Spectra Medical Devices Donates Lunch and Flowers to 350 Veterans and Healthcare Workers in Honor of Lawrence Larsen

Spectra Medical Devices Inc. of Wilmington donated lunch and flowers to 350 veteran residents and healthcare workers at the Soldiers Home’ in Chelsea in honor of Memorial Day and the late Lawrence Larsen of Winthrop.

Tony Arrigo, CEO of Spectra, and his wife, Joyce Arrigo, senior vice president of Spectra, led the generous effort.

The ice skating rink in Winthrop is named after Mr. Arrigo’s uncle, Lawrence Larsen, a U.S. Navy veteran of World War II.

“Lawrence Larsen was a decorated veteran as well as an exceptional person who did a lot for his community and his fellow man,” stated Tony Arrigo.

Before the rink was opened, Mr. Larsen would flood the tennis courts in Winthrop so that young skaters could play ice hockey during the winter months.

“We wanted to do something for the Soldiers Home in Chelsea and one of the reasons was that it was my uncle Larry’s final residence,” said Arrigo. “He was a wonderful person, probably the best person I ever met in my lifetime. He did a lot for Winthrop and other people, too.”

The veterans and healthcare workers at Chelsea Soldiers’ Home expressed their gratitude to Tony and Joyce Arrigo for their noble endeavor in honor of an important holiday observance and their beloved uncle, Lawrence Larsen.

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