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Vote for Sen. Ed Markey

Dear Editor,

On September 1, citizens across our town and state will be voting on who will represent the Democratic Party as their choice for the U.S. Senate. Presently, the Democratic incumbent is Senator Edward Markey. Representative Joseph Kennedy is challenging the Senator’s seat.

All of us have witnessed a world that has turned upside down over the last 5 months due to the pandemic. Unfortunately, many of us have been strongly impacted by this horrendous virus: loss of jobs, businesses and most importantly loved ones.

Now we must stand up and recognize the need for a strong, trusting and experienced leader to help us get up on our feet and move positively forward.

This leader is Ed Markey:

* Senator Markey worked 37 years as our    

 U.S. Representative

* Senator Markey worked 7 years as

 Massachusetts U.S. Senator

Senator Markey has continuously led our state and country by protecting our senior citizens, low income families, and disabled to maintain their Social Security rights and benefits.

He has always been a strong proponent of reducing the impact of global warming/climate change through initiating clean and renewable energy (wind/solar). His belief has allowed a healthy and cleaner environment for the future of our precious children and our Earth.

Leadership, Trust and Experience will help to lead us out of these dire times.

We need a leader who will fight for us regardless of race or religion. A leader who recognizes that in order for our lives to turn upward we must all unite for the betterment of humanity and mankind.

Senator Markey is the man who will help do this!

Maryalice Sharkey

I Endorse Sen. Markey

Dear Editor,

I’m writing to endorse Senator Ed Markey for Massachusetts Senator.  Not only has Senator Markey been a tremendous supporter of women’s rights and universal health care; he has been a trailblazer relative to preservation and improvement of the environment and development of telecommunications.

Before most Americans learned that toxic gases and chemicals, along with fossil fuels were negatively impacting our air, water, and soil; Senator Ed Markey  was leading the cause to clean all of this up and preserve our planet.

But who knew the terms “telecommunications” and “broadband” back in the last century?  It was Senator Ed Markey who gathered data on these topics and set the stage for further research and development for the digital discoveries we all enjoy, and need, today. 

Because of Senator Markey’s diligence, positive values, and vision; I’ll definitely be voting for him by mail or even BEFORE the Primary Election on Tuesday, September 1st.  


Donna Segret Reilly

Reunion Cancelled

Dear Editor and Winthrop High School Class of 2010,

Due to unforeseen circumstances regarding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, our 10-year reunion will be postponed until 2021. The class officers have come to this decision with everyone’s safety in mind. 

Please feel free to share this information among our classmates so the word gets around!

We will see you next year! Be safe and well!

Your Class of 2010 Officers

New Bus Stop Signs Making Riding the Bus Better

Dear Editor,

Have you noticed anything shiny and new along the streets of Winthrop lately? Something that finally explains why people have been standing in certain spots on the sidewalk waiting for something or someone? It’s the new MBTA bus stop signs! Over the last few weeks, MBTA crews have been out around town installing new signs to properly mark our stops with information including both the route serving the stop (712 or 713) and the destination (Orient Heights, Winthrop Beach or Point Shirley). This may seem trivial, but before this time, many of our bus stops have been marked by either a spray painted blue stripe on a telephone pole, a blank sign simply saying “T”, or no sign at all. Not only is this confusing for people trying to utilize our bus service- especially people who are visiting or who are new to town- it has sent a public message that buses, and the people who ride them, are not a priority in our town. With the installation of signs that tell people not just where the bus will stop but also which bus it will be and in which direction is it headed (not always apparent given the circular function of our local routes), people who take the bus- some by choice and some because it is their only transportation- will now receive just a little more dignity in our community. 

These new bus stop signs have been a long standing priority for the Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC), which I have chaired since it’s formation in 2016 but was recently disbanded (I’ll be joining the Planning Board and the remaining committee members will be merged with the Traffic Safety Advisory Committee aka TSAC. We have written many emails, had many calls, and even several in person meetings with the MBTA about this project over the last three (yes, three) years, and are thrilled to see it finally come to fruition. By nature of the contract that was signed between the Town of Winthrop and the MBTA in February 2019, the bus stop replacement project will be carried out in 3 phases, all in effort to bring the routes closer to the standards set in the MBTA Bus Stop Design Guidelines. In some cases, there are challenges with replacement,including accessibility and operational concerns, among others. Due to these challenges, the replacement will continue in 3 phases, starting with what we’ve seen happening now where there are known stop locations and limited accessibility and operational concerns, then moving to stops where there may need to be some relocating to resolve accessibility and operational issues, and completing with the stops that may require broader infrastructure improvements such as sidewalks or curb extensions. For the remaining phases, municipal cooperation will be necessary and I have confidence that our Town Manager will continue to show up to the table and lead on these. 

What started as a bus system running non-MBTA buses with no Charlie Card readers (meaning Winthrop riders literally had to pay twice to transfer from bus to T) along routes with few or no markings has evolved into something much more legitimate and of service to Winthrop residents and visitors. We will continue to advocate for shelters, seating, maps, and other common amenities- as well as service improvements- that make riding the bus a great option in our town. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Julia Wallerce

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