Police Blotter 03-12-2020

Monday, Feb. 24

Unresponsive female party called in by Action. Female is okay. Units clear.

Party came into police headquarters to report receiving threats from a family member. After the RP filled out a victim/witness statement, it became apparent that the alleged incident occurred in another jurisdiction and did not constitute a criminal threat.

Officer waved down by a citizen stating her vehicle was struck on Golden Drive and the other vehicle involved took off. Officer located the vehicle and its operator. Minimal damage. Paperwork exchanged. Units clear.

Party reports getting into a minor MVA with a female party. He gave her his information, but she left prior to giving him hers. He wanted it logged in that he was not accused of a hit and run.

Operator of scooter driving with no helmet. Verbal warning for no helmet. Party showed a permit that was still active.

Tuesday, Feb. 25

Report of two dogs near the high school. Dogs are in and out of the roadway. Unit searched entire area. No dogs found. Clear.

Reports Bartlett Road, from Pleasant Street, to Orlando closed due to trench in the road. Will get emergency vehicles down if needed.

Female party reporting two dogs are barking for 45 minutes. Caller wanted to remain anonymous. Caller would like an officer to go by. Unfounded, no dogs barking at all. Clear.

Male party walked into the station to report a past incident. He stated he was struck by a vehicle while crossing the street but informed the operator that he was okay. He went to the Winthrop Health Center for minor scrapes and bruises. Report to follow.

Caller stating there is a Louis Vuitton bag on her porch that does not belong to her. She would like an officer to come by and retrieve it. Unit clear. No ID in the bag. Unit will bring the bag to the station.

Wednesday, Feb. 26

Hit and run occurred, an MBTA bus hit the driver side mirror on Hermon Street. Vehicle is not at residents caller was advised to call back when vehicle is back at residents.

Reporting party states that she has reported several incidents of lewd and harassing phone calls in the past and received two more calls. Advised to contact her phone carrier’s security department to inquire as to her options.

Male and female arguing. He ripped the papers out of her hands, and she grabbed his shirt, and he dragged her up the street. Both parties known to officers, verbal over some mail all civil issue. Parties do not want to pursue further. Clear.

Person states a Paul Revere bus hit her vehicle and did not stop. She is now home from work and would like to speak to an officer.

Thursday, Feb. 27

Cross/Almont was blocked off due to fire trying to secure wires.

Resident called to report that vehicles in her area of Buchanan Street travel at a high rate of speed especially in the morning. Police will do a DP of the area.

Person states female outfront of his house looking for his son. He wants her off his property. Female party left before units arrived.

Female caller reporting three trucks blocking the street and no vehicles can pass. Detail on Summit Avenue.

Female party came in to request a restraining order against her brother and nephew. The incident occurred in East Boston. She stated her relatives live in California. She was advised to go to East Boston Court to request if the order will be granted.

Female party unresponsive paramedics administrating CPR. Fire on scene. Transported to Whidden Hospital

Winthrop Public Library, two-male parties were out out front damaging the railing they have since left. Employee would like to speak to an officer.

Saturday, Feb. 29

Caller states her neighbors upstairs are banging non stop. Apartment has 2 small children, nothing extreme was advise to quiet down. Clear. Peace restored.

Assist fire with 2-year-old injuries from fall. Minor injuries.

Caller works at Honey Dew and a customer asked to use the bathroom, which is out of order so he proceeded to go outside and urinate. He is now inside and will not leave. Party left willingly for unit. Party possibly has dementia.

Caller found a child outside wandering around with no shoes or coat. He said he was looking for his mother, caller has him in her apartment would like a unit. Child reunited with grandmother.

Sunday, March 1

Unresponsive female fire and EMS enroute. 33-year-old female overdose, transported to MGH alert and responsive, 4 mg of Narcan administered. Unit clear.

Caller states for the past five weeks he has had four flat tires due to nails. He wanted it noted.

White male party wearing dark baggy clothes pacing around outside, screaming to himself, going in and out of his vehicle. He is down toward the end of Sea Foam Avenue Units unable to locate the subject. Clear

Caller states her first floor neighbor is making a lot of noise. Medical aid for a female party possible altered mental. Female was transported to MGH.

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