Police Blotter 12-05-2019

Monday, Nov. 18

Party came in to report fraud committed on him by his ex-girlfriend who had taken out credit cards in his name. He has filed with the credit card companies, and they are investigating.

Female party wanted a slush and went to help herself, cashier told her she could not help herself and they started arguing. Party was advised not to go back into store.

Party called to inquire about getting his things back from a female party who has a 209a against him. He was informed to go to Winthrop headquarters and speak with an officer.

Male party with Michigan license is coming in. Vehicle is legally pared on Grandview and will be staying there for the night.

Person arrested for possessing Class B and Class E drugs.

Tuesday, Nov. 19

Uber driver having an issue with his costumer. Will not stop driving. Language barrier. Matter has been resolved. Unit will be transporting two male parties to the intersection of Lincoln and Winthrop and they will walk home from there.

Party called that someone broke into her car. She will come to Winthrop Police Department to file a report after work.

Hit and run overnight of a Honda Civic.

Complaint of neighbor throwing trash on property. Officer spoke to neighbor to inform other party not to put her trash into the recycling bin.

Female party walked into station to report three passports were stolen from her vehicle.

Caller states her car was in a hit and run. 2018 Range Rover, White. Caller stated possible a white Chrysler hit her. Bumper is damaged.

Party went to police station, she did not want to pull into her apartment complex, vehicle stopped following her. She stated they were recording her and saying that she flipped them off. Female party is home safe. Unit clear.

Wednesday, Nov. 20

Caller stated she can see a male party at her front door through the bell camera – she does not know who it is – she will be waiting outside until police arrive. Caller showed up on scene and informed officers that the male party made entry to the home. There were people doing work on the home but they are not authorized to be there at this time. Units spoke to party with assistance of a translator due to language barrier. Party was advised by his boss he was permitted to work on the house at this time but the boss did not relay this to the homeowner. Homeowner checked the house nothing is missing. Units clear.

Thursday, Nov. 21

Police received voicemail stating that the Winthrop Police was investigating him for a homicide and to call back the attached number. Caller was advised WPD did not contact him and did not offer any information to this number. Attempted to call number back and went directly to voicemail.

Fire Medical enroute. Just Fire, male is conscious and alert. Fire made entry no damage, party is alert.

Motor vehicle accident with injury air bag deployment. Possible entrapment.  G/J notified and enroute with two tow trucks, both parties transported to MGH.

Retrieve old antique firearm no clip, rusty, found it in the park.

Report of manhole cover sticking up and may cause an accident. DPW on scene and made a temporary fix.

Party came in to report a beige Tahoe followed him home. He did not get the plate but would appreciate it if we could make periodic passes of his home as he is nervous.

Unit will be in the area of D’Parma’s due to a report of a hit and run with property damage.

Request an assist to pick up clothing, sneakers and an iPhone from the Plaintiff’s residence. He reports he receives some but not all of his belongings yesterday at the police station. I contacted the Plaintiff who stated she gave him everything yesterday including his dog which she found on her porch. Defendant was notified and he reported he had a friend drop off the dog after he was transported out of Town. Both parties advised to bring their property issues before the Court.

Accident involving a car carrier. Truck rolled forward as the two were at the light. Female owner/operator stated she was having back pain. She was transported to the Whidden.

State Police Boston put out a Bolo for a male party possibly located on Revere Beach. Units were informed party had a gun and was waving it around. Party took off in Red Dodge Charger with gun to his head all units headed to Shore Drive into Revere Street. Multiple s hot fired, medical is being requested. Officer stated party had  Marine Corp. plates and he tried to speak to him Marine to Marine. Party was transported to MGH.

Saturday, Nov. 23

Report landscaping company blocking driveway. Party upset that officers would not tag MV. Landscapers very corporative moved the truck that was slightly blocking driveway. Clear.

Caller reports here mother took her motor vehicle. Informed officer will call the mother have her bring back vehicle to her daughter.

Party came to the station to report an altercation last night at a family member’s home. As a result of the incident her purse containing medications was lost. Party was advised of her rights and may seek a RO tomorrow in East Boston Court. Party doesn’t want any charges at this time as she has a head injury and just came from the hospital.

Two-car motor vehicle accident – female party refusing to exchange paperwork. Very minor injuries. Absolutely no damage, laws are different in RI she was advised she was lost. Units clear.

Caller stating her mother went shopping 1 hour and 15 minutes ago and is worried as she cannot get in touch with her. Attempting to ping mother’s phone. Daughter called back stating her mom is home safe.

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