Letter to the Editor

Regarding the False Text

Dear Editor,

The Gill  family has been involved in local, state and national politics for a long time.  We campaign and vote for the person who we believe will be the best candidate for the town of Winthrop. 

I have always been proud of the fact that people in this town have been known to stand at the polls holding signs for different candidates on Tuesday and sit down for coffee, as friends, on Wednesday morning.  

That being said, Monday evening, November 6, a text was sent out anonymously, using my name, without my permission.  The text attributed words to me, maligning a candidate, that I did not say.  Anyone that knows me knows that this is not the way I operate.  

I urge whoever sent the text to come forward and acknowledge the harm that they have done to Mr. Sacco, Mr. Tassinari, me and the others who were “quoted” as well as all the voters in Winthrop.

Richard D. Gill

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