Letters to the Editor

Fireworks Committee Says Thanks

Dear Editor:

The Winthrop Fireworks Committee would like to thank our many sponsors that help to make this fireworks display such a great success!  The Winthrop Fireworks display is funded 100 percent by donations and this tradition would not be possible without the generosity of the businesses and individuals that donate every year!  We strive to continue and improve our Fourth of July celebration and thank you, once again, for contributing to this treasured tradition here in Winthrop.

Special thanks to Massport Authority for their exceptional generosity!

A special thank you to the Winthrop Pro Shop, as well as the Winthrop Yacht Club and the Winthrop Marketplace for their help selling T-Shirts.  Thanks to the residents and visitors that purchase them year after year!

Thank you

Fire Chief Paul Flanagan

Massachusetts Port Authority

Action Ambulance

The Arbors at Winthrop

Mutual Beef Company Inc

Pay it Forward Charities

Committee for Bob Deleo

Dennis & Sue Gaughan

Commercial Street Pilots

Classic Harbor Line

Paul W. Marks Co Inc

Barry & Lynn Kepnes

Margaret Winthrop Rebekah Lodge #153

Century 21 Mario Real Estate

Blackstrap BBQ

Crest Ave Wine

Robert Massa

Renee & Joseph Pike

James Sullivan

Robert & Nancy Defosse

Scott & Sheryl Howard

Pleasant Park Yacht Club

Windows Plus

LaSiesta Restaurant

Pettee Oil Company

James & Kathy Nelson

Harborside Dental

Robert Porter

John & Shannon Poulos

Level Line

Swetts Market

Janet & Greg Lepke

James J Cipoletta Attorney at Law

David Phipps

Dr. Monique Mansoura

Jill & Gregg Petersen

Robert & Ann Capprini

Mary McDonald

Elite Embroidery

Ann & Eugene Carver

Alfred Bell

Ciminos Meat Market

Champioship Physical Therapy

Helco Safety Equipment

Salon Luxo/ Lisa Leal

Brian & Linda Hurley

Anne Baldwin

Iris Lee Bagwell

Marcia Shulman

Barry T Cohen DDS

Norma Gobiel

Edward & Betty Conley

Renee Fluet

Peter & Maureen Gill

Carolyn & Anthony Fucillo

Barbara & Arthur Flavin

Rita Hartnett

Ernest & Elizabeth Maylor

Rosemary Corbin Cummings

Jacqueline Roman & Pearlie Neill

Amelia & Donald Wright

Patricia Reddy

Janet McConville

Winthrop Yacht Club

D’Parma Ristorante

James Bruce

Crystal Cove Marina

John Honan

Winthrop Charities

Jim & Ginny Noiles

Belle Isle Seafood

John Biggio Insurance

Winosia Charitable & Educational Trust

Cottage Hill Real Estate

Mally’s Hair Expressions

East Boston Savings Bank

Ruth Asquith

Edith Raymond

Nan Howes

Furlong Auto Sales

Barbara Wright (In memory of Edwin Wright)

Century 21 Seaport

Winthrop House of Pizza

Dorothy Vitagliano

Ed & Karen MacDonald

Crystal Cove Apartments

Anthony & Minnie Martucci

Sandra Nelson

Marr Real Estate

Winthrop Emblem Club No 15

Edward & Jean Wall

Jeanne Maggio

Caggiano Funeral Home

David & Claire Hubbard

Miriam Regan-Fiore

Veronika Szabo

Frank Constantino

James & Sheila Martel

Gary Skomro & Carina Campobasso

Peter & Jane Fenlon

Joanne Agababian

Elliot Whittier Insurance Services

James Cullinane

Melvin/Craig Mael

Richard Bangs

Jean & Robert Famiglietti

Peter Bettano

Peggy & Robert Smith

ATS Alarm Systems

Thomas & Donna Reilly

Kevin Foley & Yole Morocco-Foley

Gloria Difronzo

Peter & Rosemarie Ottaviano

Michelle Fluet

Joan Dumas

Carol Lederman

NW Zagorsky

Barbara Flockhart

Brenda & Joseph Bertino

Deborah Vecchio Osborne

Katherine Lawlor

William & Roberta Kelleher

Joanne Nuzzo

Richard & Lisa Davella

Jane & John Kelleher

Thank You to Volunteers

Dear Editor,

It warrants some word of appreciation that on a recent weekend, there were some energetic folks at French Square, diligently bustling away in the park. Directed by a Woodside Ave. resident and also a minister (originally from the South), and coordinated with Betsy Shane, the Chamber’s ED, a volunteer group of about a dozen men & women from Arkansas (no less!), in the spirit of a generous, community effort for this town, had mowed the grass, trimmed the lawn, watered shrubs and flowers, and spread the numerous bags of mulch that were placed in beds throughout the Square. Their efforts may or may not have been noticed by residents; other than the appreciable difference it made in the appeal and appearance of the Center’s centerpiece – a sole uplifting relief of green. But it also accentuated the inviting presence that this emerald space does make in the center of the Center. This group deserves some word of public thanks for the seasonal re-beautifying of French Square.

 With the outstanding zinnias, daylilies, hostas and other flowers throughout the Square, further thanks to the Beautification Comm. Sponsors should not ever be overlooked for their ongoing, perennial efforts.

Frank Costantino

Founder, Winthrop

Beautification Committee

Designer of French Square

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