Police Blotter 08-01-2019

Monday, July 22

Caller who owns a sign shop on Crest Avenue states that he found a little black puppy with no collar and no owner in sight. Caller has the puppy inside the store. The dog was returned home to Sagamore Avenue.

A unit was flagged down on River Road by a resident stating he heard two pops and black smoke coming from a house. Fire required to investigate for black smoke. It was firecrackers and all units cleared.

A well-being check on individual at the Public Landing for party who was either sleeping or passed out in a motor vehicle. Everything checks out okay. Party is fine.

Caller on Winthrop Street states that a homeless party keeps coming onto his property. Units off with homeless at Lucky Convenience. He was spoken to about two incidents on people’s property and was advised to stay off people’s property. The owner is aware of his rights and is looking into getting a trespass order.

Party on Shore Drive claims that a dog has been barking for hours. No dogs barking in the area.

Off-duty Arlington PD officer found a HP placard registered to someone on Beal Street. No phone number in the system. Unit will attempt to contact individual at the address. Notification was made.

Report of a 40-year-old  woman down and unresponsive on Main Street. EMS on the scene. Female was transported to the Whidden.

Party came to the station to report being scammed over the phone by party claiming to be with the Social Security office.

Caller on Wave Way Avenue states that a neighbor is harassing her. Both are outside and it is verbal in nature. This is an ongoing issue between neighbors and both parties were advised. Female with possible mental health issues being cooperative and then uncooperative.

Tuesday, July 23

Report of a loud house party on Winthrop Street. Officers report home owner has been advised to keep it down and all is quiet for now.

Caller states that a party is passed out behind the wheel of a vehicle near Simione Oil Company. Fire and medical enroute. Officer reports speaking with party. Vehicle will be moved and parked legally across the street for the night. Party will be going home with a male party and she is safe.

Party is not on the scene, but he received a call from his wife from home on Neptune Avenue stating the neighbor on the first floor is screaming and throwing things around the house. He is unsure of what is going on. One party is in the house screaming, and party refused medical. They did calm down.

Winthrop Fire states that there is a vehicle at Shore Drive and Cutler Street and apparatus cannot make the turn. A ticket was issued for parking in a no park zone. Fire has enough room to get by.

Report of a dumpster in the middle of Veterans Road. Spoke to the company and they will move the dumpster and next time place it in a better location.

Two car motor vehicle accident with no injuries at Nick’s Place. Report to follow.

party came into police headquarters to report a local business had wrongfully charged her bank card in excess of $19,000. Officer reports that he had made contact with the business owner on Revere Street who was unaware of the error but will remedy the situation immediately.

W942 assisted a male party from Hong Kong on Woodside who had a medical emergency. Spoke with male party’s wife and drove party home on Main Street. Car secured at home and wife notified.

Report that children are running around upstairs all night on Shirley Street. Spoke to the caller and advised them that the neighbors are within their rights. He was advised to contact the landlord.

Wednesday, July 24

Caller on Myrtle Avenue states that her neighbor is having some kind of party and they are outside being loud. Officer reports that there was no party, just two people in the back. This is an ongoing issue between neighbors. All is quiet.

Party on Shore Drive states that she owns property and someone is living in the vacant home. Clear, it was a misunderstanding. The fridge was left behind and she thought someone was living there.

Follow-up investigation on Waldemar Avenue. No answer at the door.

Report that two dogs are locked in a van in the Gulf Station on Shirley Street. Fire got into the vehicle and all is okay.

Party on Main Street called to report that a cat is locked in a cage and left on porch. Will try to get footage of who left the cat.

Calling party states that she was assaulted by female party walking up Seal Harbor Road. Female party began swearing at caller and caller started recording and then the female party punched her hand to get the phone out of it. Two female parties that walked up towards Highland Avenue and had a dispute with caller about having her dog in the area. Area was checked and unable to locate suspects.

Report that two males on bikes are causing trouble at Ingleside Park. This incident was called in by the sergeant. The group was spoken to and they will share the park with others.

Caller on Buchanan Street states that she has an unwelcomed sister-in-law and she will be located in the basement. Everyone is being cooperative and giving female a ride to the CVS. Calling party was advised of her rights.

Caller at Showcase Laundry states there is a dispute between her and the laundromat attendant over some damage to sheets. This is a minor issue and a civil matter. The owner of the sheets will be contacting the business owner.

Call came in on the business line. Caller is female’s boyfriend and he needs medical aid. Fire and EMS en route. A 37-year-old female transported to the Whidden via Action EMS.

Unit off with vehicle at Hannaford Park. Party was informed that the park closes at sunset and was sent on his way.

Unit off with two parties in the back parking lot at Delby’s Corner. Parties were moved along.

Thursday, July 25

Unit assisted party with their keys no working for their lock at Governors Park. Party was able to enter the premises.

Caller on Adams Street states that her son heard knocking on the back window. Nothing showing in the area. Units searched the area and spoke to the caller.

Female party requesting assistance with traffic on Washington Avenue. Party on scene attempting to remove a baby duck from the storm drain. Fire en route to assist. DPW assisted in releasing the duckling.

Female party being suicidal on Veterans Road. 48 year old female being transported to the Whidden.

Motor vehicle stop on Winthrop and Ocean View Street. Texting while driving. A verbal warning was given.

Unit was flagged down at Massa Playground by a youth that stated a teenager stole his scooter and headed towards Faun Bar area.  School Resource will be notified. Juvenile kids, nothing criminal. 92 clear, crisis diverted.

Caller wanted to give a notice that his agency will be serving a suspension of a hoisting license to individual on Chester Avenue. States that there will be two of his investigators serving the suspension. They do not need an escort according to the reporting party. Notification only.

Assisted fire with elderly party lockout on Somerset Avenue. Fire was able to assist that party that was locked out.

Off with a vehicle with two occupants at Halford Beach.

Motor vehicle stop on Shirley Street. Scooter driver with no helmet and stop sign violation. Driver is suspended on the license. Citation issued for stop sign violation and no helmet. Operator was advised of driving on a suspended license and will be walking his Moped home.

Friday, July 26

Caller on Shore Drive reports that a dog has been barking for over 45 minutes. Unit reports no noise in the area.

Caller works for Commonwealth Care Alliance and states that party on Irwin and Shirley Street has not refilled her prescription and they are unable to contact her. Party has a caretaker and they are not able to get in touch with the caretaker either. Caller is requesting a well-being check. Party is fine and will call Commonwealth Care.

Caller on Buchanan Street states she saw a gray vehicle swerving in and out of traffic. BOLO given to all units.

92 and 93 taking a report on a follow-up investigation on Lincoln Street. Unit clear, report to follow.

Two car motor vehicle accident with no injuries at Winthrop and Buchanan streets. Possible hit and run with a vehicle that fled. Vehicle was towed by G&J and report to follow.

Unit off with fire and medical on Whittier Street.

Unit off with fire at the Wadsworth Building. Fire checked the building with nothing showing.

Calling party on Shirley Street has a service dog in the house. She is disabled. Verbal argument between boyfriend and girlfriend. Male party is leaving at this time.

Saturday, July 27

MBTA bus has hazards flashing to call police on Main Street heading toward Marketplace. The bus driver is all set. He hit the button by accident and will reset it.

Caller on South Main Street states a large truck is blocking the road. 93 stated that the area search for the vehicle was unfounded.

A well-being check for individual on Siren Street. Units requested medical for an evaluation. Fire and EMS en route. Medical and fire are clear. Party signed a refusal. Female party is leaving and going to her place of residence.

Caller on Shirley Street reports there is a truck with two white males outside the truck. Caller hears the slamming sound from the bed of the truck. Unit made contact with the parties and they are banging out a ding in the vehicle.

Two car motor vehicle accident on Main Street. Fire and medical are enroute. G&J has been notified to tow one of the vehicle. The passenger of one of the vehicles was transported to the Whidden.

Investigation follow-up on Woodside Avenue. Unit went to the residence of the sister. No one was home. She will do an area search. There is active RO in place. Unit is off with the female party and advised her that an active RO is in place. Unit verbally explained how the RO works. Female will be going to headquarters to pick up a copy.

Party on Grand View Avenue states there are people that keep running between a car on the driveway and back in the home. Caller believes there is 94C activity going on because the house is known for it. Parties will be going in for the night.

Sunday, July 28

Unit assisted fire with gaining access to apartment on Golden Drive. Female has injuries from a fall. Officer reports that the female party just needed a lift assist and no transport needed.

Chelsea PD called asking to check a vehicle that was involved in a hit and run last night. Vehicle comes out of Shirley Street. They asked for a unit to drive by to see if the vehicle has damage on the front driver side or passenger side. Area was checked and no sign of the vehicle.

Caller on Trident Avenue stated there are construction workers working on a house making a lot of noise. Workers were spoken to and the parties will be ending the work since it is Sunday.

Assisted fire with male party not breathing on Revere Street. Party was having difficulty breathing and sent to the MGH.

Suspicious activity reported at Shore Drive and Cutler Street. Male seen cutting inside of his mouth with a knife. A dog is with him on the beach. Medical dispatched to check the party out. ACO took the dog and the male party was sent to the hospital.

Medical dispatched for male who is screaming at his wife on Washington Avenue. Party voluntarily taken to the Whidden.

Mulch fire reported against a building on Veterans Road. Fire notified and they are enroute.

Caller on Whittier Street states that her ex is trying to break her window off of her driveway to get some belongings and she told him to wait until she got home. Her neighbor called her. He has been drinking. Caller states that she is not on the scene but received a text from her neighbor that the subject and his girlfriend were attempting to gain entry through the side window of the house. Units clear for now with nothing showing. No sign of forced entry.

Motor vehicle stop at 7-Eleven. Vehicle comes back stolen out of Cambridge. Party in custody for receiving stolen property. G&J has vehicle.

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