Student Highlight: Bryan Conceiciao Has the Traits of a True Winthrop Viking

Seventeen-year-old Bryan Conceiciao has been described as a first-class student-athlete, who strives for compassion and professionalism inside the classroom and in the sports arena. Known as a role model amongst his classmates, Conceiciao is the type of person any teacher or coach would love to have in their classroom or on their team. “Bryan leads through hard work and dedication in the classroom and on the field, while always having a team first mentality,” said High School Athletic Director, Matt Serino. “He continues to be a role model to others,  a gentleman with great moral fiber, and is always willing to put forth the time and effort to assure that he succeeds in everything he does. Bryan embodies everything it means to be a Winthrop Viking.”

In addition to being an honor student, Conceiciao plays basketball and football, he is part of general counsel, and he plans on doing dinner theater if he can fit it into his packed schedule. High School Football Coach Jonathan Cadigan has witnessed Conceiciao grow up over the last few years, transforming him into the type of student and player that other kids gravitate towards. “Although at times he appears to have a carefree attitude, he takes his studies and athletics very serious, “said Cadigan. “He has a relentless motor in football that has allowed him to make impact plays since he was a freshman which I would categorize as a rare ability for a high school football player. He rarely if ever comes off the field during a game and seemingly never seems to tire which to me is a sign of leadership. He plays just as hard on play 1 as he does on 120 and that has an effect on his teammates by elevating the standards and expectations of playing the game.”

As a junior in high school, Conceiciao is starting to think about college and he has lined himself up for a promising future. His dream would be to play college football at Tufts University. When asked who his role model is, he admits that he has a lot of people to credit, but his dad comes in first place.

I have been lucky enough to have a ton of positive influences in my life, people who have helped me and guided me to be the person I am today,” said Conceiciao. “However my dad is my number one role model. Because what he does and has done for me and my family is unimaginable. Almost always behind the scenes, in his early mornings and late nights. I hope to be as hard working and humble as him one day.”

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