Student Highlight : Donovan Heads to Worcester Polytechnic Institute

While Emily Donovan will miss the familiarity of Winthrop’s small-town perks, she is looking forward to her new adventure at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. From the moment that Donovan set foot on the campus, she loved everything about the university that prides itself on a rigorous science and engineering program. Donovan is up for the challenge and is looking forward to the project-based curriculum. She will use all that she has learned while at Winthrop High School to excel in the college classroom.

Why Did You Choose Worcester Polytechnic Institute and What Will You be Majoring in?

When I toured WPI, I instantly fell in love. Everything, from the campus, to the curriculum, to how the terms and courses are set up. It just felt like a perfect fit for me. I will be majoring in Chemical Engineering.

What Will You Miss Most About Winthrop?

I will miss all of my friends and family in Winthrop, and I will also miss the familiarity of everything and everyone that comes with growing up in such a small town. All throughout high school I was involved in the Winthrop High School Drama Society. Joining drama freshman year was probably one of the best choices I have ever made. The friends I made, the things I learned, and the sense of accomplishment that came with putting on the shows that we did was unlike anything else. I was also a part of the mock trial team. In mock trial I learned valuable lessons about teamwork and responsibility. I’m looking forward to trying out some different clubs and activities while I’m at college.

Who is Your Role Model?

My role models are definitely my parents. My whole life they have both worked so hard to provide for our family. The two of them have taught me so much about what dedication and good work ethic truly look like.

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