Police Blotter 03-05-2020

Monday, Feb. 17

Party rep orts a Hispanic heavyset male knocked on her door regarding laundry. She spoke to him through the door and informed him he most likely had the wrong address. He left. She was advised an officer would check the area and attempt to identify the individual.

Vehicle parked for a week at the landing, unit checked on vehicle, came back revoked registration, being towed by G/J.

Female party being harassed by her neighbors. Both parties have been spoken to, advised to stay away from each other.

Two youths on dirt bikes riding through the graveyard. Unit saw them heading to Revere on the bikes through Belle Isle Marsh.

Male party wearing a black jacket, Patriots winter hat looking into cars. Spoke to reporting party, unit will canvas the area.

Tuesday, Feb. 18

Store owner reports two white men walked in at between 11-12:30 p.m. sated that they were form the IRS and asked him about his taxes. He found it to be suspicious so called in to report incident.  He was advised not to share any information and to call for assistance.

Caller states two men came to her house, one male tall,, hark hair, dark leather jacket, second dark skinned, 5’8”, dark curly hair and mustache. Stated they were doing a follow-up on the status of an online purchase of child safety kit. Men stated they were from International Police. The left in a  red sedan. Officers spoke to calling party and game them subjects business ca rd, he works for a child safety program, finger printing and such. Officer called and left a message for him to contact them.

Wednesday, Feb. 19

Scooter occupied. All juveniles will stand by and wait for family to pick them up. G/J towed scooter. Operation is getting a citation for helmet violation. Verbal warning for scooter being unlicensed and unregistered.

Caller reports neighbors cellar door is open and she knows the neighbor is not home. Units report apartment is empty and nothing looks to be missing. Units secured the door.

Received two calls from state 911 stating they received a call from a man asking for police at the Speedway. Party showed a handgun. Language barrier. Male party 6-feet tall,  tattoo on left side of face, nose ring, white hoodie heading towards Malden with Lottery tickets, money and blunt wraps. Malden and State Police notified and responding to the area.

Thursday, Feb. 20

Dark colored Ford Explorer SUV seen driving around area of River Road and Lewis Avenue, for 20 minutes stopping and looking into vehicles. Units searched the area and located SUV dropping off papers.

Governors Park Condo (tenant versus tenant), female caller stating apartment keeps banging on ceiling at 3 a.m., ongoing issue. Advised party to call when its actually happening. Calling party wanted it noted.

Received a BOLO out of East Boston, party fled East Boston court. Female party color white, reddish hair, traveling with another white female party also with reddish color hair. Winthrop units were advised. Female was being Section 35 and fled the courthouse.

Caller informed station of a group of about ten kids going around ringing doorbells and running.

Caller states that there is a skunk in the area under a truck and wanted police to respond. Police not able to do anything about the skunk.

Reports of a male inside his room by himself yelling. Party has a warrant out of Revere for destruction of property also probation violation. Subject placed in custody and transported to MGH for evaluation for drug use.

Friday, Feb. 21

Citizens Bank ATM alarm panel tamper. Called in by alarm company through Citizens Bank. Detailed officer was nearby and stated this is ongoing with tamper alarms coming in. Units clear.

Male party issued a ticket for handicapped parking. Citation issued $300 parking in handicapped spot.

Door at Cummings School opened. Units are checking doors around the building. Units went inside, checked levels of the school. Also went around the interior and closed the door that was opened. Alarms are still going off. Janitor is enroute to reset the alarm.

Caller states a male party walking around Overlook Drive trying to gain access into the buildings checking door handles, white male wearing a yellow jacket. Units checked the area. Nothing showing. Officer spoke with caller whom stated th at male party was incoherent and mumbling when he tried to speak with him.

Caller states a young  male, around 23 or 24, with reddish hair, asking about her house since it was recently purchased. She said he was wearing an official town of Winthrop badge of some sort and she invited him into the house and he was looking about. After her husband and mother came home they found this story suspicious. Officer said that no one had checked in with the police department and will dispatch units once they clear from a higher priority call.

Officer called in a hit and run that occurred around 7-7:30 p.m. The victim’s car was hit by a Black Lexus SUV. Happened in front of the Pizza Center.

Party came into police station to report that a “Slow Caution Children” traffic sign was taken from his front porch.

Reporting party came into police headquarters to report that his girlfriend has been verbally abusive over the past few months due to certain medication she is on. He would like this fact documented as he fears that it may get physical. He does not wish to pursue charges at this time.

Unit flagged down to report of a hypo needle on Annavoy Street  by First telephone pole coming into Winthrop.

Female party reporting female driver driving on the wrong side of the road, passing the police department near Meat Market.

Unit out investigating house on Revere Street, Owner burning wood, a lot of smoke and flames seen. Fire notified. Owner had it almost out before fire arrived, Fire stating on scene until it’s out. Units clear.

Report of an injured hawk that cannot fly. Contaced wildlife police who stated the bird maybe must coming down to rest, if its there for more than 24 hours they will come out.

Miller Field by the rear entrance, Little League field, looks like kids forced there way into the buses back entrance. Broke into the baseball field concession stand. No major damage done.

Caller reports vehicle driving into Winthrop via Main Street driving erratically, driving over the lines and sleeping behind wheel at stop light. Last seen in front of Odyssey Grill. Units searching the entire area, nothing showing. Units will remain in the area and search for motor vehicle.

 Sunday, Feb. 23

Caller reports son’s car was vandalized with so up and some damage to the vehicle. Vehicle has what appears to be canned soup poured on the hood and windshield. Report to follow.

Unit states there was a minor fender bender at the drive thru at entrance/exit of Dunkin’ (Donuts) on Main Street. No injuries, parties exchanged paper work.

Calling party reports an injured hawk has been in the tree in his backyard over 24 hours. Both Environmental and Wildlife have been notified.

Party came into police headquarters relative to a disturbance which had just occurred at CVS. According to the reporting party, she is responsible for the health of her elderly mother. Her sister, a manager at CVS, has been withholding her medication. When the reporting party confronted her, it led to loud argument inside the store.

Multiple calls complaining of a loud house party on Shirley Street, on the second floor. Caller states this is an ongoing issue. Units spoke to owners of the residence who were advised to shut the music off and call it a night.

Monday, Feb. 24

Motor vehicle stop for (hands-free law). Party has been advised of the new law. Units clear.

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