Promotions for Several Winthrop Police Officers

By Adam Swift

It’s been a year of change for the Winthrop Police Department.

Earlier this year, Police Chief Terence Delehanty announced his retirement after almost 15 years of leading the department.

In March, Town Manager Tony Marino announced that Deputy Chief John Goodwin would be promoted to replace Delehanty.

At last week’s town council meeting, Marino announced the promotion of Lt. Steve Rogers to the deputy chief spot that was held by Goodwin.

“I finished up the interviews in the past couple of weeks for deputy police chief,” said Marino. “With Chief Goodwin now in place, we had an opening for deputy police chief, so we conducted interviews of all three lieutenants we have. They were great interviews and I’m always impressed with the staff we have.

“Lt. Steve Rogers has been promoted to deputy police chief, so he will start on June 17.”

Marino said there will be an official swearing-in ceremony for Rogers set at a later date.

Last week, there was another swearing-in ceremony during the council meeting, as Officer Samantha Ferrino was promoted to sergeant.

‘I’m incredibly excited for this opportunity to introduce Samantha, she is an incredible asset to our town, a lifelong resident, an incredibly nice human being, an incredibly good officer, and she did amazing on the sergeant’s exam,” said Council President Jim Letterie.

Goodwin also praised Ferrino and said he looked forward to working with her as a sergeant.

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