Police Blotter 04-11-2019

Monday, April 1

Report of an unwanted party on Kennedy Road. Party was sent on his way. He was staying with his grandmother until Wednesday, but it is not working out. He was also advised not to return.

91 came across a disturbance between two female parties on Shirley Street. One party was trying to retrieve her belongings. Units standing by for female party as she gathers her belongings. She is staying with her aunt in Boston.

Calling party on Shirley Street states that her daughter and the woman she lives with are arguing out front of the residence. It is verbal now.

Party came to the station to report a stolen package delivery from Amazon.

Calling party states she saw a male, older teenager, on the right side of the marsh heading into Winthrop near Short Beach. His eyes looked like they were closing and he looked high. State Police was called.

Charlie 1 dispatched 93 to the cemetery for a needle that needs to be properly disposed of. 93 has the item secured.

Caller on Myrtle Avenue states there is a dog barking for over an hour. The dog was actually outside. The owner was taking the dog for a walk to stop the barking.

Motor vehicle stop at Washington and Thornton Park for expired license. Licensed operator took control of the vehicle. Original operator will be summoned.

Property manager on Veterans Road called to inquire about two people who were trespassed from the property. We were able to confirm one order but not the second. She will contact her lawyer and send a copy of the second individual’s order so that our department can take action. One of the individuals is reportedly sleeping his his grandmother’s vehicle in the parking lot. The other is reportedly staying in an apartment.

Party at Governors Park states that his neighbor is banging on the walls and ceiling and wants an officer to come by. All parties advised of their rights. Court date is scheduled for a future time.

Tuesday, April 2

Units were off in the rear of Veterans Road to do a well-being check for a female party that has been sleeping in a black Honda. Units did not see the Honda in the are. Charlie 1 reports the manager that lives at the given address called earlier today and was concerned for a female party that has been sleeping in a vehicle. Units did an area search and all parking lots around. No sign of a female party.

Caller stated that he woke up and realized that someone had hit his son’s vehicle. They live on River Road. They are not home now but will file a report later.

Male party on Almont Street texted a friend stating SOS need emergency help. This party suffers from seizures. Party called friend back and he stated it was an accident and he did not need help.

Units picking up syringes at the cemetery.

Todisco Towing towed a vehicle from Governors Park as a trespass tow.

Another trespass tow from Governors Park.

Two solicitors going door to door on Summit Avenue. 91 off on Sagamore with the parties. 91 reports both males are from SFE Energy and they have the proper documents for soliciting. They were both advised to check in with the police when they come to town.

Motor vehicle parked in a handicap spot without a handicap placard in Town Hall. A citation was issued.

Motor vehicle stop on Woodside Avenue. 91 reports it took awhile for the vehicle to stop. A citation was issued  to the female driver. Someone is coming by to take control of the vehicle. A licensed driver came and took control of the vehicle and the two parties.

Assisted fire with traffic control at the Public Landing. 91 report it was an out-of-control fire pit which has been knocked down by WFD.

Caller reports that in the vicinity of Temple Avenue four people in a dark-colored wagon, which caller believes are casing houses in the neighborhood. Units clear, searched extensively and unable to locate the vehicle or the parties involved.

Wednesday, April 3

Caller on Beach Road reports that the people who live downstairs are threatening to beat her and assault her. She believes they are drunk or under 94C. It was a verbal argument and it is an ongoing issue.

SFE Energy will be engaged in door to door soliciting in the area of Winthrop Street.

Follow-up investigation at Governors Park. Unable to locate the subject so message was left on intercom system.

Follow-up investigation on Brookfield Road. Officer spoke to the person he was looking for.

An abandoned motor vehicle was interfering with snow removal at the Public Landing. Also on 72-hour list. Attempted to make contact with the owner. Per S4 permission to tow the vehicle was made. G&J on the scene.

Follow-up investigation on Pleasant Park Road. Nobody home.

Report of a raccoon in a tree that appears to be injured at River and Lewis Avenue. ACO responded. It was in fact a raccoon THAT was not injured. All units clear.

Unit off assisting social worker on Highland Avenue. No parties were home.

Reporting party on Bartlett Road came to the station to report that he had terminated an employee on March 23. The employee allegedly stole personal information and credit card information of his clients and has reportedly been contacting the clients and speaking about the business and it’s owner in very unflattering and unfavorable terms. Reporting party wanted to document this situation to protect his clients and business should any type of fraud occur and court action becomes necessary in the future.

Police requested for language barrier on Nevada Street and minors that will be left unattended. Unit clear. The father arrived on the scene. The father is taking the kids to the hospital to visit the mother.

Reporting party came into the station to report that while he was parked in front of house on Winthrop Street, a vehicle collided with and broke his driveers side left mirror.

Police aid needed on Shore Drive. Subject was alert and conscious. Transported to MGH. Report to follow.

Traffic control for fire department on Pauline Street. Action Ambulance is treating officer on the scene for smoke. ACO is transporting animal to Woburn. State Fire Marshal contacted and they will send out an investigator. All units clear except for Delta 6 who is on the scene with the State Fire Marshal.

Caller on Loring Road stated a large tree branch fell on his vehicle. W91 reports large branch blocking the entire street. Charlie 1 notified DPW. Fire notified that the street is impassable due to the branch.

Thursday. April 4

BOLO out of Everett for white male possibly operating Toyota Camry green. He is wanted in connection with a stabbing occurring on March 16 in the city of Everett. A warrant has been issued for armed assault with intent to murder and assault and battery causing serious bodily harm. Everett PD has the paper warrant in hand. Subject should be considered armed and dangerous. Use caution. Weapons of choice are knives. If located, contact Everett PD. BOLO given to all units.

DPW called to state that there are hypodermic needles on the ground next to where they are working at Buchanan and Bowdoin Street. Items were retrieved.

Defendant of an active 209A called to schedule a mutually agreeable time with the plaintiff to retrieve his tools from her residence. Plaintiff contacted and agreed to Sunday, April 7. Defendant contacted and confirmed and he will report to the station first.

996 reports motor vehicle keys found in the gutter on Pauline Street where National Grid crew is working. Turned over to individual that are living there now.

Employee from the group home called to advise they will be conducting a fire drill. Police and Fire were notified.

Calling party from Read Street states a male soliciting in the area. Called headquarters and they confirmed a permit was issued.

Alpha 1 reports kids fighting at Arthur T. Cummings School. Two units dispatched and upon arrival, the children cleared going separate ways. Officer spoke with some of the subjects who stated what the issue was over. Officer asking S5 to check out a group of kids that he is unfamiliar with.

Report that two male parties from the Assessor’s Office will be going around in the area ringing door bells to assess homes for the next couple of months.

Caller on Grovers Avenue states that party went into a yard with a flashlight looking in the windows of a home that is under construction. No one is residing in the house. Units checked the home and it is secure. No one in the area. Units will keep a lookout.

S6 off on Putnam Street because of a possible disturbance at JW’s Bistro. S6 states an outdoor light that fell into the concrete caused the noise. The building was secure.

Friday, April 5

A Lyft driver has a passenger in his vehicle who was drunk and made him uncomfortable. The driver is fine now and he left the passenger out on Crest Avenue to walk the rest of the way. Offices are going to attempt to locate that party. Units checked the area and there were no signs of that party.

Young lady turned in a Visa debit card she found in the area of Winthrop Shore Drive. Voicemail was left for party named on the card.

Caller states there is glass all over the road at Wheelock and Pauline Street. DPW notified.

Assisted fire with party who fell and hit his head at Winthrop Federal Credit Union. One male to MGH. Family was notified.

A well-being check on party on Shirley Street. Unable to make contact with party at this time.

Officer was flagged down by party on Revere Street stating possible 94C in the Dunkin Donuts. Nobody inside matching description.

Unit attempted to remove a bird wrapped up in a tree on Highland Avenue. Tree cutter cut down branch and ACO is on the scene and was able to free the bird.

Party reports syringe near the cemetery. Items picked up.

Party reports a sinkhole in the area of Bank of America that may need to be addressed. 92 reports unable to locate any defects.

Police was needed for medical aid. Requested by WFD. One party to BMC. 93 waiting on the scene. Board of Health director on scene and Town Health Nurse enroute to location. 93 will clear and 91 will stand by until other units arrive. 91 and fire are clear. Board of Health and Town Nurse remain on the scene. Report to follow.

Calling party states that her elderly neighbor is standing near the bus stop across from CVS and appears to be disoriented and agitated and is requesting a well-being check. Caller states elderly white female around her 70s wearing a hat and a jacket. Caller states that the female has special needs but typically does not act in this manner. 92 states bus stop is empty but will search the area along with 91. All French Square clear of that person. Ingleside Park are being search. Area search negative.

Caller reports that her ex-partner is making harassing phone calls. Party stated she was in Malden when she got these calls and was referred to Malden PD. Party was also advised officers cannot go to a house to order someone to stop making calls unless they make a report or file for a 209A.

Party on Washington Avenue states that he noticed a blinking red light on the side of a home, possibly an alarm. Spoke to the resident at that house who stated earlier it was a fire alarm malfunction and resident was waiting for an alarm company to fix it.

Walk-in to turn in his firearms and LTC.

Unit off with some youths at Cumberland Farms. Youths just got out of a school play and are heading home.

Caller states there is a party revving a car engine in the vicinity of Buckthorn Terrace. No description of the vehicle. Vehicle left the scene. No need for response.

Male party on Walden Street states that his cell phone blew up. He was not hurt. He also stated that he flushed the phone down the toilet and then retrieved it. Male party sounds highly drunk. Units spoke to the party and he was drunk. Phone did blow up. Units advised him that it was not a police matter and he will go to the cell phone company.

Male party on Court Road called 911 stating he possibly poisoned himself. EMS enroute. 91 reports straight medical, no poison involved. Party enrollee to MGH.

Saturday, April 6

A 27-year-old male from Locust Street being transported to MGH.

Action Ambulance dropped off a phone that they found related to an emergency transport from Winthrop Street. Mystic Valley Elder Services contacted and told that this phone is at the station.

Caller states there is an elderly female walking at Circuit and Pauline and she looks disoriented. Party is known to the officers. No medical attention needed. Party was given a courtesy ride by a citizen. Units clear.

In between the Bank of America and East Boston Savings Bank, there is a 2-foot-by-2 foot sinkhole. DPW contacted. This is not impeding traffic.

Caller witnessed a hit and run between a Ford pickup that hit a Ford Focus. Victim not on the scene. Per Charlie 1, unit sent to see if a victim can be identified. 92 located the parked vehicle that is damaged. No victim located. Will be standing by to take pictures. 92 reports finding paperwork for permit parking. Going to Sturgis Street to locate the vehicle owner. Made contact with the vehicle owners’ wife. She was made aware of the damage to the vehicle.

Off with a parked motor vehicle with the same damage as the parked Ford from the previous call. 92 reports he made contact with the vehicle owner. He is en route to headquarters to fill out crash report.

Caller states that on Main Street parties in motor vehicle is playing very loud music and will not turn it down. Unit 92 spoke with clear who stated that they were by the car wash. Units checked the area and it is clear at this time.

Report of people outside Blackstrap making noise. The restaurant had entertainment and the door was open. The door was closed and units clear.

Very loud party with loud music on Atlantic Street. Units spoke to both parties. Also acquired number for the landlord. Units will contact him to make him aware of the situation. 93 state that she also spoke to the landlord and that they will be dealing with this issue as well.

Report of a loud party in the backyard with fire pit on Moore Street. Units spoke with the party on scene. He claimed he had just ended the party and was bringing everything inside.

Sunday, April 7

Caller reports that her ex showed up drunk for a custody exchange so she refused the exchange and reported that he drove off drunk. This happened about 20 minutes ago.

Alcohol complaint at Buchanan and Bowdoin Street. BOLO to all units. Area search negative.

A 84-year-old male needs assistance with his phone on Overlook Drive. He keeps calling Life Line. He is partially blind and partially deaf. Officer spoke to the subject.

Caller on Kennedy Road states explicit marking on the ground by spray paint. 91 states spray paint and it appears that kids hang out there. Explicit markings on the ground as well as initials. 93 requesting that the other shifts later in the day go by to check the area.

Earlier call about vandalism on Kennedy Road. Unit requested overnight units check the area.

Motor vehicle stop at Main and Pleasant streets. Verbal for headlight violation.

Motor vehicle stop on Main Street. Unit requested G&J due to unlicensed driver. G&J has the vehicle and citation issued.

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