Sean Driscoll Features Summer Parks and Recreation Teams

Staying Cool

Summer Parks and Recreation Director Sean Driscoll and his staff are making sure everyone in camp stays cool and hydrated in the extreme heat that arrived this week.

“A lot of shade, a lot of breaks, and a lot of water breaks,” said Driscoll. “We end our day at 12 noon, and it doesn’t get too hot much before noon. So we end at that time because we really don’t have an indoor facility to fit everyone in there.”

Votes for Jimmy

Camp Program Coordinator Jimmy Carroll gets “The Favorite Staff” Award for this week. The Golden Girls cast a lot of votes for both “Jimmy” and “James” as “Favorite Staff” – and we found out that Jimmy and James are – or “is”, in fact, the same, dedicated member of the staff: Jimmy Carroll.

Camp Instructors Clare and Bella also received votes as “Favorite Staff,’ so kudos to Clare and Bella as well.

Meet the Golden Girls

The “Girls” are having a great summer in the Winthrop Parks Program. They’re enjoying a number of camp activities such as playing in the playground, sports and games, arts and crafts, and making gimp.

There were some heartwarming responses in the “Favorite Thing About Winthrop” category. Two of the “Girls” said their “Favorite Thing About Winthrop” was living near each other and playing games together. Other campers had similar responses: Living close to my friends and living so close to my whole family.

Other upbeat answers about our town: Being a Viking! (with an exclamation point for emphasis); swimming in my pool, and living around the corner from the Twist and Shake ice cream stand.

In the “Favorite Thing to Do With Family” category we liked the “Go bowling” response, although we hope it’s candlepin bowling, which we prefer over tenpin bowling and duckpin bowling. We remember the candlepin bowling establishment in town that was located in the building that houses Peter Gobiel’s Winthrop Gymnastics Academy.

Other Favorite Family Things are: Friday Night Lights at Miller Field and we really hope there will be Friday Night Lights this fall – this camper surely hopes to be a future Viking, I’m sure – along with going to the beach, spending quality family time, sleepovers and painting with grandmother.

Meet the Orange Devils

The Orange Devils are having a lot of fun at camp and based on their responses, it appears that this team is a close-knit group that likes to participate in camp activities together while also enjoying their “free time” together. Arts and crafts continued their streak of making the list of “Favorite Camp Activity” every week.

“Going to the Beach” was the clear-cut No. 1 response in the “Favorite Thing About Winthrop” and you’re right, it’s so great to have a beach right in town. Other campers like the fact that Winthrop is a small town and “everyone knows each other.”

There were varied responses from the Orange Devils in the “Favorite Things to Do With Family” category: spending time with them at the beach, being by the pool, movie nights with “The Fam or The Family” and going out to dinner at La Siesta or the Yacht Club.

We’ll see you next week.

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