Residents Protest, Show Support at Library Read-In

Last Thursday evening, over 100 community members came together on the Winthrop Public Library’s front lawn, protesting the recent library furloughs. People of all ages gathered in a socially distant manner, displaying signs expressing frustration over the recent lack of library services and support of the employees. The goal of the read-in was to demand that the Town Manager hires the furloughed employees back to ensure equitable library access for all town residents.

Town Council President Phil Boncore and Vice President Jim Letterie took the opportunity to listen to the concerns of residents.

“I was so impressed with the number of young families and community members that were able to come out and enjoy the evening,” said Letterie. “The library focuses on a wide range of populations with particular needs from our youngest citizens to our seniors. It is a great resource for people who are both new to our town and new to our country. Our library is not just for books anymore, it is an important community hub that offers incredible programs and hosts many events. During this very trying time it is imperative that we as a council and town do more to ensure that our citizens have better access to this free public space.”

As of July 1st, eight employees were furloughed temporarily. Town Manager, Austin Faison said that they are still determining the dates for the different reopening phases of the plan for the library.

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