School District Announces Budget Freeze

As the Winthrop Teacher Association negotiations come to a close, the district is looking ahead to six more unioms that are due to be negotiated, however; Superintendent Lisa Howard announced that there will be a temporary freeze on the budget.

“We feel strongly that we have to put a freeze on anything that isn’t currently budgeted for,” said Howard. “If there is a need, we can look at it on an individual basis. Until we can get our hands firmly wrapped around all the changes from the recent negotiations, we feel that it is important to do this.”

The school district’s attorney, Paul Hodnett, is currently working with the Massachusetts Teacher Association to establish completion dates for the remaining negotiations which include: nurses, secretaries, custodians, cafeteria staff, Education Support Personnel (ESP), and administration. The negotiations are in the process of being scheduled with the School Committee in early March.

“Once sub committees are established, we can set dates and hopefully they will move quickly and easily,” said Howard.

A budget freeze is a common practice and is typically temporary in nature. The district’s last temporary freeze was during the 2018-2019 school year.

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