Costonis Giveback Trust Donates New Sign to Winthrop Golf Course

Special to the Transcript

Dr. Anthony Costonis, Trustee of the Sylvia Costonis Family “Giveback Trust” presents the Winthrop Golf Club with new signage to introduce the Club members, family, and friends to its new 2020 golf season.

The gift is inspired by the personal experiences and exposures of the Costonis Family with the Winthrop Golf Club; with George Costonis serving as Caddy Master in the late 1940’s; Anthony, John and Arthur Costonis  serving as caddies and members of the WHS Golf Team in the 1950’s later joined by Anthony’s son, Michael Costonis, who was an employee of the Pro Shop, a member of the Club and played on the WHS Golf Team in the mid-1980’s.  Dr. Costonis later served as President of the Winthrop Golf Club in the 1990-91 period.

In a letter addressed to the Board of Governors of Winthrop Golf Club, Dr. Costonis points to the great amenity that the Golf Club has been for his family, the citizens of the Town of Winthrop and the community at large.  Also, he recognizes the tremendous job that former and current Boards of Governors have made to keep this “Field of Dreams” viable and active within the community.

While a modest gift, it is one of many that the Sylvia Costonis Family “Giveback Trust” has made to various educational organizations of Winthrop, including annual scholarship fund of the Winthrop High School, Life Skills Program for special needs students, the WHS Drama Society, WHS Golf Team and the Viking Foundation.  Other gifts have been made to town organizations including Winthrop Charities, St. John Evangelist, St. John Episcopal Church, Winthrop Elks, Richard Honan’s Winthrop Military gifting programs, Winthrop Special Olympics, Winthrop Art Association, Winthrop Fire Department for its annual fireworks program and the CASA Foundation.  Gifts have also been made to outside groups including Knights of Pythias (Kiddie Kamp), St Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Hope for the Warriors, and the Italian Home for Children.

In view of its continuing commitment to “Give Back” to the Town of Winthrop, The Trust is pleased to consider requests from other agencies serving the Winthrop community by contacting Dr. Costonis at [email protected]

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