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Educators for Markey

Dear Editor,

Educators in Massachusetts have proudly and overwhelmingly endorsed Ed Markey for re-election to the United States Senate. This is no surprise. Ed Markey knows that education is what makes our country strong. And Ed Markey has an A+,100% voting record when it comes to teachers and all school personnel, students, parents, and communities. He has fought tirelessly in the US Senate, and in the House of 

Representatives to give our students the best possible opportunities to succeed. “Our educators are molding the next generation of leaders for our cities and towns, our state and our nation. We must provide them with the health care, wages, and protection they deserve”. These are Ed Markey’s words. But they are not just words. They are his fight, his plan, and his actions. His record speaks for itself. Ed Markey fights for what is right. He has consistently voted in favor of public educators and students and that is why the Massachusetts Teachers Association, and the American Federation of Teachers have endorsed him, along with Bob DeLeo, Speaker of the House; Senator Elizabeth Warren, and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh. Ed Markey has proven to be an outspoken opponent regarding Betsy DeVos as secretary of education. He has worked hard to fight the current administration’s devastating cuts to federal education budgets. 

4 years ago, in 2016, Ed Markey was author of “ the ABC’s of PCBs” which revealed harmful chemicals in the building materials of many schools across the country. These toxins pose serious health risks to students, teachers, and all school staff.  Ed is a longtime supporter of Head Start, promoting early childhood education, health, nutrition, and parent services to low income children and families. Ed has also fought to provide funding for increasing school psychologists and guidance counselors in our schools. And now Ed Markey is fighting for a safe and healthy return to US schools, with adequate funding and staffing. Ed Markey has been a true champion of education and working families. He has earned the vote of Massachusetts educators. It’s time to return Ed Markey to the U.S. Senate to continue his commendable work for the students and educators of our Commonwealth. Please join Winthrop Educators in voting for Ed Markey on September 1st. Thank you and thank you Senator Ed Markey.

Alice Reilly

Connie Grayson

Richard Gill

Colleen O’Keefe

Andrea Martucci

Kristen Reynolds

Peter Gill

Nick Tsiotis

Kenny Hodgkins

Kim Rogers

Neil Plotnick

We Support Felix Arroyo and Terrence Kennedy

Dear Editor,

On the September 1st Democratic Primary Ballot, there are two contests that have received little attention, but are, nevertheless, very important – Suffolk County Register of Probate, and Governor’s Councillor.

We are endorsing the two incumbents for these positions, Felix Arroyo and Terrence Kennedy.

The Suffolk Register of Probate helps run the County’s Probate and Family Court, which is the only court that at some time, everyone is going to have to deal with.  The Probate and Family Court handles divorces, paternity, child support, custody, adoptions, wills, estates, trusts, guardianships, conservatorships, and name changes.

Felix Arroyo was elected Register of Probate in 2014 after a distinguished political career in Boston fighting for social justice as a School Committee member, at-large City Councilor, and Director of Personnel for the City of Boston.  As Suffolk Register of Probate, Arroyo has worked to deliver timely justice to the people of Suffolk County, including Winthrop, by providing equal access to a fair, equitable and efficient office to resolve family and pro-bate legal matters, and to assist and protect all individuals, families and children in an im-partial and respectful manner.

The Governor’s Council provides advice and consent on gubernatorial appointments such as judges and clerk-magistrates, pardons and commutations, and warrants for the state treasury.  There are eight individuals elected from districts, who meet weekly.

Terrence Kennedy (no relation to Joe Kennedy III) was first elected to the Governor’s Council in 2010.  He got his first experience in government as an intern for then Congress-man Ed Markey in 1977.  Kennedy has been an attorney in private practice for 37 years.  As Governor’s Councillor, Kennedy has advocated for diverse and qualified judges, pro-moted restorative justice, and fought for necessary and humane commutations and par-dons.

In closing, we believe that Felix Arroyo and Terrence Kennedy deserve re-election on Sep-tember 1st for their efforts to improve the judicial system in our Commonwealth.

Peter Christopher, Town Councilor

Bill Schmidt

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