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Developer corrects quote

Dear Editor,

I’d like to please post a correction to my quote in the Transcript last week (Thursday, April 11, 2019).  Based on my memory, what was printed in the article is a loose paraphrase to what I actually said in the meeting.  The content is mostly correct, but I don’t think it should have been in quotes without it being an absolute direct quote of what I said.

My issue though is that I definitely did not say I was “excited about the ruling”  In fact, I am furious about the ruling (which I didn’t say either, but is the truth!). I believe it is completely wrong and it is a very costly unjust situation that we are facing.  I did say that I am relieved (and possibly used the word happy) we have an answer and a process to move forward, but excited is not a word I would have used related to the ruling itself.

Joanna Schwartz


Recycling story unsettling

Dear Editor,

The article in April 5’s paper regarding recycling was very unsettling and unnerving for many people in our community. We had been led to believe that our recycling material was treated separately from trash/garbage. Now we learn that it all goes into the same place “The Incinerator”.

There appears to have been “no-transparency” by town management. Why weren’t the citizens of Winthrop notified by Waste Management or our Town Manager that this was happening? Other towns were notified by mail but we had to find out on the front page of the Transcript. Why?

The community was also informed that Waste Management has always had the choice of where all modes of refuse would be disposed. Town government signed a contract in year 2013-2014 stating this agreement as stated. This will continue to be in effect until June of 2020 when this present contract expires.

Things always change and we need to be ready and prepared to work within these changes. The key word is prepared. We learned that China is no longer accepting “our contaminated recycling material”. We have had very little time to prepare for this information.

This past March, we (Mothers Out Front, Medical Reserve Corps, and Citizens Responding to Extreme Weather) presented an informational meeting inclusive of climate change, renewable energy ( wind, solar, geothermal ) and the negative impact of single use plastics. The attending group ( 60 people ) were extremely responsive and supportive towards this information. This forum would have been a perfect opportunity to have informed this group regarding the change in recycling.

Let us all work together. Town government and Winthrop citizens can find a solution. We don’t want to lose the momentum in keeping recycling in the forefront of responsible citizenship and to keep our environment healthy.

Maryalice Sharkey

Mothers Out Front

Community Caring Kindness

Dear Editor,

This note is more than just a thank you.  It is an expression of heartfelt emotions bestowed upon two families joined together by marriage.  The Fielding and MacAdams families were blessed in early November with a grandson born prematurely. From the beginning SWEET BABY JAMES has battled a tough road with multiple health issues.

The story doesn’t end here.  As a gesture of concern and to aid her sister, Katie Rodriguez, thoughtfully opened a “Go Fund Me” account for her nephew.  The intention was to give the Fielding’s some relief from the expenses three hospitalizations and numerous ambulance trips has brought to them.  James’ mom has had to give up her career job and devote 24/7 care to her new son, while dad picks up as much overtime as he can to keep the family afloat.  The fund has taken away some of the pressure and stress financial obligations have brought.

 Donations have come from as far away as California or as close as our entire neighborhood.  Grade school, high school, and college friends, as well as business associates, aunts, uncles, cousins all have contributed.  The list of contributions grows daily.  Our hearts are full.  Our two families have been touched by so many.  It has been a great leap of faith for us and given new meaning to “it takes a village”.

 The outpouring of generosity has been beyond any description.

Kindness has come in many other forms including the response of the Winthrop Fire Department, quick actions on the part of a daycare provider, care for James’ two year old sister, preparing home cooked meals, grocery gift cards, volunteers overnighting at the hospital so both parents can have some relief and get a good night sleep, a strong shoulder to lean on, even a simple but meaningful hug.

In addition, Rose Mazzuchelli ran a CPR and First Aid class geared to infants and toddlers and fifty people wanted to be enrolled.

As James grows older he will be taught about the relationships in this town that become so meaningful in the time of crisis and day to day life. Relationships can extend far and wide when your roots are deep. We want him to meet each and everyone who cared so much about his health and development.  He will understand what expressions of love and caring mean.  He will be proud of his friends in the Town of Winthrop—the place we love and call home.

Thank you to all,

The Fielding and MacAdams Families

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