Police Blotter 03-19-2020

Motor vehicle hit and run, party pulled over and the vehicle that hit her was a white SUV that took off. Person flagged down officer who was on a detail.

Officer on detail was approached by a party who stated he hit another vehicle, very minor.

Caller from West Roxbury hospital stated their patient had an appointment and never showed up. He was talking to the nurse the day before and stated he didn’t feel well and was dizzy. They want to make sure he is ok. Police requesting fire. Male being transported to MGH.

Party came into police headquarters to report that somebody had stolen her handicap placard from her parked motor vehicle.

Caller reported seeing a syringe behind Cummings School. Officer retrieved the syringe and will dispose of it.

Officer flagged down by a male party that looked injured. Male party is someone police have been dealing with over the past couple of days; party was transported to the Whidden Intoxicated.

Call in by AAA 2011 Ford Escape in the middle of the road. Brakes gave out while driving using their e-brake blocking traffic. Unit arrived vehicle was pushed off to the side of the road.

Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon on Morris Street in East Boston.

White male, black hair, black sweatshirt, and jeans, looking into people’s houses. Officers requesting medical. Intoxicated male party transported to Whidden. Units Clear

Tuesday, March 3

Caller states a black motor vehicle hit a stop sign, did a “burnout” and took off.

Person states dead animal in the middle of street, will notify ALC1 and DPW. Animal was picked up and placed on the sidewalk.

Called in by a passerby reporting a two-car motor vehicle accident with air bag deployment. G&J notified. Unit reports while doing inventory on the vehicle he found a glass of red wine by the driver’s seat, he will be mailing her a citation for opened container. Units clear.

Wednesday, March 4

Caller states he is at work in Boston, but saw a man on his home camera walk into his backyard. Older man with blondish hair, partially bald. Clear, nothing is showing.

Thursday, March 5

White male wearing a Roof King black shirt, red hat, he’s slamming things, screaming located on the side of house that’s under construction on Underhill Street. Male party in question was located at Twist and Shake. Male party has disabilities; there is another male party with him now.

Male party reporting illegal dumping in front of his house on sidewalk in a large bio paper bag. Older female left the area. No illegal dumping, bag blew onto person’s property. Clear

40-foot truck SYSCO truck, bottom of Pearl Avenue blocking the roadway. Unit speaking to the driver. Truck is leaving.

Multiple parties fighting on Shirley Street. Two witnesses said all parties left the scene.

Party wearing sweatshirt ringing doorbell to sell, nobody has registered at the station to do so. Green Peace Organization.

Friday, March 6

DPW worker at Winthrop Cemetery on scene reporting finding three syringes located in the middle of the road and on Bowden Street near a bush. Officer has those items in a container. Clear

Police assist Fire Department for a person having a seizure. Male party being transported to MGH.

Unit was flagged down by a bus driver. Possible breaking and entering to the Little League Field. The SRO came out also. Three young parties came out and identified themselves and stated they were inside. Units doing a walk-through to make sure there is no damage. The parties will point out the area they entered to the SRO.

Anonymous party called stated that party driving around town unwell. Check in well-being.

Called in by a passerby by stating that there is a tree down in the middle of the road on Revere Street going towards Crest Avenue. DPW being notified.

Saturday, March 7

Motor vehicle stop for Hands Free Law.

Unit radioed into control to advise that he spoke to the owner of the car wash on Main Street. He understands that it is out of his control, but there is a mass of cars overflowing onto the road, and he was inquiring on how to divert traffic.

Reporting party came to station to report a possible scam. He stated a male party in a Dodge truck sold him a surround-sound system that was of far greater value than he paid for it. Wanted incident documented.

Female party came in to report package thefts from her porch on Shirley Street.

Sunday, March 8

Male party came in to return unused ammunition.

Caller states two males, carrying a black bag and walking towards the cliffs. Caller stated the two males possibly arrived in a gray/blue Volkswagen with a third male sitting in the car. Apparently the caller found all this suspicious. Units checked area and found nothing out of the ordinary.

Caller says drunk male won’t leave building on Shore Drive. Party has been removed form the area. Landlord is worried he might come back. Unit checking area to locate the subject to make the party aware he is not welcomed back. Party called back and stated that the party was hiding in the bathroom. Medical was requested by the units. Party being transported to the Whidden for alcohol-related issues.

Monday, March 9

Injured raccoon limping behind the EB Newton School. Revere ALC1 has raccoon. Clear.

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