Winthrop Building Permits


98 Grand View Ave.                          Walter Cash                              Insulate         

113 Pleasant St.                                Bonita Tieuli                                 Reroof          

15-17 Revere St.                              Walter Berrio             Replacement Windows

48 Temple Ave.                             Terence Delhanty                            Reroof          

89 Cliff Ave.                                 Anthony Petrola                              Insulate          

38 Franklin St.                                  Phyllis Cali                                 Demolish        

154-156 Winthrop St.                        M&P Realty                                   Solar           

7-9 Wave Way Ave.                          John Stanley                              Remodel         

167 Winthrop Shore Dr.                   M. Mulkerrin                               Siding          

18-20 Central St.                             Robert Barone                             Demolish        

18-20 Central St.                             Robert Barone                             Remodel         

82 Faun Bar Ave.                       Town of Winthrop                Solar                            

81 Hermon St.                                Stevan Blamer                             Insulate          

139 Washington Ave.                       Jeffrey Talbot                            Remodel         

30 Fremont St.                                 James Skalbe                                Reroof          

4 Elmwood Ct.                               Aldo Belmonte                                 Reroof          

985 Shirley St.                                Kevin Kinsella                    Replace Windows  

267 Washington Ave.                         Bay Condo                      Replace Windows  

51-53 Revere St.                           James Demetriou                            Reroof          

149 Revere St.                                 Seth Williams                                 Reroof          

170 Grovers Ave.                           Nathan O’Leary                           Remodel         

66-70 W. Shore Dr.                            Circle Ivy                                   Demolish        

207 Woodside Ave.                          Paul O’Brien                               Remodel         

293 Bowdoin St.                               Trifera LLC                                 Remodel         

60 Main St.                                   Marie Calsimitto                   Replace Windows  

71 Wilshire St.                                 Sean Robson                               Remodel         

36-38 Sturgis St.                            Sturgis St. LLC                               Remodel         

232 Grovers Ave.                               Craig Mael                                 Remodel         

230 Lincoln St.                             Raymond Adreani                            Reroof          

116 Tafts Ave.                               Robet Diangelis                             Remodel         

89 Somerset Ave.                         Pamela McSwiney                         Remodel         

106 Summit Ave.                             Joan  Murray                              Insulate          

52 Almont St.                                 W. Henderson       Solar                                                      

100 Bay View Ave.                          Noiles Family                                 Siding          

230 River Rd.                                   David Levy                                    Reroof          

71 Waldemar Ave.                           Jeffrey Talbot                                Reroof          

70 Banks St.                                     Denise Kress                                   Reroof          

400 Governors Dr.                          B. Koemdzhiev                           Remodel         

70-72 Pleasant St.                           Patricia Hames                           Remodel         

22 Putnam Pl.                                Kristen Flaherty                         Replace Windows  

Madison Ave.                                 Patricia Hames                        Commercial      

29A Almont St.                             Romanan Lidicka                        Replace Windows  

35 Prospect Ave.                              Munib Wober                                Reroof          

41 Belcher St.                                    Craig Wall                                  Remodel         

100 Cliff Ave.                                 Michael Merta                                Roofing         

51 Fremont St.                                 Alicia Evans                                   Siding          

5-7 Elliot St.                                  Frances Corbett                              Remodel         

24 Irwin St.                                     Hohenwerger                                 Reroof          

85 Cliff Ave.                                   Jason Alstrom                                  Reroof          

22 Bartlett Rd.                              Keimig and Bakos                         Remodel         

51 Pebble Ave.                                 David Yaffe                                    Reroof          

348 -54 Main St.                            Main Street LLC                            Remodel         

61 Sargent St.                                   Elina Sedov                                 Remodel         

380 Pleasant St.                             Kenneth Trainor                          Remodel         

67 Pleasant St.                              Michael Cimmino                              HVAC          

11 Prescott St.                             Charles Stockbridge                           Siding          

36 Wave Way Ave.                          Thomas Joyce                             Remodel         

149 Revere St.                                 Seth Williams                              Remodel         

27 Billows St.                                 Annette Benoit                      Solar                        

105 Grovers Ave.                           Romano Trustee                          Remodel         

4 Prescott Ave.                            Michael Mcconville                       Replace Windows  

24-26 Atlantic St.                                                                                   Siding          

356 Pleasant St.                                 P. Murphy                                  Addition         

42 Paine St.                                    Daniel Daunais                             Remodel         

179 Hermon St.                              Ferullo Trustee                                Siding          

40 Orlando Ave.                            Susan Wolverton                Replace Windows  

44 Birch Rd.                                    C. Donaghey                                 Remodel         

15 Crest Ave.                                    Carlos Soto                                  Remodel         

53 Tafts Ave.                                 Andrea Delaney                             Insulate          

27 Court Rd.                                Christopher Leone Solar                                                     

229 Main St.                                   Paul Domenici                              Remodel         

10 Putnam Pl.                                  Sandra Penta                               Insulate          

71 Beal St.                                      Michael Zona                                   Reroof          

29A Almont St.                             Romana Lidicka                                Solar           

23 Fairview St.                               Peter Burke Jr.                                 Siding          

242 W. Shore Dr.                          Christina Litvany                        Replace Windows  

242 W. Shore Dr.                            Henry Munson                          Replace Windows  

500 Governors Dr. #2                     Governors Park                         Replace Windows  

66 Cottage Pk. Rd.                          Michael Alioto                                 Siding          

466 Pleasant St.                            Anthony Gregory                             Reroof          

65 Somerset Ave.                            Robert Driscoll                            Remodel         

Bay View Ave.                             Town of Winthrop                              HVAC          

63 Summit Ave.                            Charlotte Streeter                        Remodel         

2 Putnam Pl.                                  Robert Douglas                                 Solar           

19 Forrest St.                                     Gia Casale                                     Reroof          

53 Lowell  Rd.                                 Aylin Madore                               Remodel         

75 Buchanan St.                                C. MacNeil                                    Reroof          

1100 Governors Dr.                         Maria Orozco                   Replace Windows  

138 Court Rd.                                   Gerald Dorr                                 Insulate          

94 Brookfield Rd.                            Fobert Trustee                            Remodel         

22-23 W. Shore Dr.                        Christian Oakes                            Remodel         

566 Shirley St.                             Arres Curtis Trust                          Remodel         

11 George St.                                    S. Pfeiffer                                   Remodel         

81 Banks St.                                    Helen Hunter                               Insulate          

136 Locust Way                              Carl Blomberg                                Reroof          

115 Hermon St.                                 Casey Goll                        Replace Windows  

45 Hillside Ave.                             Afshiin Farhadi                            Remodel         

30 Fremont St.                                 James Skalbe                              Remodel         

184 Main St.                                   David Ramirez                                  Solar          

45 Nahant Ave.                                Sheryl Rimer                                  Siding          

1032 Shirley St.                            Point Shirley Inc.                             Reroof          

438 Revere St.                                   Noel Lamy                                 Remodel         

14 Seymour St.                                David Girard                                  Reroof          

47 Wave Way Ave.                           Regina Hale                                  Reroof          

102 Bay View Ave.                        Thomas Furlong                           Remodel         

38 Enfield Rd.                               Brian McCarthy                             Remodel         

125 Washington Ave.                         Marie Finn                               Insulate          

92 Bartlett Rd.                                Vasilos Trustee                               Reroof          

187 W. Shore Dr.                           Paul Desjardinis                              Solar         

198 Winthrop St.                        Order of Odd Fellow                            Add            

Bowdoin St.                                  Cemetery (TOW)                            Remodel         

19 Underhill St.                             Mosaab Alsaray                            Remodel         

27 Tafts Ave.                                   L. Marroquin                                   Solar           

374 Shirley St.                               Brenda Soodan                             Remodel         

131 Pauline St.                             Town of Winthrop                     Demo & Add     

26 Seymour St.                                  C. Dattoli                                     Reroof          

25 Palmyra St.                              Amandn Musaku                           Remodel       

25 Palmyra St.                               Armand Musaku                               HVAC          

25 Winthrop St.                               Mary Lamarra                           Remodel         

23 Fairview St.                               Peter Burke Jr.                              Insulate          

221 Woodside Ave.   C. Boyce         Insulate

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