Police Blotter 06-27-2019

June 14

James Ave. – person states his daughter is home alone and someone is banging on the door loudly. She does not know this party or what they look like. Units spoke to daughter nothing suspicious in the area and mother just got home.

Jefferson St. – Silver Jeep Patriot, ambulance is on the way but asking for assistance because patient is being combative and agitated.

Shirley St. – Person walked in to report she is the victim of a phone scam. Caller pretended that her computer was hacked and she needed to get a $500 gift card and give her credit card number to them.

Jefferson St. – Ambulance and hospice worker on scene requesting that police come by to convince party to go to hospital. Party in ambulance unit clear.

Washington Ave. – Reporting party came into the station and stated that he submitted a victim/witness statement regarding threats by his landlord against him. He said several days later he received documents from the EBDC regarding a summons for threats supposedly by him against the landlord.

Main St. – Landlord/tenant dispute. Caller reports the landlord broke into this room. Landlord is not on scene.

Cliff Ave. – Officers were there on Wednesday. She is letting a female party stay there, but the female party filed a complaint stating she was in fear. The female that lives there as well just got home from work and stated she believes the female is in the home again – she believes she went in through the back door.

Shirley St. – Woman called saying someone pointed a firearm at her and her children. He stated he was going to shoot her kids. White male party wearing orange shirt has gray hair. He is walking towards Veterans Road, This man asked the kids for their name and address.

June 15

Highland Ave.- Clearing out the park.

Shirley St. – Silver Explorer driving down Shirley St. trying to break into his neighbors car and took off in the vehicle. RP caught them inside the car.

Read St. – Motor vehicle stolen from driveway.

Townsend St. – W93 reports there is a vehicle that is expired/non registered parked on the street. Spoke to owner and they are moving it into the driveway.

Ocean Ave. – Breaking and entering to motor vehicle.

June 16

Governors Park – Caller states her neighbor below her is hitting the ceiling loudly on-going issue.

Cliff Ave. – Caller states that her roommate came in her room and threw all her belongings all over the place, this is an ongoing issue.

Crest Ave. – Officers spoke with a group of kids in the area who are being quiet enjoying the night. Officer did report that there are people in the area walking into Deer Island who may be the cause of some of the noise.

Pleasant St./Somerset Ave. – Illegally parked vehicle. Vehicle is obstructing the road and officer is unable to find the owner to move the vehicle. G&J en route. Owner of vehicle came out and moved vehicle. Parking ticket was issued and unit cleared.

River Rd. – Caller states he can hear his neighbor yelling in his home unsure of why or what is going on. Units could hear a male party on the phone when they arrived. No contact was able to me made at the address. Units clear.

Beacon St. – Parked motor vehicle with trunk open. Vehicle is unoccupied.

Lincoln St. – Someone attempting to break in. Caller now states the man is bleeding outside states he is a Hispanic. Party was dropped off at this location by a friend believing this was a hospital. Party will be transported to hospital.

Harbor View Ave. – Party reports his three unlocked motor vehicles parked near his home were entered sometime overnight.

June 17

Prospect Ave. – Party would like to speak to an officer regarding stolen items out of his vehicle.

Woodside Ave. – Caller states there is a large group of young kids hanging behind the CVS and when the caller asked what they were doing the group of youths began to yell at the caller.

Morton St./Winthrop St. – Group of individuals walking down the street with backpacks and hoodies.

Two screwdrivers were recovered from the waistbands of both male parties.

Miller Field – Female party is stumbling as she walks. Ingleside Park – Female party reports that six or seven kids in the Gazebo yelling profanities at other park goers. Kids are approximately 13 years old, most of them wearing backpacks. Yelling sexual comments as well. Officer spoke to parties – cleared.

Ingleside Park – 13-year-old teens possibly drinking in the park and throwing up. All got on bikes and left park.

Winthrop Library – Children causing disturbance behind library near parking lot.

Deane Ave./Revere St. – Found two small dogs possibly Shitzus no tags. Found owner, animals returning.

Bartlett Rd. – Caller states on Bartlett Rd., there is a short brown-haired dog with white paws running in and out of the street. Unit returned dog back to the owner.

Ingleside Park – Eleven year old states a tan man sitting on the bench, blue shirt and black hat saying racial and inappropriate things. Also threatened to beat up a child.

Pauline St. – Unit was flagged down by an individual stated a vehicle went around her and almost hit some kids in the crosswalk.

Revere St. – Female party screaming on the phone. Party was having a verbal altercation with her boyfriend on phone. Party was advised to keep it down units will be clear.

Highland Ave. – Vehicle was parked then drove off as he saw the officer. No reason to pull the vehicle off but incident did seem suspicious. Vehicle occupied two male parties. Everything checks out unit will be clear.

June 18

Holy Rosary Church – Person spotted a male wearing a fluorescent coat and two bags in his hand will go off to speak to the party. Party’s ritual was is to run around the block and pray in front of the church before he goes to work units will be clear.

Upland Rd. – Person reported her purse in her unlocked vehicle over night, she came out in the morning and it had been stolen. Neighbor found pocketbook a few houses down thrown in a yard, small wallet taking from purse.

Upland Rd. – Party states his vehicle was broken into last night at some point. He believes his driver door was unlocked. Three pairs of glasses were taken.

Irwin St. – Person states there is a black sedan parked in a no parking zone unable to see registration.

Bowdoin St. – Person states her neighbors have been gone and they left their dog outside for over an hour. This is an ongoing issue.

Shirley St. – Child not breathing. Transporting infant to MGH.

Sea Foam Ave. – Spoke to parties in regards to a dog bite.

Hermon St. – Refrigerator left on sidewalk with doors on it. Stated owner getting tools to take doors off.

Ocean Ave. – Unlicensed operation, marked lanes violation. Also parked in a handicap parking spot and was issued a town citation for the violation.

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