Town Manager To Make CPA Presentation

By Adam Swift

More than half of the state’s 351 communities have approved the Community Preservation Act, but Winthrop has yet to move forward with the program.

But the town could soon be heading in that direction. 

Town Manager Tony Marino said he plans on making a presentation on the Community Preservation Act (CPA) at the Town Council’s next meeting in October.

“It’s a nice program for housing, historical buildings, recreational programs, and larger bonds depending on a certain percentage of things like that,” said Marino.

The CPA is funded through a small charge on property tax bills along with matching funds for the state. 

‘I’ll give an update on the program and see if it is something the council might want to look into,” said Marino. “It would require not only council approval, but a ballot vote, as well.”

Council President James Letterie said the CPA is something Marino has talked about since becoming Town Manager earlier this year.

“It was one of the first things he discussed, and it really is a good idea,” said Letterie. “It gives us funds to do stuff that we just don’t have the funds to do. It gives us the ability to do it and we don’t have to think about it much, and it gives us the ability to maintain it.”

Both Marino and Letterie noted that the matching funds for communities have fallen somewhat since Boston passed the CPA, since that city requires such a large amount of funds. But Letterie said the level of matching funds will hopefully be on the rise soon.

“We’re really (focused) on education and public safety and things like that, and it doesn’t really give us sometimes the chance to make enhancements that would make the town that much more attractive and comfortable for us,” said Letterie. “I think this is a really good idea and we will have much more discussion on it.”

Bill Schmidt commended Marino for recommending the CPA.

“It was actually something that I was thinking about at some point talking about, because it is a really good idea for open space and historical preservation,” said Schmidt.

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