Water main breaks force closing of high school

By Joseph Domelowicz Jr.

Two water main breaks near Winthrop High School have forced the temporary closure of the high school and the loss of water and sewer service to about 18 homes in the immediate vicinity.
According to Public Works Director Dave Hickey, the larger of the two breaks is near the intersection of Cross and Main Streets, while another smaller break has been found in a water main on Franklin Street, which runs adjacent to the baseball field behind Winthrop High.
At this point, Hickey said that the department has turned off service to the high school, golf club and 18 homes in the Franklin and Cross Street neighborhood. However, the department is looking for ways to provide alternate water service to the entire neighborhood, while they undertake repairs to the pipes.
“Currently we have some concern that the entire intersection at Cross and Main streets may be compromised,” said Hickey. “If that is the case, it could take more than a few days to repair and it could mean that we’ll have to also repair gas lines and sewer lines in the area.”
Hickey said that school officials have been told that the school may not be ready in time for classes on Friday, but that public works personnel will do everything they can to get the school open, while repairing the lines.

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