.

A Deputy Chief’s job description is being drafted and will be submitted to Civil Service for approval and a testing process.  In the mean time, Chief Goldstein has met with B.U. officials to break the bad news to them and is developing an internal recruitment process for the acting Deputy Police Chief position.  Goldstein said “I expect to have a deputy from the command staff ranks before September. Submitting my resignation as Winthrop’s Police Chief was one of the most difficult actions I have taken in my professional career.  I had no idea the Town Manager would make it more difficult than I ever imagined.”

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