Letter to the Editor

Not Tierney

 Dear Editor,

With due notice of your otherwise commendable front page article about the Irish Memorial on Deer Island, and its dedication this May, you have done a disservice to the driving force behind this ongoing effort, by your mistaking our very own MIKE CARNEY (not Tierney), as the individual responsible for making this happen. As a longtime friend and always willing collaborator on many announced, and as many unsung, projects in this community, Mike Carney has been a positive force in helping to shape our Town for over four decades. This Irish Memorial has taken almost two years of his hands-on effort with MWRA and on site at Deer Island, plus much coordination all over NE and other eastern states, some gentle coercion, and unflagging commitment to pull all the pieces together for this fitting tribute. Mr. Carney, who otherwise reaps his own satisfaction, rather than the public’s, from his numerous contributions and good works for Winthrop, this instance requires that the Transcript set the record straight. Thank you, Transcript, for the correction; and thank you Mike, for all you do, and have done, for our Town.

Frank Costantino

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