Police Blotter 12-12-2019

Monday, Nov. 25

Party has a rental car for a few weeks and needed a parking pass for rental.

Party called to report she received a call from the Winthrop Police and was instructed to turn herself in or contact U.S. Legal Support regarding a lawsuit. She was advised that it’s a scam and the Police would not be phoning you regarding any alleged civil lawsuits.

Party dropped off a set of keys she found in the Pleasant Street area. Entered into Lost/Found.

Party came in to report his motor vehicle was stuck while parked and unattended in the area in front of 203 Main St. He wasn’t sure of when it occurred but noticed it today.

Male veteran sounds distressed. Fire and EMS requested. Units reports best interest to get party checked out, but he is refusing. Girlfriend on her way to attempt to get him into ambulance. No luck, party advised to call back if anything changes.

Caller states he saw a male party walking down the street carrying a stick. Units unable to locate the male party.

A silver Mercedes is blocking the fire hydrant and has been parked there for 2 hours, ongoing issue.

Party came in to claim her property, which was turned in earlier in the day. Property consisted of a set of keys.

Caller stated her rear window was smashed in. Nothing was taken form her motor vehicle.

Tuesday, Nov. 26

2-car motor vehicle accident at the car wash, no injuries, motor vehicle driver is uncooperative in exchanging papers.

Caller states there is a gray Honda Civic that is overhanging his driveway for the past 10 days. Not impeding driveway in anyway no citation will be issued. Unit clear.

Wednesday, Nov. 27

Defendant of an active 209A requesting assistance retrieving his medication from the Plaintiff’s residence. Plaintiff contacted and will drop it off at Headquarters. Plaintiff informed he can pick it up once it’s dropped off.

Caller reported male inside the Mobil station, giving the employee a hard time. Party left before unit arrived. Only description was that the male was wearing a blue shirt.

Winthrop Lodge stating a scam call from National Grid calling to inform them they owe $4,000 and if its not paid the lights will be shut off.

Caller states there is an MBTA bus parked on Sunnyside Ave. running for at least an hour with no one inside. Unit called back caller and stated the driver is in the vehicle taking a break. No action required.

Thursday, Nov. 28

The manager at Crystal Cove Marina reports windows were broken last night. Officer spoke to persons whom did not know when the windows had been broke; it could have occurred any time between 4 p.m. on the prior day and then. No way of knowing if it was broken by a person and there is no one available to run the surveillance tape until Monday.

Person called stating, he heard a loud boom sounding like a transformer in the vicinity, he went outside and everyone had lights. Officer noted it and explained he no other calls in regard.

Caller stated there was a dog outside all day. Worried for its well-being. One of the neighbors showed up and stated they were a caretaker for the house and let the animals inside.

Friday, Nov. 29

Caller states his car has been stolen at his home address; the vehicle is a grey 2018 Chevy Malibu. Motor vehicle not stolen, son moved it. No report needed.

Party reports that he is being harassed over the Internet over a business dealing. He also states he received another anonymous threat on twitter threatening him to pay them $1,000.00 by Dec. 1. He wanted it logged and may seek harassment order.

Party would like to report someone hit his camper. Found party that hit camper, exchanged paper work.

Motor vehicle drove through barriers toward police officer while setting up for three lightening. Driver will be cited.

Tonight the reporting party states that he opened a rear door for his brother and his brother began yelling about repairs to the home. He further stated that his brother’s angry tone put his wife and friend in fear. Verbal only. This behavior has been escalating recently. I advised the reporting party of his rights to an emergency restraining order and he chose to hold off at this time but will call if another incident transpires this weekend.

Report of 25 people fighting inside and outside bar on Woodside Ave. Officer stated everyone has been cleared out – they all declined medical as well.

Saturday, Nov. 30

Caller would like a wellness check on her friend. She has not been able to get in touch with him in over a week. Medical was there last week and he refused transport. No one is answering the door. Fire made one try with a key. No one is in the residence. Male party was transported on Thanksgiving morning. Calling party will be notified.

Party came to the station regarding a tenant who was supposed to move out by today via a court agreement. Party was advised that police don’t get involved in evictions. Party was advised to return to the court.

Walk-in stating there is a male party lying on the grass in the vicinity. States he has no shoes or socks and is with a small child. Officer reports kids playing football.

Walk in hit and run report at station. Unit states hit-and-run happened at Magee’s Corner. Detectives will follow up.

Sunday, Dec. 1

Dog swimming inside the water won’t come back. Just about to put out water rescue and the dog came back to the owner.

Syringe in parking lot on Pauline Street, Units properly disposed of syringe.

Male party wearing a hoodie drinking and urinating out front. Caller has stated that male party left the scene and she want to cancel.

Male party calling to say that he locked himself out of his house and wanted the Police’s assistance to get back in the house. He was advised that the police do not have the tools to do so and to call a locksmith.

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