Town To Offer Early Voting Option

The Winthrop Town Council met on August 2, 2022, where it agreed to allow residents to vote early in the Massachusetts primary and state elections.


Council voted to accept the State Primary and State Election Early Hours. For the Sept. 6 State Primary, early voting will take place from Aug. 27 to Sept. 2. For the Nov. 8 State Election, early voting will be from Oct. 22 to Nov. 4. Residents who vote early cannot rescind their vote or vote again. Residents can also vote early by mail by contacting the town clerk’s office. Council also voted to provide police details at all voting locations.


The Finance Committee met with the Rules and Ordinances Committee to discuss the ongoing issue of the trash enterprise fund, trash abatement and trash enforcement. It brought a motion to council to direct the town manager to allow properties that received cease and desist letters from DPW to remain in the solid waste curbside collection program. Council passed this motion.


Paving is in its final stretch in the Center Business District, though it has recently been delayed due to the extreme heat and rain. Police Chief Terence Delehanty informed the council that temperatures cannot be too hot while laying pavement, and rain can also disturb the effort. Crews hope to finish the paving when temperatures drop again.


Council Pres. James Letterie appointed the following individuals to committees: Alyssa True and Mary Crisafi to the Cultural Council, Cynthia Huff to the Council on Aging, Roseanne Mexcelli and VSO Officer Phil Ronan to the Memorials Committee,Charles Cubic II and Alexander Reynolds to the Conservation Committee.

Committee Openings

There are openings on the Transportation Safety Advisory Committee; the Commission for Diversity, Inclusion and Community Relations; the Tree Committee and the Conservation Committee. Interested residents should contact the town.

Charter Review

The Winthrop Charter/Ordinance Review Committee Chair Marc Chapdelaine presented a report to the Town Council, recommending changes to membership and the election process.

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