Winthrop Marketplace Is Filling an Essential Need in These Trying Times

Did we ever imagine that shopping for groceries at our local market would become our primary social activity? Well, that is exactly the case at the Winthrop Marketplace on Revere Street these days.

Mark Wallerce and son Chris stand in front of part of their
well-stocked produce section on Tuesday.

“With people unable to go to restaurants or sporting events or clubs, the supermarket is connecting people,” said Marketplace owner Marc Wallerce in a recent interview.

Wallerce, his son Chris, and their team are working hard to keep their shelves stocked to make sure that they are meeting the food needs of their customers in these difficult days.

“We have 30 trucks a week bringing in product for our shelves ,” said Wallerce.

His son Chris added, “While we open at 8 a.m., we are restocking the shelves until 10 a.m. Usually the line starts forming at the door around 7:30 a.m.”

As the only supermarket in Winthrop, Wallerce and his staff take their job of providing food for the community’s needs very seriously. His staff has been wonderful, and they are grateful to the community for supporting them.  

“Our customers are wonderful,” Wallerce said. “I also am very lucky to have a great staff,” he added.

Marc Wallerce is no stranger to the food business, as owner of the Winthrop Marketplace for 20 years.

“This current situation is worse than a snowstorm. With a snowstorm, there is an end in sight, but this virus does not have an end yet,” said Wallerce, who also pointed out that he has his floors and surfaces cleaned daily.  

His view of the current crisis is that people are scared. “They just want to make sure that they have food and water,” he said.  

He urged people to heed the advice of Gov. Charlie Baker and President Donald Trump not to horde.  â€œEvery day, we have plenty of products coming in,” Wallerce said. He noted that there are more regular-type products, such as canned and frozen foods, as opposed to the unique products, in this time of a national emergency.

Wallerce added that he and his staff welcome questions about products from their customers, especially from the elderly.

Wallerce said the best advice that he can give to his customers is to come in and be patient. “Take what you need, and if you do not see something, please ask our staff. We are still getting deliveries every day with essential items.”

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