Council Votes on Employee Evaluations, Bids Farewell to CFO Anna Freedman

At its April 20 meeting, the Town Council held a vote on Town employee evaluations and also bid farewell to CFO Anna Freedman.

Employee Evaluations

The Council Committee for Appointments, Commissions and Committees finished its reviews of town employees and the Town Council held a vote to accept the results.

Both the Town Auditor Dick Hingston and the Town Council Clerk Denise Quist received a score of 5/5. Town Manager Austin Faison received 4/5 and the Town Clerk Carla Vitale received a score of incomplete. The Town Council accepted these scores.

One caller was not pleased with the evaluation of Town Manager Faison, believing that his score of 4/5 was too high.

“He doesn’t fully understand Winthrop,” said Karen Chavis. “He’s had two and a half years to do and has not.”

She argued that Faison has only been successful due to the hard work of Town Departments, which she listed by name.

However, Council Pres. Phil Boncore was quick to point out that the Town Manager “manages all those departments and the work they do.”

“I want to thank him for getting us through the pandemic,” he added.

CFO Moving On

The April 20 meeting was CFO Anna Freedman’s last before leaving her position at Winthrop Town Hall.

Councilor James Letterie offered his “sincere thanks for the job she’s done here,” adding that Freedman “has been extremely professional and a pleasure to work with.”

“I’m going to miss her and I wish her nothing but the best,” he said.

Pres. Boncore also extended his gratitude to the CFO.

“I want to publicly thank you for all the work you’ve done here in Winthrop,” he said. “It’s a heavy job and you didn’t have the staff you needed.”

CFO Freedman thanked the Town Council for “all the hard questions.”

“It’s been a pleasure working with you and for the Town of Winthrop,” she said.


The schools welcomed children back for in-person learning on April 5. Pres. Boncore reported that schools were “doing well” and that “everything’s been working.”

During last week’s April vacation, schools were upgraded with new desks and chairs.

“Everything is going to be much more comfortable,” said Pres. Boncore.

The council president also congratulated Winthrop athletic teams on their recent victories.

Dog Park

Construction on the Winthrop Dog Park, which will also include a maintenance facility, is waiting for a structural drawing for the shed to be integrated into project specifications. Construction is slated to begin at the end of May.

“Let’s get it moving,” said Pres. Boncore.

General Updates/Upcoming Events

There are immediate openings on the Airport Hazards Committee, the Board of Appeals, the Planning Board and the Transportation Safety Advisory Committee.

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