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Art on Display on August 16

The Winthrop Art Association (WAA) is pleased to announce the ‘Museum Without Walls’ Street Art Exhibit at French Square in Winthrop Center. The Art will be presented later this month on the parking spaces created with the removal of French Square and will be a temporary enhancement of the total area. 

Frank Costantino, WAA Artist Member and local resident proposed the idea to town officials and asked for the support of WAA.  The ‘Museum Without Walls’ Exhibit’ will serve as a prototype for a larger initiative to paint other spaces and walls in Town, with the adaptation of Master Artworks from any period or source chosen by our member artists.  The goal of this art initiative is to attract visitors and involve the artist community as we develop Winthrop as a strong visible presence for residents and visitors.

The anticipated Paint Day will be on Sunday in August 16 (August 23 rain date) from 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. to minimize disruption for businesses and area residents. The painters may take as long as needed to complete the work, but should finish their work no later than Sunday evening.  Space distancing and face masks will be required.  Selections will be made for the first round of the ‘Museum Without Walls’ Exhibit with space assigned on a first selected basis.  A second round of painting will be required to complete the area.  All Artists will sign their “space” work with the original artists’ name and date, together with their own name and date.  

To sign up for the Winthrop Art Association ‘Museum Without Walls’ Exhibit, please send your art selection (jpeg or similar format) to Dawn Mahoney ([email protected]) by Friday, August 7.  For information about the exhibit and Winthrop Art Association, please email [email protected] or by phone at 617.846.2644.     

The WAA looks forward to your participation and a successful ‘Museum Without Walls’ art presentation and exhibit.  Thank you for your support of the Winthrop Art Association.  Have a safe and healthy summer.  

Winthrop Senior Center News


Email: [email protected]

The Senior Center remains closed at this time. While lunch is not being served, Meals on Wheels continues to operate. Residents who are in need and are not currently on the list to receive meals through Meals on Wheels can call Mystic Valley Elder Services at 781-324-7705, with their name, phone number and address to be included in the program.

Exercise with Ernie Sarro: WCAT will present Exercise with Ernie Sarro Monday – Friday at 10:30am on Channel 3.

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