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Thank You, Winthrop

Dear Editor,

The following letter addressed to Richard Honan has been received by the Transcript for publication.

Mr. Honan,

Thank you and the community of Winthrop, MA for sending such an awesome package!

The generosity of all of you to sacrifice your time, energy and money to send core packages to service members is humbling. The photos from your time in the service were really cool to see. Thank you for your service and thank you for sharing with me and my family. My mom was in the post office in Winthrop because she was visiting, my sister is enlisted in the USCG in Boston, one brother is in the Army Intelligence currently on recruiter duty in St. Louis. My older brother just finished company command in the 82nd ABN and is now doing a staff job close to D.C. I am in the USAF stationed at a base in the U.K. We will be here for another 18 months and then hopefully get stationed in the U.S. Prior to his assignment we were stationed in Japan and have not been back to the states in a while due to COVID, so it was great to have a package to remind us of home. I will share with members of my squadron!

God Bless & Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Dan Smith

Supports Tino

Dear Editor,

As a 48 year resident of Winthrop in the 19th Suffolk District, I know that Valentino Capobianco is the right person to fill Speaker DeLeo’s vacant seat in the March 2nd election.  Tino is caring, competent, and committed.

I’ve known Tino for more than fifteen years through numerous campaigns, Democratic Town and State Committee, and as an aide to Speaker Bob DeLeo.  I’ve seen up close and personal his over ten years of public service, especially with marginalized people–the homeless, the disabled, the poor.  

I will never forget the time Tino asked me to accompany him to the home of a mutual, disabled friend who was dying of cancer, as Tino needed support in this difficult situation.  Tino is decidedly caring.

However, Tino has over 10 years of public service as aide to DeLeoand  as Chief of Staff to Senator Paul Feeney.  In addition, he’s served on the Winthrop School Committee for the past 5 years, twice as Chairperson.  He was also a valuable member of Winthrop Air Hazards Committee for 4 years. He’s been an elected member of the State Democratic Committee for 1st Suffolk and Middlesex District since 2008.  Tino is decidedly competent, versed in the workings of both town and state government.

Finally, Tino Capobianco is committed to fair and strong representation of our 19th Suffolk District.  Tino has the vision and practical experience to address important issues like improvement of our public schools, helping our small businesses and working families rebuild during and after this terrible pandemic, preserving our environment, and ensuring human rights for all citizens.

Please join me in voting for Tino Capobianco on Tuesday, March 2, for State Representative for Winthrop and the 19th District of Revere.  Thank you.

 Donna Segreti Reilly

Supports Delvento

Dear Editor,

I am enthusiastically supporting Alicia DelVento’s candidacy for State Representative in the upcoming special election.  During my twelve years on the Winthrop School Committee and four years on the Winthrop Town Council, I learned first hand the importance of listening to and collaborating with others. A deliberative body, such as the state legislature, by definition must deliberate, and effective deliberation demands  listening and collaborative skills, skills which Alicia brings to everything that she does. Make no mistake; Alicia is no pushover.  She is a fighter for what she believes in.  Those of us who have watched her in action know that she will go to the mat for the people and the issues important to her and the district.  Alicia  is passionate about Winthrop and Revere.  We the people will be well served by her passion, her intelligence, her caring and her experience.  Alicia will hit the ground running from day one. 

Richard D. Gill

Senator Boncore: A Legislative Champion

Dear Editor,

In September, I wrote a Letter to the Editor stating, among other things, that if State Senator Joe Boncore produced a Transportation Bond Bill before the state legislative session ended in 2020, he would be a “legislative champion”.

Well, Senator Boncore got the bill passed in the State Senate, negotiated its passage with the State House of Representatives, and saw it approved, with some modifications, by Governor Baker.

The Transportation Bond Bill is a $16 billion investment to develop necessary transporta-tion infrastructure projects statewide.  The bill will help modernize the Commonwealth’s transportation system for residents, businesses and communities.

In addition, as Chair of the Senate Committee on Transportation, Senator Boncore was able to include an additional $7 million for local projects in his State Senate District, which includes Winthrop.

With the departure of Speaker Robert DeLeo from the House of Representatives, Win-throp’s interests will increasingly be dependent upon the leadership of the well-liked and well-respected Senator Boncore.

The successor to Bob DeLeo in the House of Representatives will be chosen in March, but that person will be the least senior member of the 160-member legislative body.

While a Democratic State Senator generally becomes a Committee Chair as soon as he or she takes office, a Democratic State Representative must often wait several years before an opportunity for a Committee Chair becomes available.

For instance, Bob DeLeo was first elected as a state representative in 1991, but his big break came 14 years later when he was named Chair of the powerful Ways and Means Committee.

Voters in the upcoming election might want to consider which candidate is best suited for the long haul as Winthrop’s State Representative.

William Schmidt

Why we support Alicia DelVento for State Rep

We are writing to express our support for Alicia DelVento for state representative.  Alicia will work tirelessly for policies that improve the lives of everyone in Winthrop and Revere. 

Alicia is focused on policy and understands the importance of good government, transparency and the highest ethical standards for our elected officials.  She will make decisions based on what’s best for everyone and not be influenced by special interests. She understands that what is important is not endorsements from the connected.  She does not feel entitled to the position because she has been running for it for the past 10 years.  In making decisions, she will be guided by facts, science, and expert analysis.  As recent events show, now more than ever we need elected officials at all levels who base their decisions on the truth, not political expediency.

She will be an advocate for working families, seniors, veterans, the disabled, and those with health challenges.  She will fight for economic, social and racial justice.

Finally, there is no issue more urgent than climate change–for Winthrop and Revere, as seaside communities, but also for the Commonwealth, the country and the entire planet.  As the lead organizer in Winthrop for the U.S. Senate’s strongest climate champion, Senator Markey, Alicia clearly understands this urgency and will be a strong advocate for policies that protect the environment and transition the Commonwealth to a clean energy economy, creating jobs in the process.

Please join us in voting for Alicia on March 2.

Joseph Aiello

Carina Campobasso

Barbara Flockhart

Daniela Foley

Erica Foley

Suzanne Hitchcock- Bryan

Tracey Honan

Mary Mitchell

Linda Roy

Gary Skomro

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