Lime Bikes Return — with a Kick, Fare Increase

It’s only been in town for two years and Lime Bike is already changing things up a little bit. This year announcing that there will be no “pedal-only” bicycles, only electric assisted bicycles (ebikes) and the pricing structure has changed making a ride cost more. This year it’s $1 to initiate the ride and then it’s 15 cents a minute.

Fifty ebikes were placed around Winthrop this past weekend, including at the Town Landing for people using the ferry.

Last year it was $1 to activate the ride and then there were no charges for the first 30 minutes. The first 30 minutes were free.

“It’s a big difference from last year, parents especially need to know. It’s $10 for an hour,” said Tanji Cifuni, community development for Winthrop.

Lime Bike told the Town Council a few weeks ago that their surveys found that the ebikes were more desirable than the standard pedal bicycle. Lime is also working with the MBTA for a permit at Orient Heights and Beachmont.

Unlike the 100 bikes used in Winthrop last year, this year there will only be 50 ebikes only.

They are NOT mopeds or motorcycles, the electric assist stops if a rider is pedaling over 14.8 mph

“It feels like a wind gust assisting you along, “ Cufuine said “They are saying that they are easier for commuters going from Point A to Point B and not working up a sweat.

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