Police Blotter 08-22-2019

Monday, August 12

Calling party on Emerson Road would like a subject to leave. He is tearing apart her home. No weapons. Peace was restored. Verbal only and the male left for the day.

Motor vehicle accident on Johnson Avenue with injury. Fire/medical enroute. 93 reports one transport to MGH. Accident report to follow.

99 and 91 attempted to serve warrant to subject on Otis Street. Negative service at this time.

Party came in to report he was advised to turn in a cell phone that belongs to his ex-girlfriend by the Amesbury PD due to an ongoing issue between them. Amesbury was contacted and they confirmed. They will notify the owner to pick it up.

91 and 99 off attempting to serve warrant to subject on Bellevue Avenue. Negative service made.

Assisted fire on Highland Avenue with traffic for a motor vehicle on fire. Blue motor vehicle on fire.

State Police reports drone just east of Winthrop. 800 feet south of Runway 27. Units checked the Point Shirley area, Coughlin Park, Public Landing and the water tower and could not locate anyone with a drone.

91 reports a minor motor vehicle accident on Winthrop Street where a silver Nissan Altima, no plate, fled the scene. Minimal damage. Altima occupied by three males and left the scene heading towards Metcalfe Square. BOLO given to the units.

Male party came in to report someone took an evergreen shrub from his yard. He states there are two cameras pointed directly where it was taken.

Caller on Cross Street states that his neighbor has his grill on the sidewalk grilling and he feels it is a danger and would like police to address the issue. Officer spoke to the resident who is moving the grill to his driveway.

Motor vehicle stop on Main and Paine Street. Citation issued for red light violation.

Tuesday, August 13

Report of a loud party on Myrtle Avenue. This is an ongoing issue between the neighbors. 91 reports no party and no one being loud. Homeowner was just working on his boat and units will clear.

Follow-up investigation on Sunset Road. Officer spoke to the subject.

Follow-up investigation on Shirley Street. No answer at the hoe.

Abandoned motor vehicle on Summit Avenue. Party does live there and is on vacation. Parking ticket issued.

Follow-up investigation on River Road. Unit spoke to a family member at this address.

Follow-up investigation on Myrtle Avenue. Party was not home.

Traffic control for a gas leak on Lincoln Street. Party on scene giving the National Grid crew a difficult time. 91 responded to alleviate the situation.

Follow-up investigation on Linden Street. Unit spoke to the niece of the party they were looking for. Message will be passed along.

Unit off serving paperwork to subject on Atlantic Street. The party no longer resides there and lives in a sober facility.

Party stated he was on Veterans Road when he observed a male come out of a small red vehicle and go up to a porch and take a package. He believes he stole the package. Could not get a plate off the car. Log entry made as there is no exact location to dispatch a unit to and there is no victim at this time.

Report of a white pick-up truck parked illegally at Twist and Shake. No parking zone. This was called in by an off-duty police officer. Vehicle left prior to unit arrival.

Wednesday, August 14

Report of a vehicle going down the wrong way on a one-way street. This happened on Shirley Street. Female party stated that she was looking for her daughter with whom she got into a fight with. Daughter has run away from the house. Female party was given a warning about wrong way.

93 transporting 15-year-old female party from headquarters. Mother and daughter got into a fight. Daughter ran away. Units located the daughter and they are both at the station.

Motor vehicle stop on Main Street. Driver state she has an international license. She is awaiting a licensed driver to take possession of the vehicle. She was cited for red light and unlicensed operation. Female party only has passport in her possession.

Assisted Boston PD attempting to serve a warrant to subject on Maryland Avenue.

BOLO given to unit for an erratic operator of motor vehicle. No direction of travel given.

Minor motor vehicle accident on Pleasant Street. Unit stood by for paper exchange.

Reporting party came into the station to report being the victim of a fraud. She was contacted by a female statin that she was a representative of Apple and then connected her to another representative who was male. He supposedly ran diagnostics on her computer and then told her she needed better security to protect her. He then instructed her to purchase $500 Apple gift card at Stop & Shop and call him with the card number. Everything appeared legitimate and she did as was instructed. She learned that once he had the number the card was rendered useless and her $500 was gone. She knows that there is no way to recover her money but wanted to make us and the public aware and not make the same mistake she made.

Report that five males are urinating behind the marina on Shirley Street. They are in a red Chevy pickup and are now headed towards Washington Avenue. The parties were gone prior to unit’s arrival.

Caller on Pleasant Street states there is always loud music and a fire going in the backyard. 91 states that Pleasant Street is all quiet. Units spoke to owners and they invited officer into the home and into the backyard. The residents were having a fire with a cover for cooking which is legal. Also upon arrival, there was no music playing.

Party on Johnson Avenue states he has footage of the parties who are ringing bells in the area. He also thinks his vehicle got damaged by one of the parties when they were passing through his driveway. Unit clear, unable to identify the female party. If the issue continues the unit will work to identify the female.

Caller on Pond Street states there are teenagers making a lot of noise in the playground and she is trying to sleep. Units clear, parties have been moved along.

Thursday, August 15

Report of an abandoned motor vehicle behind house off of Argyle Street. It requesting G&J for tow. Vehicle is on private property.

Caller stated there is a black Honda Accord in the parking lot of Coughlin Park with only three tires on the car and the fourth is on the ground with a jack on top of it. Unit reports the owner lives across the street and he was attempting to change the tire and the jack broke. He is waiting for a tow.

Party on Shirley Street states a kid ran through her driveway from her backyard with a bike and then through another neighbor’s driveway. 93 reports nothing showing at this time. All units clear, unable to locate the male party.

Motor vehicle stop at Dunkin’ (Donuts) on Main Street. Citation issued for a red light violation.

Two males, yelling at a female. Units clear, non bonafide. station Parties were yelling to the sister for a phone charger.

A dog walker came in to the station to report that the dog she was walking got out of the house. ACO was already aware of it and knew who the owner was.

Caller on Pebble Avenue states there is an elderly male party, Asian, on her front steps and he is knocking on multiple doors in the neighborhood. The party seems confused and does not speak English. Calling party asked the party if he needs help and the party said yes. Caller states that he looks lost. 91 confirmed BOLO on missing person from earlier. 91 is taking the party to Boston. Boston A7 notified and will meet WPD at home with Boston EMS. 91 on the scene on W. Eagle Street, East Boston. Male was reunited with his family.

Caller on Kennedy Road is seeking a ride through the CLEAR program to seek assistance in getting to a detox for a substance use disorder. Sgt. Gregorian was consulted and contacted the caller and set up a taxi ride to Melrose/Wakefield Hospital through the voucher program with Ride Right Transportation Services provided through CLEAR.

Report that three women are being very loud on the third floor of an apartment on Washington Avenue. Station received a second call on these parties. Unit drove around the entire building and stated that no one was on the balcony and no noise could be heard.

Friday, August 16

Caller on Shore Drive states that he heard someone attempting to kick in his back door. He stated he saw a male with dark hair and no shirt and shorts. Last saw the male party in his rear driveway which faces Dolphin Avenue. Units checking and saw no one. Caller also stated that after leaving his residence the male party ran up Shore Drive towards Crest Avenue looking into vehicles. Caller was able to retrieve the footage of the break-in and will attempt to retrieve it later and send it to the station. Unit extensively searched the area with nothing showing.

Niece who is located in California states that she has not been able to reach her aunt in three weeks. She lives on Somerset Avenue. The party is fine.

Party came in to request a well-being check of her sister whose property was found on Shore Drive this morning. Party she was with resides on Pearl Avenue. There was damage to the front of the motor vehicle. The vehicle is parked in front of a hydrant. The party walked up while officers were waiting to enter the home.

A male and female party came into the lobby video taping with their cell phones and live streaming on Facebook. They identified themselves as Auditing America and they stated they had questions to ask us. Sgt. Feeley spoke with them at the window. They were polite and cordial. The encounter lasted 2-3 minutes. They exited the lobby and then came back to tell us we passed.

General disturbance at the post office. Male party wearing shorts. Units report patrons were just buying stamps and made a few other customers feel uncomfortable recording with their phone. They were sent out of the area.

Two parties, male in shorts and female, both recording everyone making people feel uncomfortable. Called in by employee at the post office. This is a duplicate call.

Post office employee states same people are calling the office and harassing her. Party was not cooperative on the phone and would not give much information other than wanted to speak to the police. This is the same caller as before. Officer advised the employee of the organization and what their purpose was. Also advised them that what they are doing is totally lawful. Since this is a federal agency they were also advised to notify the Postal police. Unit clear, report to follow.

Caller states there is an elderly gentleman outside of Swetts Liquor who seems lost and disoriented. Male is known to the officer and lives at the Arbors. Unit will be giving the male party a courtesy ride back to the Arbors.

Caller at Governors Park reports that the neighbor downstairs is banging on the ceiling.

Saturday, August 17

Party on Jefferson Street states a child is running through the apartment upstairs and he cannot sleep. Units spoke to calling party and advised him nothing can be done about a loud child and to contact management.

Caller on Shore Drive stated she can hear her neighbor making weird noises and smacking himself. She isn’t sure if anyone else is in the apartment with him. 91 states that the door may be open and they can hear someone that may be in distress in the apartment. Units did knock prior and will be awaiting Sierra 4 to arrive prior to entry. Party then came to the door. Sierra 4 is standing down. Male party came and spoke to the units and nothing is out of place or out of the ordinary seems to be going on.

Caller states that in the direction of the water on the beach across from Sea Foam Avenue she can hear a woman screaming. State Police notified and will be responding as well. Unit did not hear anything and asked a few residents who were in the area and they did not hear anything. Units clear.

An ongoing issue at Governors Park with neighbor banging the ceiling.

Manager at the East Boston Savings Bank would like to speak to an officer about harassing phone message left on phone about an employee.

Whit female who is unwanted is in the lobby of the Arbors. Peace was restored. Party will be contacted when her check arrives. She was an ex-employee.

Sunday, August 18

Caller at Cumberland Farms states a party was in there earlier and shoplifted. Shoplifter was identified by the clerk and confirmed by surveillance video. Officer is familiar with the party. He will be summoned for this offense. Area search for the individual was negative.

Motor vehicle stop at Washington Avenue. Verbal warning issued.

Report of a loud house party on Taylor Street. Units report five to six adults with music one. They are shutting it off. Peace was restored.

Party at the Winthrop Beach Inn states three parties that yelled at the receptionist and now they are staying in the parking lot blasting music. Three women and they stated about five more people showed up in an Infiniti. 91 responded. Area is now clear. Officer spoke with the front desk attendant who stated all is peaceful now. Parties are no longer in the area.

Report of a loud party on Jefferson Street. All parties were spoken to and they will lower the music.

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