Police Blotter 01-09-2020

Monday, Dec. 23

Town Hall employee reports young child waiting outside Cummings School, which is closed for Christmas break. The child brought to the station where contact was made with his uncle who picked up the child.

Vehicle on Wave Way was hit at some point over-night.

Call in for a notification of a hit-and-run on Prospect Ave.

Caller states there is a coyote behind their townhouse. Police checked, nothing showing.

Caller states her neighbor has been harassing her. He is putting shovels in front of the home. He’s been yelling and screaming at her today. She is at Honeydew and is walking home. She is afraid to go home. Ongoing issue. Will meet police at her home. Units clear spoke to both parties. It’s a civil matter will work it out with the landlord.

Caller states she is house sitting for her sister in law and states her sister-in-law’s father was just released from the Whidden on a section and he has abused the cat and has been argumentative. Units state clear individual was cooperative voluntary to the MGH. No evidence of animal abuse.

Caller states that her daughter was having a seizure  but was coming out of it while on the line and then said they did not need medical. Dispatch had her confirm at least two more times and they denied medical each time.

Tuesday, Dec. 24

Caller states someone keeps ringing their doorbell. Units checked area – nothing showing.

Party came in to station for assistance regarding a Civil Probate Order.

Party reports she thinks someone is leaving nips near her motor vehicle. She does not want to do a report, but wants in on file.

Two cars hit each other inside car wash on Main Street. Both parties declined medical.

Elderly male party injuries from fall located on porch. RP said she helped him up but he seemed like he had a hard time walking. He did not want EMS but is now sitting down on a chair. Fire and Medical on route.

Party reports she is on he way to her minor son and his phone is not turned on and would like a well-being check as she is unable to contact him. Contacted the step mother and the child is with her at the store. Child states he doesn’t want to go home with his mother.

Female party walked into the station to report for a second time receiving harassing phone calls from a blocked number. She has contacted her service provider and will report to police.

Loud house party on Bellevue Avenue Units spoke to the parties – they are going to keep it down for the night. Units clear.

Wednesday, Dec. 25

Worker came in and saw that the glass was broken on the property. Units will speak to the owner.

Two-car accident. Operator of Toyota was given citation in hand for unlicensed operation. Proper licensed driver took motor vehicle off scene. All parties refused medical.

Party locked out of house. Fire/police made entry.

Caller states dogs have been outside barking for about 40 minutes. Units spoke to party and they will bring in the dog.

Caller states her husband and another driver were verbally arguing – one of the drivers were high-beaming them. Silver SUV Dodge Derango took off towards Revere St. Units on route.

Thursday, Dec. 26

Alarm going off from a house on Lincoln Street, for over half an hour and no resident has shut it off.  Police made contact with the owner of the vehicle.

Caller is complaining of the women who lives next door leaving notes about people parking in her driveway. Woman states there was a similar issue. After the complaint, there were nails set out under the vehicle tires. Spoke to calling party who was advised the matter was of a civil nature. Caller was also advised to get cameras in order to catch the damage being done to her vehicle.

Caller states male party keyed his car at a red light as well as punched and spit on the vehicle. He states he wishes to press charges for the damage done to his vehicle. Vehicle was last seen heading down Winthrop Parkway. Toward Revere Beach from Winthrop. Per Police party was contacted and told to come to the station at his convenience to speak to the front-desk officer.

Calling party states there is a black vehicle in the parking lot on Main Street; inside are two male parties who urinated outside of vehicle.

Friday, Dec. 27

Female party states small white motor vehicle driving erratic, she was walking 20 minutes prior.

Husband came out and found his wife’s glass on her windshield was hit.

Party came in to report she and her pregnant daughter were struck by a motor vehicle while crossing the street. Medical response offered to both parties. Calling party declined and her daughter went home and was contacting her doctor.

Two young girls found an unattended dog. Owner contacted and will respond to the lobby and pick her up. Owner retrieved the dog.

Saturday, Dec. 28

Caller complaining downstairs neighbor is making a lot of noise and keeping people awake. Police went there at 1:30 a.m. She hasn’t stopped banging and yelling.

Male party reported to be walking toward Water Tower. Possibly altered mental state. Units searched entire area, negative search, unable to locate male party.

Two car accident no injuries.

Caller is requesting a well-being check on her sister. She hasn’t spoke to her sister in about five days. She has tried calling her with no response. She has health issues. Made contact party is having problem with phone.

Sunday, Dec. 29

Calling party states she spoke to her friend last night and he stated he could not get together because he was not feeling well (coughing up blood and also has a trachea). He refused to go to hospital. Calling party is unable to reach her friend today. Officer spoke to male party he’s fine, clear.

Caller states she feels someone broke into her unit when she went for a walk, her pocketbook is missing. Units state small pocketbook missing.

Party came to the station to inquire if anyone has turned in a wallet.

Party came into report her 2017 Nissan missing. Stolen report was sent out. Motor vehicle was later found to have been towed by A& to City Wide in Charlestown. Stolen entry cancelled and owner notified of vehicles whereabouts and told she needed to go to A7 to obtain a release.

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