Police Blotter 04-18-2019

Monday, April 8

Assisted fire with smoke in building on Main Street. It was an electrical outlet smoking. WFD checked and everything is fine now.

Calling party on Prospect Avenue would like to file a complaint against his neighbor about their trash and recyclables being in the street and on his lawn. Officer reports the trash cans may have been overloaded and spilling out. The trash company is on the scene when the officer arrived.

Party from Pleasant Street came into police headquarters to report that somebody had keyed his vehicle overnight.

Caller on Irwin Street state there were two men in her backyard. States they are no longer in the yard as they fled once the caller saw them. 93 states the two male parties’ description was given out to all units who will be on the lookout for the two parties.

92 stopped a motor vehicle at Main Stret and Amelia Avenue and it took a while for the party to stop. A citation was issued for red-light violation.

A call from WPD who received a call from DPW stating a motor vehicle was crossing the double lines and would like the area checked. Vehicle comes back to a resident in Winthrop. A description was given out to the officers.

Caller on Shirley Street states a transportation company picked up his grandmother from her apartment and his iPhone disappeared. He stated he called the company and they stated they had the phone but refused to bring the phone back to him. Caller would like an officer. 92 states no crime at this time. 92 is going to call the company to try and work something out. Caller called back and stated he had the phone returned to him and is satisfied.

Party states he gave his social security number over the phone to what he believes after the fact to be a fraudulent scam caller. He is at work but is leaving now and enrollee to the station.

Another party states she got a call from the Social Security officer stating that her social security is being used for fraud. She did not give any of her personal information.

Party from Maryland Avenue came in to report that he gave his Social Security number out over the phone to a party claiming to be from the Social Security Administration. He then realized it was a scam and hung up. He was advised to contact the real SSA and report that his number was compromised. He will also notify and monitor the credit agencies in case someone attempts to defraud him.

Report of a male and female party arguing at Dunkin’ (Donuts) on Revere Street. No weapons. Caller believes both parties may be drunk. Units spoke to the parties and they are known to argue loudly in public. Units advised them to keep it down. Parties are going to leave and head home.

Caller states there is a gray Pit bull running from the Dunkin Donut on Revere Street towards Summit Avenue. This was called in by a passerby. 92 checked all the surrounding areas and streets and no sign of the animal.

Caller states two people are drinking alcohol at the table in Dunkin’ (Donuts) on Revere Street. They were there earlier and never left. Elderly male and middle aged female. 92 states units personally escorted subjects off of the property and parties were advised if they have to come back further action will be taken.

Tuesday, April 9

Caller on Central Street stated there are three vehicles with no parking stickers on them. 93 did a parking enforcement earlier in the night and tagged two vehicles on that street.

Assisted fire with a lockout on Hawthorn Avenue. Fire cleared prior to arrival. Units clear.

Called in by 915 for a minor motor vehicle accident in the Dunkin’ (Donuts) drive-through. Both parties are exchanging papers and have been informed of their rights and to submit into their insurance companies and police.

DPW on scene stating several syringes in the cemetery. Will greet the officer and point out the items. Items have been retrieved and properly disposed of.

Todisco Towing reports a trespass tow out of Governors Park.

Motor vehicle stop at Cumberland Farms. Citation issued for red light violation and not having license on hand.

Caller states a five gallon jug has been left near the shelter for the bus stop on a strip of grass at Revere and Summit Avenue. He states that the jug is filled with an unknown substance. Believes it looks like oil. The five gallon Poland Spring bottled is filled with oil. DPW picked it up.

Motor vehicle stop on Main Street. Officer is going to stand by with party and wait for a licensed operator to drive him and the vehicle. Operator cited for red light violation and driving with expired license. Operator will be summoned.

Todisco Towing towing another vehicle from Governors Park for trespass.

Party came in to the station to voluntarily surrender two firearms.

93 was flagged down by resident at Bayview and Hale Avenue, stating there was a dog with a possible injured leg. ACO and 93 attempted to locate the dog. 93 located the dog with no collar. Units located dog owner on Siren Street. Owner was advised about licensing the dog and having a collar on.

Caller on Sea Foam Avenue reports a male party going door to door saying he’s from the gas company. Caller did not open the door and did not get a description. Company and the individual both checked in this morning. Charlie 1 checked in for that exact location and it is legit.

Party at Fort Heath Apartments states that he came home and all his belongings seemed to be out of place and jewelry missing. He states that the door was locked and not sure if someone was inside his house. Unit standing by and detectives are enroute. Detective called Delta 5 to respond to investigate. D5 also on the scene. Units clear, units have everything they need and an incident report is to follow.

Daughter has not been able to make contact via phone with her elderly father on Crystal Cove Avenue for several days. Would like officer to go and check his well-being and have him call her. Units spoke to caller’s brother who stated that the father had a triple bypass and is in bed. Units did see the father sleeping. Caller’s brother stated that she did have some substance abuse problems and they were in the process of vacating the home. Units clear father who is fine.

92 off with party passed out in her vehicle at Deer Island. 92 stated two parties were sleeping in the vehicle. They have been advised to move it along. Unit stated there were two other vehicles in the parking lot. One vehicle was unoccupied. The other was occupied by two people. Everything checked out.

Wednesday, April 10

93 did a parking enforcement for residential stickers and tagged multiple vehicles on Waldemar Avenue.

Caller from Governors Park states people are banging on the ceiling. Units spoke to all parties involved. Units spoke to the female party and an apartment and advised her that she will be arrested next time for disturbing the peace.

Report of a black vehicle with New York plates across from the football field with male party inside. Checked the area and nothing found.

Party on Main Street called in a suspicious vehicle. Officer spoke to subjects who stated they were traveling and staying at the Crystal Cove Inn.

94 reports road impassable due to trench in the road. Fire has been notified.

Party came into police headquarter to report that an envelope addressed to him containing court paperwork was found in his mailbox already opened and taped shut. Party would like this placed on record as there is an ongoing issue with other tenants in the building.

Caller states that she has guardianship over her sister who suffers from schizophrenia. Caller believes that her sister is at Dunkin’ (Donuts) on Main Street but if she approaches her alone her sister will run away. Caller is requesting police assistance to make contact. Units report 46 year old female voluntarily went to MGH.

Party stats that her 9-year-old chocolate lab named Knoxer got out of her backyard and she cannot fid him. Dispatch received a call from a party on Revere Street who found the dog. Party was informed to meet the gentleman to retrieve her dog.

Off with inspectional services and fire on Winthrop Street.

Winthrop Marine Harbormaster at Cottage Park Yacht Club with high school sailing team.

Caller states a truck drove into the ATM at Bank of America. Caller states that he saw the driver get out of the vehicle with no injuries. Fire and EMS enroute. Party checked out by medic and signed refusal. Owners and Bank of America notified. Caution taped the area.

Motor vehicle stop on Pleasant Street. Road rage incident. Party states that the other party was her sister and does not want to press charges. She believes though that her sister isn’t in her right mind. It was a verbal argument between the sisters and units cleared.

Reporting party came into the station to report that over the past year there has been several incident of vandalism and theft on and from her property. She is also concerned because she is renting a vehicle this week and fears that whoever has been behind the past incidents may damage the vehicle in some way. A victim/witness form was given to the reporting party. She had an appointment and will return with the forms completed.

General disturbance on Bartlett Road. Caller states subjects are getting into a physical altercation. Officers report it was verbal only. Officer also reports that they have been involved in the clear program and they will be giving another referral.

East Boston operations received a call from a East Boston resident regarding a stolen motorized scooter. East Boston PD stated that the party has received information that his scooter is in the CVS parking lot and is heading to the area now. East Boston PD is asking if we could send a unit to check it out. No description of the scooter or information on the calling party. East Boston stated that they will call back with the information. A7 reports that they are unsure if the scooter was entered in as stolen in CJIS.

Thursday, April 11

Sierra 5 on a follow-up investigation on Highland Avenue. S5 states no one was home but he left a phone message with a parent.

Sierra 5 on follow-up investigation on Locust Street. No one home. Phone message was left.

Report of a large dog with black spots running in and out of traffic on Main Street. ACO on the scene and nothing showing. Will search the area. ACO states he was able to locate and follow the dog home safely to Read Street. The wind had blown the gate open.

Follow-up investigation on Grovers Avenue. S5 stated he was able to speak with the party he was looking for and also leave a phone message related to the call at that address.

Caller states a large tractor trailer on Revere Street at Governors Drive parked blocking the bus stop, causing a traffic issue. 92 states that the truck is making a delivery and is leaving momentarily.

Verbal argument between two elderly parties on Veterans Road. Caller would like to speak to an officer. 91 spoke to both parties. This was in regard to washer and dryers. Dispute has been settled.

ACO stated he spoke to a female party on Court Road who was putting out food for a feral cat near the Maze. She was informed to stop.

Accident involving a moped and a motor vehicle at Dunkin’ (Donuts). Fire and EMS enroute. Delta 1 on the scene. No information on the moped. One in custody for unlicensed operation of a moped. G&J also on the scene to tow the moped.

Report of party yelling at people while pumping gas at Cumberland Farms. 99 and Delta 1 responding. 99 states he spoke to the party. It was a dispute over a gas pump. Other party left the scene before arrival. All units clear.

Caller on Quincy Avenue states that her dog got hit by a car and the car fled the scene. Dog is fine but party would like to speak to an officer. Officer reports dog is okay and did not suffer any serious injury. the caller is more concerned about the traffic in the area.

Motor vehicle stop on Grovers Avenue. Citation issued for red light violation.

Friday, April 12

Party states there is loud music coming from apartment behind him on Crest Avenue for about several hours. Officer states someone left the radio on in the basement. Radio has been shut off and units are clear.

Fire is on the scene with report of a smell of burning in the building on Floyd Street. Fire has requested police on the scene. Vehicle attached to this call was giving fire fighters a hard time. He was trying to get around the apparatus. Male individual attached was upset as he was trying to get to school. He has been send on his way.

Caller at the Arthur T. Cummings School states when she ran a parent to give him a pass he came up as an offender with an alert. She requests an officer. School wanted to make sure it was the actual parent coming into the school and it was.

Charlie 1 requested the units do direct patrol on Quincy Avenue during their shifts. Resident complaining about vehicles speeding and a dog was hit by a car yesterday.

Calling party reports that she has not spoke to her aunt on Somerset Avenue in a week and she is concerned. Officer spoke to party and she is fine.

Caller on Winthrop Street states a male party is sitting in his vehicle in front with an open container. There was an open container located in the vehicle. 91 is going to give party a ride to the Revere border. Vehicle is secured and legally parked. Officers have keys and party can pick them up after four hours.

Caller on Bowdoin Street states her mini Aussie Shepard got off the leash. Has tags on collar. Was last seen by the cemetery. Caller’s husband is in the cemetery looking for the dog. ACO is not on. We advised her if any calls seeing or finding the animal come here we will contact her.

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