Police Blotter 06-06-2019

Monday, May 27

Assisted harbormaster at the Landing as he found syringes. Two items secured.

Caller on Hermon Street states construction work is going on and there is loud music. Unit spoke to owner and advised them to obtain a permit to work on a holiday. On the  scene, units observed no loud music. Work will stop for the day.

Another incidence of construction work being done on a holiday on Shirley Street. Unit spoke to the workers and advised them of the permit laws in the town. They were also told that if they continue they will be fined.

Report of a ‘small dog’ less than 15 pounds running around the area of Revere and Kennedy Road. No dog found in the area.

Report that two white vans painting who are making noise. No construction on the holiday. Unit reports there is no noise in the area.

Motor vehicle stop at Nick’s Place. Female passenger took possession of vehicle. Original operator advised to take care of the issue with his license.

Suspicious activity on Deer Island. On the rocks near the parking lot there has been a bag left for over 45 minutes. Unit flagged down and State PD enroute. 92 states locating the bag on top of the wall. Units located a bag filled with miscellaneous items and IDs. Units will give it to the State. State PD has the property. Will also handle the parking situation.

Party inside the Citizen Bank ATM area states he cannot retrieve his card from the machine. 92 states he spoke with the party who said the machine took his card because it reached his limit. He was told to notify the branch in the a.m.

Tuesday, May 28

Caller on Bowdoin Street states he was woken up by two parties yelling at each other. Possibly having a verbal altercation. One in custody for warrant arrest.

911 hangup from landline on Cottage Park Road. This is the second time it has come in. Verbal argument between parties at the house. Peace was restored.

Caller states that his girlfriend’s pit bull got loose from the yard. 909A reports the dog is running in and out of traffic on Revere Street and Crest Avenue. 93 en route. Owner responded to retrieve the dog. The owner now has the dog.

Party on Upland Road states there is a black Honda that has been parked there for one-half hour and male and female inside the vehicle. Male party just changed his pants while inside the car. The individual was working in the area. Units clear.

Report of a dead raccoon at Main and Read Street. DPW was contacted.

Report of a dead squirrel on Winthrop Street. DPW notified.

Construction being done on Shirley Street. The sidewalk is being dug up and there is no police detail. C1 aware of this problem. He is looking to get detail officer up there ASAP.

Party walked into the station to report an ongoing harassment that is occurring to his wife. Party states that his wife is receiving messages on social media from a male subject. There is a court date in place for May 30 for this matter. Party was advised to save all messages and bring all evidence to court.

Another party walked into the station to speak ab out a matter involving her landlord. Party stated that her landlord used her Chase credit card to purchase $800 worth of Direct TV service and a go phone. She stated that when she confronted him he did admit to using it. She was advised that this is a crime and she could pursue charges. Party stated she would like to consult with an attorney before doing so and will return.

Motor vehicle accident at Bob’s Bait Shop. A vehicle went into a building. Owner of vehicle has no status on driver’s license. Male being transported to MGH. G&J notified to tow the vehicle. An accident report to follow.

Caller on Revere Street found an old Winchester 12-gauge shotgun in his basement and he would like an officer to come pick it up. Rusted out shotgun in pieces.

Report that a red Cadillac in the handicap spot at the Elks. No placard seen. Vehicle has properly displayed placard on the mirror.

Manager at Energy To Go reports an unwanted male party who has been trespassed before. This is an ongoing matter. Party was advised and the business was advised to get a formal restraining order.

Wednesday, May 29

Unit off at the Cumberland Farms with a male party who is harassing customers. Unit clear, party left via bus and was advised not to return to the stores in the area.

Caller on Shirley Street states there has been groups of kids going in and out of the house for the last two hours. Caller also states this has been the case all week. Units clear, address has been shut down for the night. W94 was unable to get anyone at the address he went to. Report to follow.

Attempt to serve summons to subject on Atlantic Avenue. Party not home.

Caller on Lincoln Street called 911 about 15 minutes ago for a medical aid. She just called 911 back and got disconnected. Called back and spoke to the nurse on scene and she stated she does not need any medical. She is not hurt. She just wanted someone to take her to see her husband.

Attempt to serve summons to subject on Atlantic Avenue again. Party again not there.

A parent came to the station to pick up a summons from the Suffolk County Juvenile Court. Off. Dutta served in hand.

Party came in to the station to retrieve his keys that were held for safekeeping. His keys are secured and inaccessible at this time. Party was directed to return during the day and speak to a detective that could retrieve his property for him.

Caller at Governors Park found a small white dog with a collar but no tags. She said she could keep the dog until the owner is found. Dog looks hurt, possibly abandoned. Family will give it a home for the night and unit will see if resource can be provided.

Caller on Willow Avenue states there is a tall white male carrying a large package walking up and down the street screaming. He is possibly drunk. Unit checked the area with nothing showing.

Thursday, May 30

Caller on Irwin Street stated that an Uber came back with a cell phone and demanded cash. The caller got the phone but the Uber driver won’t leave the house. Uber driver was gone before units arrived. Party has her phone and units will clear.

Behind on Revere Street an old dump road, there is a Gold Ford Taurus, N.H. registration. Caller believes someone is possibly living in it. Vehicle is in the area with no occupants. Vehicle has a note marked yesterday stating, “[The] vehicle will be moved tomorrow.” Unit will clear for now and will check back later to see if the vehicle is still in the area.

Follow-up investigation on Trident Avenue. Spoke to the roommate who will deliver the message to person the unit was looking for.

Caller on Wave Way Avenue states she has an ongoing problem with her neighbor per court. She needs it documented. Today she is on her property building a wall on rocks. Spoke to the caller who is having the problems with the neighbor. Neighbor left prior to police arrival.

Report that a truck is blocking the sidewalk on Shirley Street. Unit asked to have the truck move for a second time off of the sidewalk and stop obstructing it. Vehicle is now moving.

Follow-up investigation on Bowdoin Street. Spoke to the roommate. Unit has all the information needed.

Caller on Shore Drive stated that her neighbor is arguing with her while she is fixing up her apartment. She does have a permit, but the neighbor is yelling at all the workers as well while they are going in and out of the building. Unit spoke to all parties. This is an issue over work being done. Parties were advised of their rights.

Party on Bates Avenue reports a package taken from his residence containing three pairs of shoes.

Party on Wilshire Street came to the station regarding the keys to his vacated apartment as there is an issue regarding contact with the landlord. Party was advised that unit would call the landlord and notify her of where the keys will be. Also W92 will do a walk through with the party to assure the condition that the apartment was left in. 92 states he did a walk through the apartment. Tenant wanted a police presence to show that the apartment is being left in good condition which it is. Keys are being left in the mailbox.

Passerby on Washington Avenue states a Ford Explorer is broken down. 91 assisting 92 for traffic control. 91 states that G&J was called and they are enroute. Units waited on the scene for G&J which when they arrived they towed to Bolster’s.

Motor vehicle stop at Temple and Highland Avenue. There are children in the car. Driver needed to update insurance, which he did via Smart Phone.

Calling party states on the corner of Cutler and Shore Drive there is a dark sedan parked two feet from the curb. It is difficult to take the turn. There is also a sign that says “no parking from here to corner.” 91 made contact with the owner who will move the vehicle.

Friday, May 31

Report that a rabid raccoon is in the tree at Overlook Avenue. The raccoon up the tree was just resting.

A woman from Pebble Avenue came into the station to report that her identity had been stolen.

Caller at the Gorman Elementary School states that she came out of school to find her rental car hit. She stated there is glass on the ground. Vehicle was parked when it was hit. Report to follow.

Party reports that the back window of the car was smashed out at St. John the Evangelist Church. The back window of the vehicle was damaged due to a stress fracture. Parties on scene called AAA to tow the vehicle back to their residence. Unit clear, owners cleaned off enough glass to drive to where they needed to go and have it towed from there.

Caller called to state there is party selling flowers outside the graduation. Sierra 6 going by to check the area. Payton Street side a party was selling flowers without a permit. The party was advised. Delta 6 called in to report a second peddler who was also advised.

Female came in to report that her neighbor who lives on Pauline Street is throwing trash from her porch onto a roof deck below. She claims it is unpleasant to view and the winds blows some of the trash onto her property. She was advised to contact the Building Inspector and the property owners to fix the situation. This has happened in the past and was resolved previously.

Caller on Irwin Street stated that a female she has had problems with has stolen her medication. This has also happened in the past. Female is banging on the door. This is an ongoing situation.

Report that a Chevy Equinox who the caller believes was stolen while attending the graduation. 94 is with the party. His daughter called him and stated she believes she knows where the car is. Car and owner were reunited.

Saturday, June 1

Caller states she has not seen her son since he left to go to school this morning. Last contact she had with her child was through a text at noon reminding him of an appointment/meeting they had to go at 3 p.m. Caller has not heard from him since. Caller also believes that her child may have just fallen asleep at a friend’s house. Unit going by to check the address. If the child does not return her calls by tomorrow morning then the caller will come to the station to file a report.

Party on Townsend Street reports a raccoon is in her house. Stated he made a hole in the ceiling and it is peeking at her. ACO notified. There was no answer at ACO and message was left on voicemail. 91 will respond to attempt to assist. ACO called dispatch back stating he will respond. Units were able to extract the raccoon and seal up the hole in her attic. Party was advised to contact pest control in the morning.

Report of a dog hit by motor vehicle on Beach Road. T Police notified and are responding. They are on the scene and have all the information they need.

93 reports illegal parking on Beach Road. They were warned three different times. If they have to respond back, the vehicles will be towed. 

Calling party on River Road states that his girlfriends parked vehicle just got hit and the second vehicle left the scene. Caller got the plate number. Minor motor vehicle accident. Paperwork was exchanged.

Information transferred from Essex Regional. known party that calls in repeatedly to state that her ex-husband is doing some sort of criminal activity. Party is known to make these calls to have police respond to harass the male party. She has been advised multiple times if he making harassing phone calls toward her, she needs to contact the police where the offense occurred.

Party on Waldemar and Wheelock Street reports four teens attempting to knock down the fence around the old high school. Units state they drove around the whole building with nothing showing.

General disturbance on Cottage Park Road. No information, open line. Sounds like male parties screaming and fighting. 94 states two parties under arrest. One party is being evaluated by EMS. One arrest for unarmed robbery, kidnapping, assault and battery and possession of a Class D drug. The other for kidnapping, unarmed robber, assault and battery, carrying a dangerous weapon and possession of Class D drug.

Sunday, June 2

Report of loud party with fireworks on Circuit Road. 92 states that the party has been dispersed and units clear.

91 states that across from house on Pleasant Street a new city tree looks purposely like it was cut in half. 91 also states that it looks like another tree that was just planted was purposely broken as well.

Male party came to the station to report that he was returning to his home after leaving for two days to alleviate any previous tension between he and his partner.

Report of a brown Labrador running around Cellucci Field. Caller stated that he approached the animal and found him to be aggressive. He then left the scene. Caller said the dog is running toward the elderly in Overlook. Area searched with nothing showing.

92 spoke to caller and he stated that three parties came looking for a phone. He told them he did not have it. 92 responded to Maine Street and attempted to find the parties. Unable to locate the individual who lost the phone. Meanwhile, Mini Mart called and the manager said he found the cell phone. 92 en route.

Sierra 1 asked for unit to go by Pleasant and Buchanan Street to investigate the the area and it is confirmed there are snapped trees.

Report that a couple with a little girl heading towards the skating rink trying to break into cars. Calling party states he suspects the couple is under the influence of narcotics. Unit is off with the parties at the skating rink. Unit reports the male party is heading into the field with the girl. Unit requesting medical. Unit is on his way to the station with female party. DCF responded to Winthrop to have custody of the child. One under arrest for warrant, destruction of property over $1,200 and breaking and entering into vehicle/boat in the nighttime for felony.

Caller on Hermon Street states that his daughter’s vehicle was broken into. The front passenger window was broken and the glove box was open. Owner of the vehicle will be responding to the station to try and identify any lost objects from her car.

93 patrolling Hermon Street area to see if any other vehicles were tampered with. All vehicles on the street check out.

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