Residents Team up to Form Community Food Bank

Over the past several weeks, the Town of Winthrop has seen a surge of people coming forward to help ease the difficulties that have accrued from the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the many challenges that the Town has faced is an increase in food insecurity. Thanks to a collaboration of volunteers, a food bank has been set up to ensure that residents can receive assistance.

Assistant Director and Outreach Coordinator of the Council on Aging, Matt Rhodes, teamed up with Sean Driscoll, Amy Gallagher, and Ellen Baxter to form a Community Food Bank, that was elected by Town Manager Austin Faison. The plan was quickly put into place and the first food drive was held on March 20th. The team currently delivers food to approximately 200 households each week, totaling between 500-600 individuals.

“We are grateful for our volunteers who, during this extraordinary time, have stepped up to help serve their community,” said Rhodes. “We also depend on the help of Mi Amore, the Winthrop Community Food Pantry at St. John’s Episcopal Church, and the Veterans Food Bank.”

The Food Bank relies on donations from Winthrop residents and businesses, who have been incredibly generous in donating both food and money to support the efforts.

The all-volunteer food bank is comprised of Winthrop residents, members of the Medical Reserve Corp, Harbor City Church, and many others. The volunteers accept and sort donations, and also pack and deliver food to residents in need five days a week.

For more information, please contact Matt Rhodes at:[email protected]

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