Police Blotter 01-02-2020

Monday, Dec. 16

A 41-year-old male in a altered mental status. Party does not appear safe. Called in by Social Worker.

Tuesday, Dec. 17

Party came in to report someone entered her unlocked motor vehicle and stole a minimum amount of change.

Party called to request assistance regarding her daughter. A victim/witness form was emailed to her. She will complete it and return it.

Caller states his vehicle was hit by another vehicle that left.

Caller stated she was waiting to have company drop off a fridge and the caller states the worker called his boss and said she hit him. After speaking to officer – it is a misunderstanding.

Party came to the station to report a package missing from her porch. Party reports that the company delivered the package on Nov. 20. Package was seen by the first-floor residents as delivered but when party returned after being away the package was gone.

Wednesday, Dec. 18

Party came in to report his identity has been compromised. Report submitted.

Woman came into station for assistance with a child safety seat. Seat was installed and inspected.

Person is disabled and wanted to report sidewalk in front of this residence was not shoveled.

Caller states he would like a well-being check on his mother. He was on the phone with her and the phone went dead. Female is fine, and she will call her son back.

Citation issued for an unregistered vehicle, with tinted windows, expired registration and verbal for the other infraction.

Well-being check on father in law not answering the door. Car is in driveway, lights are off, dog is barking. Caller said he has been there for a while banging on the door and is very concerned. Person called back stating father in law opened the door.

Thursday, Dec. 19

All businesses are closed for the night. All is quiet.

Homeless party in the ATM, male with blankets, concerned for well-being. 91 transporting party to Orient Heights.

Party reports she is a nurse and thinks a family member just stole her iPad with all her patients information. Police spoke to party and got the tablet back.

Two-car motor vehicle accident across from Expert Auto. White Mazda and Chrysler van. No Injuries.

Party called to report neighbor’s windows have been open for 24 hours. Afraid for well-being. 92 Spoke with party everything is ok.

Passenger in vehicle was filming officers while at a motor vehicle stop, along with saying a few choice words to officers.

Caller states an older model Silver RAV 4 is following. Caller is scared to go home. Vehicle has been following her for 20 minutes. Female party stated vehicle stopped following her. She is going home.

Friday, Dec. 20

Caller states his neighbor has been playing loud music since 9 p.m. and it is still ongoing. Units clear. Unfounded.

Anonymous caller reports there is a male party causing a noise disturbance by throwing things into the bed of his truck. Units made aware and will check. Noise was due to cold engine attempting to warm up.

Man’s car door was open and stuff was thrown around and his wallet was stolen.

Hit and run. Female caller will be at her home to receive police. Her vehicle was parked out front of her address.

MV crash at the intersection outside of the station. All units responding. No serious injuries bother operators shaken up.

Engine 1 requesting to move a motor vehicle they cannot get by due to the vehicle being in the way. The vehicle has been tagged.

Football field behind the high school has a group of kids. The gates were left open. Vehicles drove away from the field as the 91 was pulling up to the scene. Group of teenagers went into the stadium to just run around.

Saturday, Dec. 21

Verbal argument between a cab driver and a patron about a fare. Fare has been paid all parties involve satisfied.

Dumpster fell off truck and is in the middle of Revere Street Unit reports there is space for traffic to pass.

Female party walked into station to report harassing call from her boyfriend and would like to make contact with the boyfriend to advise him to stop all contact with her. She will return to file a complaint if she continues to receive calls.

Party came in to report harassing texts from her ex-husband in New Hampshire concerning child support and visitation with his daughter. She wants this logged so that she can seek a harassment order.

Party came into report he was involved in a minor vehicle accident in the Dunkin’ (Donuts) parking lot. Both parties exchanged information.

Male party wearing a hat and has a gray beard and a dark winter coat laying on the ground and then jumped up and walked off.

Person would like to report a wallet she left on the bus. Units will check with bus driver.

Male party knocking randomly on doors. Party off to the Whidden. Male party is homeless.

Sunday, Dec. 22

Caller states neighbor is playing loud music. Caller also states the party may have a scanner because when an officer goes in area, he turns it down.

Caller complains construction workers making too much noise. 92 states they spoke to workers.

Male party of legal age, store employee believes he is purchasing alcohol for a minor.

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