Kate’s Corner: Longtime Resident Awaits Kidney Match

When Rich Currier Jr. talks about his five granddaughters, his eyes light up and a smile spreads across his face. This adoration is what is fueling his strength and positive outlook as he waits to receive a call with news that he has a kidney match. Seven years ago, when Currier was diagnosed with diabetes, he went on a medication that would later lead to Chronic End Stage Kidney Disease and one week ago, the longtime Winthrop resident passed the last of his tests, which earned him a spot on the kidney transplant list.

Rich Currier Jr. in his home on Somerset Avenue.

“Organ donations are so important and they give patients a second chance at life,” said Currier. “I want to live to see my granddaughters grow up.”

After dedicating his life to raising his two sons, and running a specialty food business, Currier is hoping to spend his remaining years with his five granddaughters, Gabriella (13), Mia (12), Audra (8), Mattie (4) and Caroline (2).

While the search for the right kidney match with an O positive blood type has just begun, Currier remains positive and uses the strength of his family and friends.

“My family and friends mean everything to me and all I can do is stay positive.”

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