Police Blotter 01-16-2020

Monday, Dec. 30, 2019

Party came into the station to report that her car was broken into and her keys were stolen. Additionally she believes that whoever did this placed some sort of monitoring device in the vehicle. She stated several other instances of harassment by co-workers. Advised by detective that whereas the incidents occurred at work she would need to make an initial report with MSP.

Party called to report that her gas cap was stolen off her vehicle sometime overnight.

Calling party wishes to speak with police regarding strange actions by neighbors. Caller is concerned because party in question drove past his driveway, down a hill into his backyard. All units clear, searched the house. No one is home. Police had to gain entry through the basement window.

Party left a voicemail on one of the detective’s phones stating she was not feeling well. 91 requested medical.

Caller states her neighbor is making a lot of noise. K9 spoke to both parties all clear.

Tuesday, Dec. 31, 2019

Caller stating he’s called his mother and every time she picks up the phone she doesn’t speak. States his mother does fall a lot and he’s worried for her well being. 92 spoke to party, she is well, her phone got disconnected.

Party came into the station to report that they were turning onto Lowell Road from Pleasant Street and a blue pickup truck that was turning onto Pauline Street from Pleasant Street struck her vehicle and kept driving. A witness furnished the registration to the reporting party. A registry query of the registration came back to a party in Winthrop. W92 responded and the party would not come to the door. Criminal complaint for leaving the scene/property damage.

Wednesday, Jan. 1

Vehicle parked party-way in her driveway, part-way in the street. Vehicle has been towed.

Caller from Florida states she has no word from her sister after multiple phone calls. Newspaper left outside, haven’t heard from her since last night, very unusual. Female party was home seemed ok, was told to give her sister a call.

Caller states there is a car parked out front with three people in the car. They’ve been parked for sometime. Did not have a description of the vehicle other than a sedan. Driver told to move or park in front of his own house.

Thursday, Jan. 2

Officer reports juveniles in the vehicle attempting to locate the parent. Units made contact with the mother they are enroute, juveniles had the vehicle without the parent’s knowledge. Juvenile was released to his parents.

Officer states alarm is sounding at a home on Court Road, but all windows and doors are secured. Officer spoke to neighbor that has contact information for the home owner and will contact him.

Person states large man hole cover missing in the vicinity of Argyle Street. No man hole cover missing, large potholes.

Caller states her mom’s employer won’t pay her mother. Dad is also on scene. This is employers home, mom and dad went to get paid, but employer won’t pay them. Spoke to all parties, civil issue, advised to go to court.

Caller states her downstairs neighbor is harassing her by swearing at her about a parking spot. Ongoing issue. Argument between tenants. Harassment order.

Friday, Jan. 3

Caller states his son just broke up with his girlfriend concerned for his well being. Unit clear. Party is in good health. Forced entry was made and there was damage done to the door.

Saturday, Jan. 4

Caller states her neighbor has a construction company doing work on their home and one of the trucks is blocking her driveway, she is nine months pregnant and may have to leave asap. MV moved.

Well being check on mother. Social worker is heading back to property now.  Daughter is concerned. Female party is fine, she thought it was a neighbor knocking at her door that she’s been disputing with. Units clear.

Motor vehicle stopped moped occupied two times. Unlicensed operation. Licensed operator took possession of moped. Operator will be summoned in for unlicensed operation and no helmet violation.

Female party came in to report her roommate who she rented a room said she was moving out today but has not left. Party was advised to go to East Boston Court to set up eviction process. Also advised to call police should anything be physical with her roommate.

Caller states a white van pulled up slowly as she was walking her dog at corner of Fairview and Morton streets. Unit reports checked the area and nothing showing. Will loop around.

Sunday, Jan. 5

Caller states her Uber driver has not left her home, parked outside for 30 minutes. Silver Prius. Unit reports the male party was waiting for another fair. He left area.

State Police called asking for a unit to go by looking for person operating a silver drone, flying approximately 1,000-1,200 towards Logan Airport from the Deer Island Area. Unit states nothing showing in the area will continue to look further.

Caller states there was a male, heavyset, beige jacket, black pants, blue hat, backpack. States he was staring at her and her child. Person states the man was walking towards the skateboard area and was staring at another child, but child ran away, no weapons. Units were unable to find anyone matching that description.

Caller states they are in the process of moving out. The landlord won’t let him go back inside to the apartment. The landlord is on scene. Caller wants to speak to an officer. Units spoke to landlord, landlord states the tenant has moved out already. Landlord was advised to speak to his lawyer. Civil issue.

Monday, Jan. 6

Caller stated a white male party wearing red pants and black shirt knocking at door saying he’s missing someone. He then took off in a silver motor vehicle no make or model given. Units checked the area, nothing matched the description. Units clear.

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