Police Blotter 11-07-2019

Monday, Oct. 28

Calling party at Governors Park states that there is a female there harassing him. Calling party also states that his tires were slashed. Unable to locate female party. Male party’s two rear tires have been cut. This seems to be an ongoing issue. Male party has been advised of his rights and he is going to East Boston Court for a RO.

Party on Shirley Street wanted to report that a female in a motor vehicle cut through the parking lot and used vulgar language towards her.

Motor vehicle stop on Bowdoin Street. Citation issued for tail light and seatbelt violation.

Well-being check for subject at Shirley Street and Ocean Avenue. Party checks out. Clear.

Caller stated he was just pulled over by a couple of male parties with firearms, stating they were cops. They asked for his location, his vehicle and his name. He was advised he was pulled over by an undercover. He was told if he has any questions to call HQ and he will get an answer.

Motor vehicle stop at Main and Marshall streets. Unit requested second unit for citizen interfering. Units clear, multiple violations.

Caller at Governors Park states that her friend is located inside an apartment with a 40-year-old woman who will not let her leave. She can hear her friend screaming. Units spoke to party and she states she does not want to speak to caller at the moment but will speak to her later.

Report of a gray Ford Escape involved in a hit and run in Saugus earlier. Unit was requested to go by on Crest Avenue and check the vehicle and have the owner contact Saugus. Vehicle was not there but unit will check back later.

Tuesday, Oct. 29

Male party outside on Hermon Street screaming and punching his silver car. Units state strong language barrier and no evidence of yelling or hitting the vehicle. Party was just moving his vehicle and the party is now inside.

Caller on Veterans Road states she hears yelling but does not why. Units state no one was yelling. Party had left his TV on. This is an ongoing issue. 92 states occupant of one apartment came out and it was a male not a female.

Calling party on Hermon Street thinks that someone is in her vehicle. Possibly because of previous incident during the night. Unit spoke to caller and no one was in her vehicle.

Party came in to report that she is involved in a divorce proceeding with her estranged husband and wanted to file a report regarding alleged false allegations he has reported against her.

Report that the fire alarm keeps going off at the high school. This was accidental. Kids are heading back into the school.

Motor vehicle stop at Revere and Almont streets. Verbal warning. 91 will let the owner know to take care of the issues on the vehicle.

Caller reports that his neighbor is blocking him in his driveway with the recycle bins on purpose. Caller states that this is an ongoing issue. He also states that the neighbor assaulted him in the past. This is mostly a civil matter. Both parties attempted to aggravate the other over a property line. Parties will need to bring a land surveyor and they were advised of this.

Report of people outside fighting on Beach Road. Female party is yelling at neighbors on the street. This was a verbal argument between landlord and neighbors.

Motor vehicle stop at Hannaford Park. Parties were moved along and they were advised the park is closed at night.

A well-being check on subject on Winthrop and Ocean View Street. Party checks out.

Caller on Woodside Avenue states construction workers are dumping things in the dumpster at the CVS and making a lot of noise. Unit reports CVS is being remodeled and construction workers will keep the noise down.

Wednesday, Oct. 30

Motor vehicle stop at Main and Beal Street. Unit reports operating without headlights. A verbal was given out.

Caller stated he hears two male parties fighting in the hall at Crystal Cove Inn. Unknown if it is physical. Unknown weapons. Unit reports when they arrived two male parties were yelling at each other. Units cannot get in so they requested fire to gain entry into the building. Update: Fire gained entry but still wants them to stay just in case they need medical or assistance to gain entry into the apartment.  Unit reports verbal domestic. Subject would not open door at first but ended up talking to them. Everyone advised of their rights. Report to follow.

Revere Police request cruisers to assist on an arrest warrant to subject on Washington Avenue. Unit reports female party in custody and she was on her way to Revere Station.

Calling party on Pleasant Street states that his neighbor is harassing her. She is screaming at her and filming her. This is an ongoing issue. Units clear, parties were advised of their rights. Issue is civil in nature. Peace was restored.

Caller states there is a male party passed out in a black truck at Winthrop and Revere Street. Units had to force entry into the vehicle. G&J en route, but was cancelled as the vehicle was moved onto private property. Units clear, party taken to the hospital.

Caller states that she was leaving the Fort Banks School where she heard a male party screaming and running behind the field towards the cemetery. Unsure of what is going on. Just a well-being check on male party. W92 reports nothing showing in cemetery and school and DPW are clear.

Unit off on Winthrop Street and requesting another unit. Units inventorying a bicycle that was turned in. The bicycle was found in the vicinity of Morton Street. If the bike is stolen, the party will be summoned. Units clear, party was picked up by a friend.

Report of a loud party in back yard on Shirley Street. Parties were all of age. They were advised to take it inside and turn the music down and keep the noise down. Peace was restored.

School administrator reports that a child is with her mother who appears to be under the influence. They were walking home from the Fort Banks School. Another woman was with them as well who also appears to be under the influence. W92 made contact with the mother who seems fine. Multiple people are home in the apartment. W92 reports that the school will handle the issue and file a report.

Report that an 8-year-old child left school about 10 minutes ago and the father was unable to locate him. He told the staff what he was going to courts. Mother on the scene. W93 reports Overlook is clear. Units clear, nothing showing.

Thursday, Oct. 31

Calling party on Revere Street states he was home and a car hit his truck. Officer reports that the taxi stand across the street might have footage of the accident. The reporting party is going to try to retrieve that on his own. The other vehicle involved is described as a small, white sedan traveling towards Main Street. Officer will try to see if there are any cars matching that description.

Reporting party states that his wife called and said that the tenant is inside and screaming. The wife left for work. Reporter is on his way home. Spoke to the reporter and she is trying to appease everyone moving out. No issues and peace was restored.

Party called to report she and her estranged husband are involved in a divorce proceeding and her husband changed the locks to their condominium several months ago. She was advised to seek redress at the Suffolk Probate and Family Court.

S5 off on a follow-up investigation on Shore drive. Unable to locate party and nobody was home.

Party on Pebble Avenue came in with photos of a motor vehicle dumping rubbish into their dumpster without authorization. Vehicle comes back registered to a local resident. 92 will make contact with him regarding the illegal dumping. Unable to make contact at this time, will attempt later.

Motor vehicle drove into a pole at Revere Street and Upland Road. Fire and medical enroute. Possible injury. National Grid and Verizon notified. G&J also notified. National Grid inspected the ole and no issues. Accident report to follow.

Motor vehicle stop on Winthrop Street. Vehicle almost struck a pedestrian who stated they were okay. Citation issued for texting and driving.

Party reports a check of her credit revealed that a fraudulent account was attempted to be opened today.

Notification on Open Fox about a stolen motorcycle had been recovered. Reporting agency in New Jersey and they report that there was no recovery and that it must be just a glitch in the system. Nothing canceled.

Off with a group of kids at Ingleside Park. Group of juveniles and 91 escorting them home to speak to their parents on Beal Street.

Friday, Nov. 1

Unit gong off with a party at Revere and Shirley streets. Ambulance requested as party was stumbling into the street. Party off to the Whidden voluntarily. He was dazed and confused with incoherent speech.

Report that a male party was attempting to gain entrance to the front door with a “device” on Grovers Avenue. Calling party states the suspicious party is on the porch. Sierra 5 cleared, units are speaking with the calling party and she was concerned about noises that she heard. Units are checking the property. Units spoke with the caller and she is alleging someone was at her door but did not see anyone or get a description. Could have been a window banging a screen door. She was advised if anything else happens to call back.

Minor motor vehicle accident with no injuries on Argyle and Revere streets. This was more than a minor accident and report is to follow.

Unit attempted to serve harassment order from Marlborough Court to subject on Shirley Street. 92 spoke to Units 1 and 2 at that residence and both parties state that the party does not live there. 92 will notify Marlborough.

A well-being check on unoccupied vehicle. 91 spoke with the operator right out front of the station and everything is fine.

Party came to the station to report that he was bitten in the eye by his mother’s boyfriend. EMS called. Party had a swollen black eye. Other parties involved already had left the area in a Haul Truck to Saugus. Saugus PD responded to the address there and spoke to the parties.

Saturday, Nov. 2

Caller at Neptune and Shirley streets is off with a black and white stray cat and will wait for an officer. Cat is sunning himself and no issues. ACO found the owner of the cat who lives three streets over. He is not a stray.

Manager of Cumberland Farms flagged down Off. Feeley who said he had an altercation with a male two weeks ago. This male came back and assaulted him. Units spoke to both parties and report to follow.

A disagreement over money and is civil in nature. Female party has left the scene. The other party was instructed to call back if she comes back.  This happened on Myrtle Avenue.

Party on Shirley Street states that his stepson left the house at 11:15 a.m. and has not been seen or heard from since. This behavior is uncharacteristic for him. He is 20 years old and is functionally autistic. All units apprised to be on the lookout. Missing person entered into CJIS/OpenFox. Phone was pinned and GPS location came up. Units off with party in front of town hall. Party has been reunited with his father.

Caller on Hale Avenue states that two teenage boys came to her back door claiming to be trick or treating. Units clear, unit located the parties and they were apologetic.

Party picked up his son on Thornton Street and states there is a large party with no adult supervision. All kids have been picked up by their parents. Uncle locked up the residence.

Sunday, Nov. 3

Calling party on Atlantic Street states that neighbors above him are smashing bottles on the ground, yelling and slamming things. He states that at least six people are unsure if they are fighting or having a party. Units report this is an ongoing issue. Nothing has been resolved. There is no fight. No sign of a party.

Report that a red car smashed into a parked car on Shirley Street. Medical enroute. G&J en route. 93 heading to Beach Road to find other owner. 93 could not make contact. Clear.

Calling party on Quincy Avenue states she found a brown lab walking on her street with no collar or any tags. Alpha Charlie 1 has the middle-aged chocolate lab on board with him. Dog is friendly with no collars. Owner retrieved the dog.

Assisted fire with smoke coming out of the oven at Seal Harbor. Malfunction on oven in unit. Fire still on scene. 91 cleared.

Caller on Main Street states that he was assaulted five minutes ago. Both parties are still on the scene. Caller states male party hit him with his hand and a hose. Units spoke to all parties involved. One party was getting his car washed and leaving the area now. Parties were advised of their rights.

Report that three youths are driving ATVs on the beach side of Yirrell Beach. Officer spoke to the party. He is on his property and has been doing this for a while.

Caller states a female in her 20s asked for help but did not stay with the calling party. This was at Tewksbury and Shore Drive. She did try to get into a car that did not belong to her but proceeded to walk. Caller thinks that she needs help. Received second call stating female party is on the porch on Shore Drive and seemed drunk. Police requesting medical for an evaluation. Female party with mental health issues will be transported to MGH voluntarily.

Calling party on Shore and Dolphin Avenue states that his cousin stated that her sister is missing (also his cousin). Female party called her sister saying she was assaulted and sister found female’s car but no sign of female. Caller also stated that his cousin was supposed to meet him in Winthrop but never did. Officers spoke to party and advised them the individual they were looking for was transported to MGH earlier tonight for further evaluation.

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