Appreciation: Remembering Steve Honan

By Town Historian G. David Hubbard

Steve Honan (see right), a lifelong resident of our wonderful town, has always been very involved in many aspects of Winthrop’s activities.  Steve just passed away on March 31 and one of his most recent activities was to serve as Chairman of a Winthrop Improvement and Historical Association Committee to confirm the location of our 1775 colonial stone wall fort (see picture 2) at Point Shirley, built to protect Revolutionary War soldiers who stood behind it and shot at British sailing ships which tried to enter Boston Harbor thru Shirley gut, the open water channel which then existed between Point Shirley and Deer Island. Thanks to Steve, the location of this wall has been identified as having been just up the street from his home, in front of David Benoit’s home, and a rock marker, with a plaque on it to show where it had been located, was placed there (see picture 3).

Our thanks to Steve for his leadership in this activity and our condolences to his family.

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