Street Sweeping Starts Monday, April 13

The Town of Winthrop conducts Street Sweeping operations on the last full week of the month (last week with a Friday) from April through October between 7:00 AM and 4:00 PM on the day of a street’s trash collection.  If there is a holiday on the week sweeping would normally occur, sweeping is done a week early.

Town ordinance prohibits parking in a manner that impedes the street sweeper.  Violation of the street sweeping ordinance carries a $40.00 fine, and your vehicle can be towed.

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic we realize that many people are staying home, resulting in additional vehicles parked on the streets during the day.  Sweeping will continue as scheduled in order to remove debris accumulated on roadways from the winter months, increase safety and sanitation, and help keep our storm drains clear.  We are asking motorists who are able to remove vehicles from the streets on their scheduled sweeping day to do so.  But, due to the current public health concerns, tickets will not be issued for street sweeping violations at this time.  For information on why street sweeping is important, please click here.

The 2020 street sweeping dates are:

April 13-17* (week of the 13th) *one week early due to the Patriot’s Day holiday on April 20

May 18 to 22* (week of the 18th) *one week early due to the Memorial Day holiday on May 25

June 22-26 (week of the 22nd)

July  27-31 (week of the 27th)

Aug. 24-28 (week of the 24th)

Sep. 21-25 (week of the 21st)

Oct. 26-30 (week of the 26th)

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