Councilor Letterie Holds Meeting for Precinct 2 Residents

Precinct 2 Councilor James Letterie held a small open meeting at the EB Newton Center Monday night for Precinct 2 residents.

One resident, Katie Pellacchia, asked about regionalizing other areas of the budget beside police and fire dispatch. Letterie noted regional dispatch is costing the Town more than $450,000 per year.

“It seems to be costing us a lot more money for the benefit,” Letterie said, adding there is also some discouragement as to how well the dispatchers know the area.  He noted that there are also a lot of grants connected to regionalization.

Resident Mike DiMento said confusion over a 911 call also happened at the Larson Rink when an elderly man hit his head. One was a cell phone used and the other used a landline. The dispatcher asked for an exact address.

“That dispatcher should know the address,” he said.

Resident Frank Constantino asked about the timeframe for the infrastructure work in the town center. Letterie said it has not gone out to bid yet, but will soon. He was told work would commence in August or September and be closed by Nov. 1. Also,  the demolition of the actual French Square will take place and will be used for parking during the construction. The project will start at CVS and work itself up to Woodside Avenue. Drainage and sewer will make up Phase One. Phase Two will replace the water lines.

Letterie also talked about the drainage on Morton Street, the Environmental Bond Bill and the possibility of obtaining grants for engineering work. Drainage at Ingleside Park was also discussed as was the vacant middle school site.

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