Police Blotter 05-14-2020

These are among the calls to which the Winthrop Police Dept. responded for the week of April 27-May 4.

Monday, April 27

1413: Paperwork that was received from the Mass. RMV declaring a local resident as an “immediate threat,” thereby revoking the resident’s driver’s license forthwith, was served upon a resident at Golden Drive.

1612: A Bates Ave. resident reported the theft of a registration plate from their motor vehicle (MV).

1628: A resident reported receiving a harassing email containing a sexual message and demanding that she send money to the other party.

1833: A trespass tow of a MV at Governor’s Drive was reported to the station.

1851: Officers responded to the 100 block of Winthrop St. for a report of a suspicious-looking person wearing a red hoodie and peering into windows. The officers located the suspect and he informed them that he was awaiting a ride from his father.

2258: A calling party who said she was outside in the cold in the 400 block of Shirley St. was evaluated and was transported to the hospital. 

Tuesday, April 28

1039: A resident reported receiving an email from a person who said he had all of her passwords and was demanding that she send the emailer $2000 in bit coins.

1142: An officer issued a parking ticket for a MV that was parked too closely to the corner of Shore Drive and Cutler St. in violation of the “No Parking

From Here to Corner” sign, making it difficult for a fire engine to come down the street.

1355: An officer directed the owner of a MV that was blocking the street on Washington Ave. to move the MV.

1404: A resident came into the station seeking enforcement of a Probate Court order. The resident was informed that the matter is strictly a civil matter and must be enforced by means of a contempt action in the Probate Court.

1506: An intoxicated male party who was disturbing the peace in the area of Revere St. and Golden Drive was sent on his way on the bus with his female companion.

1507: A caller reported that there are multiple smokers in his building. He was directed to call the building manager.

1615: An officer directed the owner of a MV that was blocking a driveway on River Rd. to move his MV.

1732: An officer dispersed persons who were playing tennis at Ingleside Park in violation of the town’s emergency COVID-19 orders.

1823: An officer responded to a call from a resident at 300 Governor’s Drive about a neighbor who is stomping. This is an ongoing neighbor issue.

1910: An officer responded to a call from a Circuit Rd. resident regarding construction work that had been ongoing since 6:30 in the morning. The workers said they will be wrapping up their work shortly.

2020: A caller reported that two mopeds were driving erratically up-and-down Shore Drive. The officers could not locate the operators. 

2150: A Shirley St. resident requested assistance with removing an unwanted guest from her premises. The parties were having a verbal argument and the unwanted guest left the premises.

2303: An officer responded to an ongoing issue between two residents at 900 Governor’s Park regarding a noise disturbance.

Wednesday, April 29

1024: A resident in the apartment complex at 11 Walden St. reported that her MV had been struck and damaged by a hit-and-run operator at some time in the previous 48 hours.

1225: An officer picked up trash that was littering Ingleside Park and placed it in the trash barrel.

1322: An officer moved along an MV at the Public Landing that was not practicing social distancing with other MVs that were parked there.

Thursday, April 30

0649: A caller who wished to remain anonymous reported that motor vehicles were speeding on Shirley St. toward the Point and asked for the police to set up traffic enforcement in the area.

0857: An officer directed the operator of a landscaping truck that was blocking a driveway on Sagamore Ave. to move his truck.

0929: An officer provided assistance to a person having car trouble at Shirley and Cross Sts.

1405: An officer who was investigating a previous hit-and-run MVA located the suspect party, who admitted that she had left the scene of the MVA. The officer issued her a citation for the criminal violation of leaving the scene of an accident after causing property damage.

1541: An officer spoke to a Tewksbury St. resident about their trash that had spilled over into the street and ordered the resident to clean it up.

1652: An officer dispersed a group that was inside Ingleside Park in violation of the COVID-19 regulations.

1738: A report of a noise disturbance involving the usual parties at 900 Governor’s Drive was logged in.

1906: An officer responded to a report of a landlord-tenant disturbance on Beach Rd. and spoke to the parties.

Friday, May 1

1032: An officer provided an escort for an employee from the Inspectional Services Dept. who was delivering paperwork to a Quincy Ave. resident.

1236: A female resident reported that she has been receiving threats of bodily harm from the wife of a person whom she is taking to court. The officer will file a report.

1706: Officers responded to a medical aid call on Winthrop St. A person was transported to the MGH.

1906: Winthrop officers provided assistance at the scene of a serious MVA involving a rollover at Short Beach in Revere. Two parties were transported to the MGH.

2145: An officer stopped a MV on Ocean View St. for the civil infraction of not having its lights turned on. The officer gave a verbal warning to the operator.

2158: An officer gave a verbal warning for the civil motor vehicle infractions of having an unsecured load and a red light violation at George and Winthrop Sts. to the operator of a truck who was spilling items from the rear of his truck.

2251: A business owner on Main St. who was monitoring his property via security cameras reported that there was suspicious activity at his business. An officer moved along three persons who were unaware that this was private property.

Saturday, May 2

0600: A man who was reported lying in the street on Cross St. refused medical aid. However, the officers followed the man home to ensure that he arrived safely.

0851: An officer will file a report regarding an accident at the Main St. bridge in which a motor vehicle struck a sign pole at the Winthrop-East Boston line.

1003: An officer directed a group of men in their 60s at the golf club who were not wearing masks to practice better social distancing.

1127: An officer responded to a two-car MVA accident on Revere St. There were no injuries.

1255: A Wilshire St. resident reported a loose dog in her front yard. The Animal Control Officer responded and returned the dog to its owner.

1530: An officer dispersed a group of 6-8 persons who were drinking in the back of the Elks. The group said they had been doing so weekly and were informed that this activity is not permitted.

1753: An officer dispersed a group playing basketball on the Walden St. courts.

2007: An officer dispersed a group of illegally-parked MVs on Grand View Ave.

2111: Police and fire units responded to a report of a group having set a bonfire on Yirrell Beach. The police officers dispersed the group and firefighters extinguished the bonfire.

2120: Officers directed a homeowner on Main St. to keep down the noise at a loud party which was bothering neighbors.

2217: Officers returned again to the scene of the loud party on Main St. and informed the owners that they will be charged criminally for disturbing the peace if the officers have to return again.

Sunday, May 3

0234: Officers directed the resident in an apartment at 700 Governor’s Drive to turn down his music.

0728: Officers who responded to assist a senior citizen at Golden Drive with a potential mouse problem informed the resident that she needs to call an exterminator.

1129: An officer on directed patrol at Massa Playground issued a parking ticket to a MV that was parked in the crosswalk on Beacon St.

1236: A caller reported that trash was overflowing from the trash cans at the Public Landing.

1303: An officer directed the owner of a MV that was parked in violation of the parking regulations on Revere St. to move hr MV.

1422: A Park Ave. resident reported that a parked MV was blocking her driveway. As the tow truck was en route, the caller reported that she learned the MV in question belonged to her niece — she had been unaware that the niece had purchased a new car.

1458: Officers responded to a hit-and-run MVA on Hermon St. The officers will file a report.

1525: Officers responded to a report of a noise complaint involving the same parties at 900 Governor’s Park.

1725: An officer dispersed a group playing basketball on Trident Ave. and who were not wearing masks.

1821: Officers responded to a two-car MVA on Main St. at the bridge.

1910: An officer spoke to two persons who were operating scooters erratically on Shore Drive and gave them a verbal warning.

2056: Offiers responded to a report of a noise disturbance at 900 Governor’s Park involving the usual parties.

Monday, April 4

0604: A Locust St. resident reported that his MV had been struck and damaged overnight. The officer will file a report.

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