A Dream Come True: Resident Ross Netherton Looks Back at His Win on Wheel of Fortune

Ross Netherton was a big winner on the “Wheel of Fortune” two years ago. A replay of his appearance on the world’s most popular game show was aired Monday on WBZ-TV.

The rebroadcast of the Boston-themed “Wheel” brought back great memories for Netherton whose performance was impressive on the show hosted by Pat Sajak. Netherton won more than $16,050 and a trip to Costa Rica that he and his wife, Ryan, have since enjoyed.

Netherton, 40, came out firing on the show and won all the tossups, including the opening “Fenway Park” puzzle. He also solved “Matt Damon As Jason Bourne” and “The Ideal Holiday,” which earned him a vacation in Costa Rica. He solved five of the eight puzzles. Netherton missed on the final “Patchwork” puzzle.

Ross’ appreciation of Wheel of Fortune goes back to his days as a child growing up in Somerville. “When I was a little kid, I used to play the Wheel of Fortune computer game with my parents,” said Netherton. “I have watched Wheel of Fortune for years and I’d be solving all the puzzles on the couch. Being a contestant is something I always wanted to do and I’m glad I had the opportunity.”

A resident of Winthrop since 2013, Netherton said it was a thrill to meet the Wheel’s legendary host Pat Sajak and its incomparable letter turner, Vanna White.

“They were as nice in person as they are on television,” said Netherton. “Pat is such a great host who makes each contestant feel comfortable. I love Pat’s whole delivery. I grew up watching Pat and Vanna and there is no better game show team than them.”

The Nethertons had “a fantastic trip” to Costa Rica in 2018, courtesy of Wheel of Fortune. “It was a lavish vacation that took us all around Costa Rica. We stayed in some luxurious hotels. One night we slept under a volcano. We took a horseback ride to a waterfall. It was a very nice and extravagant trip. Ryan and I have memories that will last a lifetime.”

A 2003 graduate of Northeastern University, Netherton said he auditioned for the show at Faneuil Hall. He fared very well with the audition puzzles “and then one day I was working on Revere Beach and I got the call that I was going to be a contestant and they asked me if I could come out to California for the show.”

“We had our honeymoon in California and we love it out there, so this was a great visit for us,” said Netherton.

Indeed, Netherton came home a “Wheel” champion with increased admiration for Pat and Vanna and the show that Merv Griffin created and is now enjoyed by millions worldwide.

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