Police Blotter 04-16-2020

Monday, 3/30

Barbara Moore, Female party on Shirley St., asking for an ambulance to come to her house to give her an IV for back pain and dehydration. Female party did not want to go to the hospital.

Truck blocking traffic about 5 cars at full stop. Truck was moved and traffic flowed. Clear

DPW found a syringe on walkway near a trash barrel. DPW will stand by for an officer. Syringe was disposed in the sharp container.

Hit and run on a Jeep Grand Cherokee on Putnam Street.

Caller reports getting threatening messages from her landlord’s wife. This has been an ongoing issue and would like to press charges. Party was advised to send victim/statement to my email to set up a hearing. Informed landlord to cease the calls.

Caller reports male party black sweatshirt, scruffy beard was walking in the area. When the unit turned around the party took off. Units checked the area. Unable to locate subject.

Tuesday, 3/31

Woman came to the station to report her vehicle had been stolen.

Caller states white female in black capris and black jacket with grey hair seems confused. Well being check requested. Unit checking the area.

Caller reports a few people in the tennis courts is concerned due to the health crisis. Advising parties the town’s website a bout the parks being closed. Party leaving.

Well being check, male called in by his cousin. Family has not heard from him in several days. Unit made contact with the male party and he will call his cousin.

Ongoing Civil dispute between family members regarding who is not allowed on the father’s property who is currently in a rehab facility. Caller was advised to apply for a Vacate/Stay Away order.

Well being check on patient stating their glucose was low. Physician has since been unable to contact this party. Fire and EMS enroute. 50-year-old female with diabetic issued was transported to MGH.

Wednesday, 4/01

Caller states her daughter is out front with a dog that’s bleeding from the bottom. Police have the small dog and will meet up with animal control. Clear.

Report of a dog bite in parking lot of the middle school. Principle called in the dog bite.

Report of a house broken into. Contractors working on vacant house not suppose to go into house. Alpha 4 reports it is a vacant house, no one is living inside the house.

Party reports of a woman known to her came to her residence and started banging on her door and accusing her of past issues. Party left without further incidents. The caller wanted to have the incident logged into records.

Report of a cable wire ripped down by a tractor-trailer with Tennessee Trailer plate. No fire, no sparks. Unit spoke with the driver who was very cooperative. Driver provided his information and will be dealing with the damages directly with the homeowner.

Party called from out of state regarding an ongoing Civil dispute between her and her sister and brother. She was advised to consult her attorney.

Call by an employee of Mobile Gas Station stating a male party drinking alcohol in front of the store/parking lot. Black male wearing a blue jacket and jeans. Party acting up, unit responding, sending EMS for evaluation.

Alarm sounded at Lucky Garden Restaurant. Owner of restaurant is on scene requesting a police walk through due to the alarm. Business owner was advised officer did a check the perimeter and there were not signs of forced entry. Clear

Multiple parties fighting over keys to scooter. One party has a stick. Units clear verbal argument over who owns the scooter. Advised parties civil matter and now is not the time for an argument.

Thursday, 4/2

Worker at 7/11 states a male party in the parking lot in a white Chevy is asleep and would like him removed. Units spoke to party. He works at Fed-Ex was tired after a long shift. Units will follow him home to make sure he gets home safe.

Friday, 4/3

Received a call from state police, Short Beach will be closed for about 1 hour due to flooding.

Whole light is hanging above street hanging from electric wires, almost about to fall. State police stated DCR would be dispatched.

Party came into police headquarters to report her 22-year-old son has been missing since Tuesday evening. Son is in good health. Missing person entry cancelled.

Received a call from Harbormaster. They were receiving calls for a sailboat that was out on Snake Island. Boat empty. The Harbormaster will send someone out after the storm to go and retrieve it.

Party called stating she was being harassed by her landlord’s girlfriend via social media. She stated she was emailing the screenshots to Officer, as he had been the officer who was assisting her with this.

Saturday, 4/4

Small 4-door car parked in the outside of Gorman Elementary School where teachers doing donuts in the parking lot. Units checked entire area. Nothing showing upon arrival. Clear

White male, mid 30’s, is running around seems altered mental possibly. Last seen heading down Chamberlain Ave. Units clear. Male party is known and will be referred to Sierra 3.

10 kids or so down the park congregating. Units moved parties along.

Sunday, 4/5

Caller states her neighbor and that at said address there is loud music possibly a party going on. Units spoke to homeowners they will turn off the music for the night. Clear.

Caller states there is a raccoon on his neighbor’s roof. He’s concerned and would like an officer to notify the owner.

Caller reports that there are about 16 people in the parking lot hanging out, maybe bikers, ignoring social distance advisors.

Chocolate Lab only tags are dog license. Animal Control Officer is off duty and due to the current situation with the pandemic the dog isn’t being taken by officer. Party took the dog in and was advised that he could try to contact local shelters or kennels to take the dog.

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