Police Blotter 07-11-2019

Monday, July 1

Calling party at Putnam Place stated that there is a boat half up on the sidewalk and half in the street. It is blocking parking spots for vehicles. 92 states there is a boat is on the owner’s property. His trailer is slightly hanging over, not impeding traffic. Owner stated he is having family issues at the moment but will move it.

915 called in a motor vehicle accident with injuries on Main Street. EMS/fire enroute. 91 requests tow and G&J was notified to come and tow a vehicle.

Charlie 1 requests unit to investigate a loose manhole in the vicinity of the library and town hall. Also notify DPW to respond. DPW will address the issue.

Per Sierra 1, BOLO put out for a well-being check. Aunt called stating that her nephew drove from California to Winthrop. Possibly homeless and sleeping in his car, with altered mental. 93 is on the scene with vehicle from earlier BOLO. Male party is fine.

Party came in to report she is being harassed by two former friends by phone and Snapchat.

Unit going to the area of Ingleside Park for reports of some youths selling lemonade and using disruptive language. Four youths that live in the area. The party that was causing the issue was identified and was moved along.

Calling party stated that his landlord has been verbally abusive. He is at work and will call us back so an officer can go to him and file a report as he is handicapped.

Party on Winthrop Street states that her car was sideswiped this afternoon during a police chase with a white car in Winthrop. Stated the vehicle that the police were chasing swerved into her. She would like an officer to respond. Damage to the back driver’s side. It was a hit and run at Main and Pleasant Street. Party was unsure at the time if they were hit. Damage to the driver side quarter panel. This was related the the earlier chase.

Party at the CPYC locked her keys in the car as well as the dog. Party has gained entry into the vehicle and has been reunited with the pet. AAA was also on the scene to assist.

Tuesday, July 2

Motor vehicle stop at Shirley and Cutler streets. 91 requesting tow from G&J who are enroute. Vehicle has been towed. Operator will receive a summons for operating after suspension.

Caller on Waldemar Avenue states that there are four possible rabid raccoons on her porch. Three baby raccoons upon the porch seemed to be waiting for their mom. Officer moved the party along.

Unit was flagged down by a party regarding a suspicious male i the laundromat on Veterans Road. Unit clear, party checks out and is just sitting on a bench.

911 line. Female party, elderly,called the nurses station who states it is a patient with dementia. Arbors was contacted ASAP. Caller stated she does not need any police, medical, EMS. She is fine, just has dementia.

Party on Wave Way Avenue is receiving harassing phone calls.

Party came in to report receiving additional annoying rob phone calls last night as well as a text message. She believes the same suspects are behind it and are providing her phone number to phony telephone apps. She has scheduled a two party hearing at the court for harassment prevention order to be held next Thursday, July 11. She wanted it placed on record in addition to what she reported yesterday.

Report of a dog barking for several hours in the middle of Trident Avenue. Caller lives on Seafoam Avenue. Officer spoke with the landlord and residents in apartment are not home. As units were clearing, the dog’s owner arrived. The animal is fine.

Caller on Shirley Street reports two males working on a boat being loud. States that it is not their property and do not belong there. Officer reports two males were leaving as he arrived. Officer spoke to the parties and they know each other and were just hanging out. All parties check out.

Motor vehicle stop with two motorcycles. Units clear, female is getting a party to drive the other motorcycle. Male party was cited for speeding and informed he needed a motorcycle endorsement.

Wednesday, July 3

BOLO out of Boston. Chevy Tahoe, NC plate. Driven by subject wanted for a domestic. Pushed a female out of the vehicle. Boston had o further information to give. Unknown direction of flight, possibly headed down 1A. BOLO given to all Winthrop units.

92 got report of a male who tried getting into a motor vehicle near Quick Foodmart. 98 and S3 assisting. 92 placed male in a Uber who had key to Crystal Cove Inn on him. He was thrown out of the inn. 92 will be returning key to the inn.

Manager of the CVS reported receiving counterfeit money last night. Report to follow.

99 off with male party on Shirley Street. D6 responding. 93 responding with cage unit. 99 has one under arrest for possession of Class B drug.

At the Point Shirley beach between Otis Street and Bay View Avenue, someone is there with three large dogs running loose. ACO off with owner of dogs on the beach. He will bring the dogs back to the house. The owner of the dogs were visiting from out of town and did not realize dogs were not allowed on the beach.

Party came to the statin with a letter that she is leaving with her landlord regarding requesting them to cease harassing her family. Party left a copy at the station and with her attorney as well.

Caller on Beacon Street reports a car alarm going off for a few hours. Car alarm is now off and the party was made aware of it.

Party at Undine and Hale avenues states that three white male teenagers with no shirts were attempting to go on his property. When he asked them to leave, they got belligerent and they left and got into a car. As they were leaving someone screamed profanities out the window. He believes the parties were drinking. Unit searched the area with an area search negative.

Assisted fire with a capsized canoe. Canoe is closer to Deer Island. State Police assisted with searching. Two parties with life jackets floating towards shore. Individuals are now on land. Officer spoke to the individuals and they declined medical.

Units off with small group on Yirrell Beach having a fire. They were moved along and advised.

Thursday, July 4

Report of fireworks being lit off beach wall at Otis Street. Parties sent on their way and were advised.

Calling party at Governors Park states that there is a woman yelling at someone outside. It happens daily. Both parties left the scene.

Off with suspicious vehicle at Governors Park. Unit report male party in the passenger side and the window looks like it was ripped open. Party got in a verbal argument with his girlfriend and was going to sleep in his car for the night. She came down and they made up. Peace was restored. Damage to window was from previous event and unrelated to this call.

91 reports that in the area of Main Street there is slight flooding on the sidewalk. Unknown origin using the flooding.

Male party on Winthrop Street came in to report a vandalism occurred to his passenger’s side view mirror of his vehicle. Report to follow.

Caller on Wave Way Avenue states a vehicle is parked so close to the corner that fire apparatus cannot make it down the street. Party came out and paid drop fee to G&J.

Report of kids swimming at Donovan’s Beach and it is closed due to high contamination. Officer spoke to parties and explained the information posted.

Called in by Sierra for a found wallet at the harbormaster’s office. Unit to pick up the wallet.

A disturbance between multiple parties on Wilshire Street. Units spoke to all parties, which was an issue over parking. Peace was restored.

Officer requested for a domestic at Main and Hermon Street. Parties involved all known to the officers and will be on their way. No physical contact was made. It was only a verbal argument.

Ongoing landlord/tenant dispute on Jefferson Street. Seems to be civil issue but caller would like an officer to speak to her brother about items. It was a noise complaint and a civil issue. All parties were spoken to and advised.

Off with a vehicle at CumberlandFarms who was previously seen shooting fireworks out of the vehicle. Party allowed officer to look in the vehicle and there were no fireworks found and driver denied all accusations. Units will be clear.

Fire reported at the Elks. Officers spoke to the reporting party about it and is gathering all information. Other party involved left prior to officer’s arrival. This was called in about an hour after the fact.

Motor vehicle stop at Triton and Bayview Avenue. Owner and operator of the vehicle will be cite for having an open container of alcohol in the vehicle, operating without a license and excessive noise. Party will be summoned. Another party took possession of the vehicle.

Multiple calls on incident on Shore Drive stating a large group of people fighting. One female was thrown to the ground. Altercation occurred on the beach and State Police were notified. Assault victim is uncooperative with the officer and would like to be on her way after refusing medical. Received a call stating a party involved in the altercation is now breaking things inside an apartment Upon an officer’s arrival, this was determined to be a part of this call. All parties refused medical and refused to offer any information to the police.

Friday,July 5

Report of party passed out in a vehicle at Yirrell Beach. Uber driver waiting for a fare and fell asleep.

Officer speaking to male party at Beacon Circle. Party was heavily intoxicated and called a friend on Hillside who will allow him to stay for the night. Officer took his keys to ensure he does not drive for the night and advised the party he can come and pick them up in the station any time after 9 a.m.

Report that Banks Street is flooded with water. Possibly flooded with sewage as well.

Calling party at Shirley Avenue and Cutler Street states that there is a male party in a white vehicle drinking. Units requesting a flat bed tow from G&J and they are enroute. G&J has the vehicle in question.

Party at Shore Drive and Ocean Avenue states that there is work being done on the corner house and there is debris everywhere and construction equipment all over the road making it difficult for cars to drive by. Workers were spoken to and no trucks blocking the street, but debris is on the road. Workers will clean it up and 91 will check back later.

Motor vehicle accident at Revere and Shirley Street. A citation was issued for operating after suspension. A friend with a license will operate the vehicle.

party on Pebble Avenue called needing assistance. A girl she is watching for a friend has run away. A little girl stated that her grandmother was watching her and was being mean for the past couple of days. While speaking with her, a man came up and took the phone away from her and she started screaming. He finally got on the phone and said he was her uncle from Vermont, then disconnected. All parties were spoken to.

Caller on Washington Avenue reports discovering what appears to be an old rifle while cleaning out her home. She would like an officer to take possession of the item. W92 responded and retrieved the rifle.

Caller on Palmyra Street reports having words with a neighbor over an ongoing parking dispute.

Report of two scooters failing to stop on Veterans Road area. BOLO given to State and Boston, Officers were in pursuit of two scooters. One suspect went over the bridge and East Boston notified. Hispanic male last seen on Irwin Street area and the scooter attempted to run down the officer. It also hit other officer’s vehicle. Several traffic violations.

Officer with motor vehicle occupied by six people on Shore Drive. Officer reports verbal for having too many passengers. Female will be dropping passengers off.

Caller on Faunbar Avenue states that she is continually being harassed by her neighbor’s adult son. She has text messages saved on her phone and will keep them. She was informed of the requirements for a harassment order. This is the first documented incident.

Saturday, July 6

Motor vehicle stop at Neptune Avenue and Shirley Street occupied by two subjects. Both vehicle operator and passenger do not have proper ID and were driving up a one way street. Unable to make contact with vehicle owner. A tow was requested and G&J is enroute. Both operator and passenger took an Uber home. G&J has vehicle with incident. Operator will be summoned to court for unlicensed operation and one way violation which was the reason for the vehicle stop.

Party on Revere Street requesting that his water be turned on. DPW notified and will respond.

Two company reports towing vehicle from Governors Park.

Party on Beach Road came in to report a neighbor cut and removed his vine that covers his garage without his knowledge or permission. He presented a video that portrayed the vine missing from one side of the garage which has caused some of the remaining vine to turn brown. After being advised of his rights, he requested the matter be placed on record only at this point until he is able to consult with an attorney. He was unable to identify the suspect neighbor by name. He also intends to have his property surveyed to establish the property lines.

Caller at Governors Park states that he was looking out the window and stated a male party was smoking crack on the stairs. Officers spoke to the party and he pointed out where items were left on the ground. Class D will be brought back to the station.

Party states there is a vehicle driving fast in and out of lanes through lights. Last seen heading down Crest Avenue towards Shore Drive. BOLO given out to all units.

Party from Pleasant Park Road came into the station to report an incident of harassment whereas her Facebook account was hacked. Party is requesting a journal entry only at this time.

Station received a call from a party on Upland Road stating she could see a small watercraft in the water with one occupant. Caller stated he did not seem to be in any distress and was moving at high speeds towards Short Beach. Caller was worried because of the storm. Fire alarm notified the harbormaster who dispatched Marine 50. Marine 50 investigated the area and stated that nothing was showing. Harbormaster also reports they had a deputy at Short Beach with binoculars looking out to the water and they could not spot any vessels in the area.

Party on Cliff Avenue states that there is water gushing out of the manhole cover and is causing a safety issue. Water has receded for this time.

Three car motor vehicle accident on Main Street. Male operator took over the Subaru. Female operator being driven home due to medical issue.

Caller at Cross and Payson Street states there is a white BMW submerged in water unoccupied,  which is blocking traffic. Vehicle owner is getting a private tow and water is receding. Tow on the scene. Car has been removed. Unit staying on the scene until water clears.

Sunday, July 7

Caller on Shirley Street wants to speak with an officer about a hit and run that occurred overnight. 93 states second motor vehicle may have been struck. 93 was able to make contact with the owner of the second vehicle who stated that her vehicle was also hit last night. 996 requests an incident and accident report.

Party called asking if anyone has turned in a red kayak. Stated it must have drifted off Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. As of now, no one has turned in a kayak. Called the party back to inform him that a unit would reach out to the harbormaster but he stated he already had with no luck.

Report of a black Lab running in and out of traffic heading towards Deer Island. ACO states he went all the way to the point, spoke to some people and this was unfounded.

915 requests listing for motor vehicle involved in a disagreement. Car left and took a right on Pleasant Street. 91 investigated the area and no sign of the vehicle.

Caller on Summit Avenue called to complain about some rose bushes being taken. 93 got all the information needed.

Sierra requested medical for a 70-year-old male at the Credit Union on Woodside Avenue. Fire/EMS responded. S4 states male voluntarily was transported to the MGH.

92 request State Police respond to Deer Island as there is a motor vehicle impeding traffic. States that the bus had difficulty making the turnaround and almost clipped the car.

Report of several cars parking all over the parking lot at Deer Island and on the grass area. Notified Stare and they already received calls and have a unit responding.

Motor vehicle stop at Main and Paine Street. Female party attached will take over the operation of the vehicle. Male party was cited and will be summoned for unlicensed operation and also for failure to stop for a pedestrian.

Report of a fire on Yirrell Beach. WFD responding. This was called in by the State Police. Fire is out and parties sent on their way.

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