Police Blotter 06-04-2020

These are among the calls for service to which the Winthrop Police Department responded during the week of May 18-25.

Monday, May 18

0713: A Beal St. resident came into the station to report that his motor vehicle (MV) had been entered and that about $5.00 in change was taken. The MV had been parked in his driveway, but had been unlocked.

0913: A caller who did not give his name or address reported that his unlocked MV had been rummaged through.

0924: An officer was flagged down by a resident, who reported that two individuals were sleeping behind Larsen Rink. The officer determined that the two persons are homeless and had not eaten in a while. The officers offered to bring them some food from the Food Pantry.

0951: A resident came into the station to report that her MV had been broken into overnight.

1016: A caller reported that a syringe was on the ground at the bus stop on Veterans Rd. An officer retrieved the syringe and disposed of it at the station.

1054: A Perkins St. resident reported that his video-camera recorded a suspect breaking into a MV on his street. The officer will investigate.

1221: A resident came into the station to report a custody dispute. He was informed that this is a civil matter.

1827: A resident reported receiving a phone call from someone identifying themselves as from the IRS and that the resident needed to call back a number or face arrest. The officer informed the resident that this is a common scam.

2032: Officers responded to a report of a confrontation among three persons in the 500 block of Winthrop St. This is an ongoing issue among neighbors and the officer restored the peace.

2039: Officers responded to a report of loud music coming from motor vehicles on Main St. The parties were vacuuming their vehicles and will move along.

2316: An officer attempted to pull over a small, black sports car on Veterans Rd. However, the operator turned off his lights and took off at a high rate of speed.

Tuesday, May 19

0721: A Willis Ave. resident reported that her German Shepherd had broken free. The resident called back shortly thereafter to report that the dog had returned.

0943: An officer assisted the parties to a motor vehicle accident (MVA) on Girdlestone Rd. with the exchange of papers.

1033: An officer contacted the owner of a MV that was blocking a driveway on Circuit Rd. and the MV was moved.

1109: A Seaview Ave. resident reported that mail had been stolen from his mailbox.

1240: Officers responded to a report of a disturbance on Pleasant St. They restored the peace.

1417: An officer responded to a report of a disturbance on Winthrop St. The officer restored the peace.

1532: Officers responded to a landlord-tenant dispute on Burrill Terrace. The officers restored the peace.

1536: An officer dispersed a group of five persons playing basketball at the courts on Pond St.

1800: An officer kept the peace while a tenant attempted to retrieve his property from a River Rd. address.

1904: A Banks St. resident that two unwanted persons were attempting to gain access to his premises. The officer restored the peace and the unwanted persons left the area.

1930: MVA at Revere St. and Crest Ave. with property damage only. The officer will file a report.  

2224: An officer dispersed a group of five persons causing a noise disturbance in the 400 block of Shirley St.

2233: An officer directed a group of youths playing loud music in their cars at Ingleside Park to turn down the volume.

Wednesday, May 20

0804: A dog was reported lost on Shore Drive. The DCR Park Rangers and the Animal Control Officer returned the dog to the owner, a Willow Ave. resident.

1120: A female tripped and fell over a hose in the Centre project. She did not leave her name.

1503: A caller reported that a MV struck a sign on Adams St. and the sign was bent. The DPW was notified.

1631: The Animal Control Officer responded to Hermon St. upon a report of an abandoned baby possum. The possum could not be located when the officer arrived.

1642: An elderly man who had fallen in the parking lot at the Arbors on Lincoln St. was transported to the hospital.

1642: Officers responded to mediate a landlord-tenant dispute on River Rd. involving a MV that had been the subject of a dispute reported the day before. The officer worked with the parties to resolve this issue.

1816: An officer issued a $300 citation to a business on Shirley St. that was not shutting down per the pandemic closure order.

1824: A Shore Drive resident reported an attempted break into his garage. The officer will file a report.

1918: An officer dispersed a group of about 15 youths who were playing street hockey at Ingleside Park.

2055: An officer responded to an argument between a boyfriend and girlfriend on Douglas St. The officer restored the peace.

Thursday, May 21

0118: An officer stopped a MV on Main St. at Walden St. for the civil motor vehicle infraction (CMVI) of speeding. The officer gave a verbal warning to the operator.

0129: An officer moved along a MV that was parked at Halford Beach.

1055: A caller reported that he was involved in a confrontation with another male party in the parking lot on Woodside Ave. The other party had left the scene.

1226: A resident came to the station to dispute a water bill that dates back 12 years. The resident was informed that the matter must be taken up at Town Hall.

1326: Officers dispersed a group of about 100 persons who had gathered on Yirrell Beach.

1335: Officers dispersed groups of youths playing basketball and hockey in the Ingleside Park area.

1408: A resident reported that her identity was being used by another person in order to obtain Social Security benefits.

1457: Officers dispersed a group of about 15 persons who were playing soccer at the Ft. Banks field.

1531: A group of about 50 persons was dispersed from Yirrell Beach.

1625: Officers had to return to Yirrell Beach to disperse a large group.

1801: Officers continued to disperse a group from Yirrell Beach.

1833: A small group was dispersed from the skate park.

2318: An officer directed a group of persons in the backyard of their home on Woodside Ave. to take it inside for the night.

Friday, May 22

0718: A cab driver reported that a female had not paid her fare and had disappeared into her home on Summit Ave. The officer contacted the female’s parents and they agreed to take care of the fare.

0951: A member of the Golf Club reported finding a hypodermic needle near the first tee. The officer retrieved the item and disposed of it at the station. He also gave club employees a SHARPS container and advised them how to use it.

1122: Medical aid call on Sturgis St. A person was transported to the MGH.

1427: Motor vehicle accident (MVA) on Main St. The officer assisted the parties with the exchange of papers.

1846: Motor vehicle stop on Shirley St. The officer issued a citation to the operator for the civil motor vehicle infraction of unsafe operation of a motor vehicle.

1943: An officer assisted with a disabled motor vehicle on Kennedy Rd. The vehicle was towed.

1705: A Summit Ave. resident reported a lost cat.

2114: An officer moved along a vehicle at Hannaford Park.

Saturday, May 23

0055: An officer advised fishermen in the area of Grand View Ave. to keep down their noise.

0948: An officer brought a traffic sign that had come loose in the wind at Shirley and Tewksbury Sts. to the DPW.

1747: A caller who reported that a white dog with no tags was loose at the Ft. Banks playground called back to report that the owner of the dog was on the scene.

1830: An officer located the owner of a motor vehicle that was parked so as to obstruct traffic on Woodside Ave. and had the owner move the vehicle.

2132: A group who had been setting off fireworks at Coughlin Park had left the scene before officers arrived.

Sunday, May 24

1225: An officer responded to a report of two persons arguing at a gas station on Shirley St. Both had left the scene before the officers arrived.

1548: A sign blew off a pole on Tewksbury St. The DPW was notified.

1827: An officer retrieved a syringe that was on the ground on Overlook Drive.

1844: A resident came to the station to request an harassment prevention order pursuant to c. 258E. The on-call judge granted the order.

2133: An officer cleared a group of vehicles that were parked at Hannaford Park.

Monday, May 25

0651: An officer directed the owner of a motor vehicle parked at a hydrant on Forrest St. to move the vehicle.

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