Rowing Team Casts Off From CPYC For First-Ever Ocean Crossing to London

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A crew of four rowers departed from the docks at Cottage Park Yacht Club on June 2 bound for England. The unaccompanied team hopes to set a world record as they complete the first-ever row from Boston to London.

The 3,500-mile trip is expected to take up to 45 to 50 days as the team continuously rows in shifts through sun and storms. Their ultimate goal is to inspire others to take on challenges as they raise awareness and funds for groups that help others overcome obstacles.

Captain Bryan Fuller, a US Army Veteran, launched the trip as a way to raise awareness and funds for veterans dealing with PTSD. Rowing changed his life after he left the military, he explained.

“I know what it means to struggle and to feel hopeless, but through rowing, I recovered,” said Fuller, who owns the indoor studio Power Rowing in Brookline. “I want others to have that chance.”

He is raising awareness and funds for the Veteran Rowing Program at Community Rowing, Inc.

First Mate Dr. John Lowry, said he is rowing for his patients at Spaulding Medical Centers and raising funds for Spaulding’s Adaptive Sports Program.

“For them, every day is a challenge, they wake up in the morning not knowing how the day is going to end. They go from uncertainty to uncertainty,” he said. “I want this to be an inspiration to show you can take on difficult challenges.”

The crew includes Elizabeth Gilmore, a champion rower from Virginia, and Klara Papp Anstey, a financial advisor from Bristol, England. Gilmore is raising funds for the World Wildlife Fund and Anstey for London Youth Rowing.

They are rowing a specially designed 28-foot boat with features to help them take on all the Atlantic has to offer. The boat is equipped with a water desalinator and the rowers will survive on freeze-dried meals.

They will be crossing a part of the Atlantic known for its marine wildlife, but they will also face challenges including extreme temperatures and the potential for huge waves and strong headwinds. Fuller said his team is ready for the challenge having planned this for two years.

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